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Toll road priority in infrastructure development program.

Indonesia Indonesia (ĭn'dənē`zhə), officially Republic of Indonesia, republic (2005 est. pop. 241,974,000), c.735,000 sq mi (1,903,650 sq km), SE Asia, in the Malay Archipelago.  has built 555 kilometers of toll roads The following is a list of toll roads. Toll roads are roads on which a toll authority collects a fee for use. This list also contains toll bridges and toll tunnels. Lists of these subsets of toll roads can be found in List of toll bridges and List of toll tunnels.  built since 1978 when the first toll road came on line in the country. PT Jasa Marga Marga can refer to:
  • Marga (Indian Philosophy)
  • Marga, a commune in Caraş-Severin County, Romania
  • Magga, one of the Four Noble Truths, in Buddhism
  • Marga (Batak), a family name in Batak society
  • Efraín Abdiel Alveo a.k.a.
 manages 414 kilometers of the toll roads and the remaining 142 kilometers are jointly operated by the state-owned company and private companies. The total length of toll road operated jointly with the private sector declined from 16 km in 2001. The decline was followed the transfer of ownership from the private sector to Jasa Marga. The monetary crisis has forced some private partners to transfer their stake to the stake in toll roads to the state-owned company. Some of the private investors have failed to settle large debts leading to take over of assets in the form of stake in toll road by the Indonesian Bank Restructuring restructuring - The transformation from one representation form to another at the same relative abstraction level, while preserving the subject system's external behaviour (functionality and semantics).  Agency (IBRA IBRA Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency
IBRA International Bee Research Association (United Kingdom)
IBRA Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation for Australia
IBRA International Barrel Racing Association
) such as in the case of the Jakarta Jakarta or Djakarta (both: jəkär`tə, jäkär`tä), city and special district (1990 pop. 8,227,746), capital and largest city of Indonesia, NW Java, at the mouth of the canalized Ciliwung River, on Jakarta  Outer Ring Road (JORR JORR Jakarta Outer Ring Road (Indonesia) ) project.

The financial crisis has also forced the government to reschedule re·sched·ule  
tr.v. re·sched·uled, re·sched·ul·ing, re·sched·ules
To schedule again or anew: rescheduled the meeting for the following week; rescheduled the debts of many developing nations.
 a number of toll road projects under a presidential decree decree, in law, decision of a suit in a court of equity. It is the counterpart in equity of the judgment in a court of law, although in those jurisdictions where law and equity have merged, judgment is sometimes used to include both.  No.39/1997, which ruled postponement and review of a number of major toll road projects. Toll road construction began only in 2002 with the issuance of a presidential decree No. 15/2002.

Now the government plans to put up tender for 1,500 kilometers of new toll road projects in Java. The private sector including banks are expected to be involved in the construction of the project. Toll road projects are seen as highly profitable, therefore, are expected to attract the private sector.

In 2003, the government raised the toll road tariff tariff, tax on imported and, more rarely, exported goods. It is also called a customs duty. Tariffs may be distinguished from other taxes in that their predominant purpose is not financial but economic—not to increase a nation's revenue but to protect domestic  in a bid to attract more investors to venture in toll road projects. The involvement of the private sector is expected in the government's plan to resume the construction of 21 toll road project totaling 597 kilometers. The 21 projects are estimated to cost around Rp 31.6 trillion One thousand times one billion, which is 1, followed by 12 zeros, or 10 to the 12th power. See space/time.

(mathematics) trillion - In Britain, France, and Germany, 10^18 or a million cubed.

In the USA and Canada, 10^12.
. Construction of six of the projects totaling 98.6 kilometers is expected to start soon needing a total investment of Rp 6.7 trillion. Construction of some of the projects will be handled by Jasa Marga.

In addition to tariff issue, there are other hurdles to be removed in order to expand cooperation between the government to investors such as legal aspect concerning Operating Authority Agreement (PKP PKP Public Knowledge Project (Canada)
PKP Public Key Partners (vendor)
PKP Penetrating Keratoplasty (cornea graft)
PKP Polskie Koleje Panstwowe
), which is considered no longer favorable fa·vor·a·ble  
1. Advantageous; helpful: favorable winds.

2. Encouraging; propitious: a favorable diagnosis.

 by private investors, financial difficulty and land clearing. Breakthrough is needed to prevent land speculation, and the feasibility of toll road projects in certain areas.

Indonesia is still lagging Lagging

Strategy used by a firm to stall payments, normally in response to exchange rate projections.
 behind neighboring neigh·bor  
1. One who lives near or next to another.

