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Top quality denture care for the local area.

DENTURECARE is a company of qualified Clinical Dental Technicians . We make dentures direct to you and with six practices in the Yorkshire area, we are the largest company of its type in the UK.

By dealing direct with the Clinical Dental Technician dental technician
A person who makes dental appliances and restorative devices, such as bridges or dentures, to the specifications of a dentist.
, you are able to explain exactly what you require to the person manufacturing the dentures.

We understand you may be sensitive about having lost your teeth.

Tooth loss can have a negative effect on your self-confidence, impact on your ability to chew food properly and also leave you with an incorrect bite.

Since your teeth provide structure and support to your face and cheeks, tooth loss can result in sagging face sagging face Cosmetic surgery A change–eg, expressive furrows, moderate to severe wrinkles, nasal obstruction, jowling or neck laxity, brow ptosis, sagging skin and eyelids, caused by subtle degenerative changes of aging that impact on soft tissues and  cheeks and make you appear much older than you are. Denturecare's natural looking dentures can greatly improve your appearance and the quality your life.

By opting for our handcrafted dentures you can achieve the benefits of having better facial definition, a healthier more youthful appearance and a brighter confident smile.

Each tooth is hand crafted allowing us to create individual characterisations. We use up to five different shades per tooth to create natural dentition dentition, kind, number, and arrangement of the teeth of humans and other animals. During the course of evolution, teeth were derived from bony body scales similar to the placoid scales on the skin of modern sharks. . Each tooth is positioned within the gum so that light is reflected at different angles when smiling, creating a brighter and more natural smile.

We use modern, multi-tone staining techniques to hand colour the gums, to produce a natural appearance.

Our staff regularly attend courses in America and Europe, keeping themselves up-to-date with all the very latest techniques and developments and all our clinical dental technicians are all qualified in The Biofunctional Prosthetic prosĀ·thetĀ·ic
1. Serving as or relating to a prosthesis.

2. Of or relating to prosthetics.


serving as a substitute; pertaining to prostheses or to prosthetics.
 System (BPS).

This is an advanced denture denture, artificial replacement for natural teeth and surrounding tissue. Dentures are classified as partial or complete. The former are removable and maintained by clasps, or are fixed bridges with crowns cemented over adjacent teeth or over spikes embedded in the  construction technique that places denture teeth where natural teeth originally would have been.

FREE CONSULTATIONS are available with no obligation where you can view the whole range of dentures and choose which is best for you.

We have a choice of different qualities of teeth and special cosmetic effects, Soft Comfort Bases and ultra-thin comfort palates.

Denturecare offer a range of prices to suit all budgets.


The welcoming reception area at Denture Care The exterior of The Aspen Clinic at Waterloo, home to Denture Care in Huddersfield
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Oct 10, 2009
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