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Top Transport Service Companies.

Company                            Contact person
Address                            E-mail address
City/postal code                   Year established
Phone #/Fax #                      Offices in North/other locations
Web site                           2002 Revenues
Muskoka Transport Ltd.             Kevin Chilvers
P.O. Box 1336            
Bracebridge P1L 1V4                1971
(800)-461-5808/(705)645-1266       Bracebridge/Barrie          n/p
McKevitt Trucking Ltd.             Ted Wyant
1200 Carrier St.                   n/p
Thunder Bay P7B 5P7                1955
(8070623-0054/(807)622-8616        Thunder Bay, Sault,
                                   Sudbury/Mississauga          $5M+
Manitoulin Transport               Olana Hastings
154 Hwy 540B, P.O. Box 390
Gore Bay P0P 1H0                   1960
(800)265-1485/(905)670-8960        17 in North/31 other nationwide        n/p
William Day Construction Ltd.      Kevin Eady
2500 Elm St.             
Copper Cliff P0M 1N0               n/p
(705)682-1555/(705)682-9691        Sudbury, Levack, Timmins,
                                   Gogama/Hamilton                  $5M+
Gardewine North                    Dennis Clarke
60 Eagle Drive           
Winnipeg, MB R2R 1V5               1996
(204)631-3707/(204)694-7275        Several across North/North
                                   American wide                  $5M+
National Transportation Carriers   Duane Jones
232 Drive-In Rd.         
Sault Ste. Marie PGB 6A9           1997
(705)254-2112/(705)254-5995        Sault Ste. Marie
n/p                                nfp
Erb Transport Ltd.                 n/p
290 Hamilton Rd.                   n/p
New Hamburg, N3A 1A2               1959
(800)665-2653/(519)662-3316        Thunder Bay, North Bay/Canada,
                                   U.S.                   n/p
Reimer Express Lines Ltd.          Frank Washburn
1400 Inkster Blvd.                 n/p
Winnipeg, MB R2X 1R1               1952
(905)295-6000/(905)670-4525        Thunder Bay, Kenora,
                                   Dryden/Canada              n/p
Apex Motor Express                 Mike Morin
P.O. Box 2116, Station A 
Sudbury P3A 4R8                    1968
(705)560-0970/(705)560-9396        23 terminals across Canada                    n/p
Quikx Group of Companies           Shawn Patola
1510 Dawson Rd.          
Thunder Bay P7G 1H8                1990
(807)768-4300/(807)768-4313        18 in U.S. and Canada                      n/p
Consolidated FastFrate Inc.        Jim Pretchuk
100 Main St. Suite 205   
Thunder Bay P7B 6R9                1966
(807)344-0201/(807)344-1622        Thunder Bay, Canada-wide
n/p                                n/p
Commercial Transport (Northern)    Derek Williams
70 Magill St.            
Lively P3Y 1K7                     1970s
(705)692-4738/(705)692-4739        Lively         n/p
McBurney Transport Ltd.            Waun Fong
P.O. Box 1292            
North Bay P1B 8K5                  1974
(705)474-1976/(705)474-6784        North Bay (and North America)               n/p
Avery Construction/Transportation  Evie Yami
940 2nd Line West        
Sault Ste. Marie PGC 2L3           1979
(705)759-4800/(705)759-6775        Sault Ste. Marie
n/a                                $5M+
TJL Transport                      Karen Whittle
760 Hwy 17 East RR#3               n/a
North Bay P1B 864                  1968
(705)476-0100/(705)476-9622        North Bay               $3M-$5M
Kap Freight and Cartage            Louis Gagne
870 Anita Ave.                     n/p
North Bay P1B 8G4                  1991
(705)476-0444/(705)476-6444        Kapuskasing, North Bay
n/a                                $1.5M-$3M

Company                            # of drivers # of contractors
Address                            # of tractors # of trailors
City/postal code                   Delivery range
Phone #/Fax #                      Specialties
Web site
Muskoka Transport Ltd.             185 50
P.O. Box 1336                      185 400
Bracebridge P1L 1V4                U.S., Ontario
(800)-461-5808/(705)645-1266       Truckload, van, flatbed
McKevitt Trucking Ltd.             90  7
1200 Carrier St.                   140 300
Thunder Bay P7B 5P7                Ontario, Que., Manitoba, U.S.
(8070623-0054/(807)622-8616        General freight
Manitoulin Transport               nfp nfp
154 Hwy 540B, P.O. Box 390         nfp nfp
Gore Bay P0P 1H0                   Canada, U.S.
(800)265-1485/(905)670-8960        LTL expedited road freight,        intermodal, special freight
William Day Construction Ltd.      150 15
2500 Elm St.                       90  180
Copper Cliff P0M 1N0               Ont. Que., Manitoba, Canada
(705)682-1555/(705)682-9691        Lumber chips, heavy haul,                  food, ore, garbage
Gardewine North                    97 16
60 Eagle Drive                     47 85
Winnipeg, MB R2R 1V5               Ont., Manitoba, Sask.,
(204)631-3707/(204)694-7275        Flat deck service, freight                  service, perishables
National Transportation Carriers   32 10
232 Drive-In Rd.                   32 32
Sault Ste. Marie PGB 6A9           Canada, U.S.
(705)254-2112/(705)254-5995        Lumber, steel
Erb Transport Ltd.                 58 2
290 Hamilton Rd.                   12 3
New Hamburg, N3A 1A2               Canada, coast to coast, U.S.
(800)665-2653/(519)662-3316        LTL, truckload refrigeration
Reimer Express Lines Ltd.          n/p n/p
1400 Inkster Blvd.                 n/p n/p
Winnipeg, MB R2X 1R1               Canada, Mexico, U.S.
(905)295-6000/(905)670-4525        Freight transportation,              delivery
Apex Motor Express                 n/p n/p
P.O. Box 2116, Station A           n/p n/p
Sudbury P3A 4R8                    Canada-wide
(705)560-0970/(705)560-9396        Less-than-truckload
Quikx Group of Companies           n/p n/p
1510 Dawson Rd.                    n/p n/p
Thunder Bay P7G 1H8                U.S., Canada
(807)768-4300/(807)768-4313        Expedited LTL, truckload,                      intermodal, logistics,
Consolidated FastFrate Inc.        n/p n/p
100 Main St. Suite 205             n/p n/p
Thunder Bay P7B 6R9                Canada, U.S.
(807)344-0201/(807)344-1622        Intermodal transportation
Commercial Transport (Northern)    40  35
70 Magill St.                      3  100
Lively P3Y 1K7                     Que., Ont, N.B., U.S.
(705)692-4738/(705)692-4739        Bulk transport, bulk liquid         transport
McBurney Transport Ltd.            20 0
P.O. Box 1292                      17 34
North Bay P1B 8K5                  Ont., Que., U.S. West Canada
(705)474-1976/(705)474-6784        Truckload, flatbed
Avery Construction/Transportation  20 0
940 2nd Line West                  18 27
Sault Ste. Marie PGC 2L3           Canada, U.S.
(705)759-4800/(705)759-6775        Low bed, dry van, flats
TJL Transport                      14 0
760 Hwy 17 East RR#3               12 20
North Bay P1B 864                  Canada, U.S.
(705)476-0100/(705)476-9622        Liquid bulk, tankers,               dangerous goods
Kap Freight and Cartage            35  0
870 Anita Ave.                     11 31
North Bay P1B 8G4                  Ont., Que
(705)476-0444/(705)476-6444        Truckload
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