2. A person, place, or thing adjacent to or located near another.

3. A fellow human.

4. Used as a form of familiar address.

 countries like Singapore Singapore (sĭng`gəpôr, sĭng`ə–, sĭng'gəpôr`), officially Republic of Singapore, republic (2005 est. pop. 4,426,000), 240 sq mi (625 sq km).  and Malaysia Malaysia (məlā`zhə), independent federation (2005 est. pop. 23,953,000), 128,430 sq mi (332,633 sq km), Southeast Asia. The official capital and by far the largest city is Kuala Lumpur; Putrajaya is the adminstrative capital.  in the construction of toll roads. The government, therefore, needs to offer more attractive incentives to boost development of toll road projects. The incentives could be in the form of facility in land clearing and tariffs This is a list of tariffs and trade legislation:
  • List of tariffs in Canada
  • List of tariffs in United States
  • List of tariffs in India
  • List of tariffs in China
  • List of tariffs in Russia

Construction of new toll roads

Toll roads are vital to accelerate economic development and to reduce congestion The condition of a network when there is not enough bandwidth to support the current traffic load.

congestion - When the offered load of a data communication path exceeds the capacity.
 that affects mobility in the flows of goods. The number of cars or road users is growing fast worsening wors·en  
tr. & intr.v. wors·ened, wors·en·ing, wors·ens
To make or become worse.

Noun 1. worsening - process of changing to an inferior state
decline in quality, deterioration, declension
 traffic jams especially in urban areas where greater mobility is needed.

In 1978, the government established a state-owned company PT Jasa Marga to operate in road building industry based on a government regulation No. 4/1978. The company was given the responsibility over the management, planning, building, maintenance and operation of toll roads in the country. However, based on the Law No.38/2004 its function as the regulator regulator,
n the mechanical part of a gas delivery system that controls gas pressure that allows a manageable flow of drug vapor to escape.


see reducing valve.
 was cancelled. Now it is only an operator.

Until now the company remains the leading player in toll road construction. The role of private companies through cooperation with Jasa Marga has declined after the government gave the operating authority over a number of toll roads to Jasa Marga in 2001. The government revoked the PKP with seven private companies in the wake of the 1997 crisis that left a number of investors in default.

Jasa Marga itself faced financial difficulty to carry out its toll road projects. A number of big toll road projects had to be shelved or cancelled. Construction of toll road was resumed only in 2002 when the condition began to improve. Toll road projects were offered to new investors and Jasa Marga issued bonds to raise fund to finance its projects.

Recently the government named PT Jasa Marga to carry out the construction of toll road totaling 125.5 kilometers to cost around Rp 6.2 trillion. The toll roads include the Bogor Bogor (bō`gôr), formerly Buitenzorg (boi`tənzôrkh) [Du.,=free from care], city (1990 pop. 271,341), W Java, Indonesia.  Ring Road 32 kilometers estimated to cost Rp 1.5 trillion, the Gempol-Pasuruan toll road 82 km to cost around Rp 4 trillion and the Semarang-Solo toll road 11.5 km to cost around Rp 660 billion. The three projects are expected to be operational later this year.

Private investors facing stagnation Stagnation

A period of little or no growth in the economy. Economic growth of less than 2-3% is considered stagnation. Sometimes used to describe low trading volume or inactive trading in securities.

A good example of stagnation was the U.S. economy in the 1970s.

PT Jasa Marga started commercial operation with the commissioning of the Jagorawi toll road Jagorawi Toll Road was the first toll road in Indonesia. Completed in 1978, it links the capital city of Jakarta to Bogor and Ciawi. It has a length of more than 60 km going north and southbound and is operated by PT Jasa Marga, a state-owned enterprise.  in 1978. Since then the company has built 12 toll roads and 9 toll bridges The following is a list of toll bridges. Toll bridges are bridges upon which traffic may pass upon payment of a fee, or a toll. This list is intended to be a subset of List of toll roads.  The toll roads include (1) Jakarta--Bogor--Ciawi (Jagorawi), (2) Semarang Semarang (səmä`räng), city (1990 pop. 1,249,230), capital of Central Java prov., N Java, Indonesia, on the Java Sea and at the mouth of the Semarang River. An important port, it is one of the major commercial centers of Java.  arteri A--B--C, (3) Jakarta--Tanggerang, (4) Surabaya--Gempol, (5) Jematan Tol v. t. 1. (Law) To take away. See Toll.  Mojokerto Mojokerto is one of the districts in East Java Province, Indonesia. It is located 40 km southwest of Surabaya, and constitutes one of the regional units of Gerbangkertosusila Development (a linkage of towns and city connecting Gresik, Bangkalan, Mojokerto, Surabaya, Sidoarjo, and , (6) Belawan--Medan, (7) Jakarta--Cikampek, (8) Cawang--Tomang--Pluit, (9) Prof Dr. Ir. Sedyatmo (toll road to Soekarno-Hatta airport), (10 Padalarang--Cileunyi, (11) Palimanan--Kanci (Palikanci), (12) Cikampek--Purwakarta Utara Utara is the Indonesian word for north and can be found in topography. E.g.
  • Sulawesi Utara -> North Sulawesi
  • Sumatera Utara
  • Maluku Utara -> North Maluku
 or Cipularang I toll road.

By 2004, the country has toll road totaling 556 km and Jasa Marga owns and operates 414 km of them or up from 354 km in 2001. Meanwhile the role of private companies in toll road construction has declined. Some of toll road projects that were left unfinished by private companies have been taken over by the government.

On June 10, 2003, the government changed the status of the Citarum toll road the Mjojokerto toll bridge previously under Jasa Marga into non toll road and non toll bridge. Meanwhile, in August, 2003, Jasa Marga started the operation of the 14 km Cipularang I (Cikampek-Purwakarta Ulara) toll road, which is part of the 53-km Cikampek-Padalarang toll road now under construction. Earlier Jasa Marga revoked the PKP with PT Citra Ganesha Ganesha: see Hinduism.
 or Ganesa

Elephant-headed Hindu god, the son of Shiva and Parvati. He is also revered in Jainism, and he is important in the art and mythology of Buddhist Asia.
, which failed to finish the construction of the toll road project.

Before the crisis PT Drassindo looked potential to become a leading player in toll road business in the country to follow the step of its predecessor the Citra Lamtoro lamtoro

[Indonesian] the name given to the disease caused by the ingestion of Leucaena leucocephala.
 Gung Persada, which is owned by Ny Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana. Djoko Ramiadji who owns Drassindo Group, was former executive of the Citra Group as a technical director. The first toll road project built by. Drassindo (Djoko Ramiadji Associate Indonesia) was the Pondok pondok or pondokkie

(in southern Africa) a crudely made house or shack [Malay pondók leaf house]
 Pinang--Kampung Rambutan/Jagorawi--Cikunir toll road. In this project Drassindo through PT Investa Kusuma Kusuma is a village in Reodar Tahsil of Sirohi District of Indian state of Rajasthan.It is 45 km from Abu Road.Its ancient name was Kutsasrama meaning a hermitage of Kutsa.  Arta established a consortium called PT Marga Nurindo Bhakti bhakti (bŭk`tē) [Skt.,=devotion], theistic devotion in Hinduism. Bhakti cults seem to have existed from the earliest times, but they gained strength in the first millennium A.D. , which involved other investors including PT Bhaskara Bhaskara (bŭs`kərə), called Acarya (əchär`yə) [Skt.,=learned], b. 1114, Indian mathematician and astronomer.  Dunia Jaya Jaya (born Maria Luisa Ramsey on March 21, 1970, in Manila, Philippines) is a Filipino pop singer with African American ancestry. Biography
She is known in the Philippines as the Queen of Soul.
, Hanurata, PT Marga Strukturindo Raya, Citra Lamtoro Gung Persada and Jasa Marga.

Management system of private toll roads

The government maintains a leading role in toll road construction and operation as the business is considered strategic. The role is given to state-owned company Jasa Marga. However, as it needs large fund the cash strapped strapped  
adj. Informal
In financial need: We are strapped for cash right now.


strapped for Slang
 government allows the involvement of the private sector through cooperation with Jasa Marga such as under BTO BTO British Trust for Ornithology
BTO Business Technology Optimization
BTO Bachman Turner Overdrive (band)
BTO Business Transformation Outsourcing
BTO Build-Transfer-Operate
BTO Brutto (German: Gross [quantity]) 
 (Build, Transfer, Operate) and BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) contracts. Under the BTO system the fund spent by the private sector will be returned by Jasa Marga through profit sharing profit sharing, arrangement by which employees receive, in addition to their wages, a share of the net profits of a business. The purpose is to give them an incentive to increase their output through enhanced morale, less wasteful use of materials, better care of  system in the operation of toll roads. The toll roads will be operated by Jasa Marga. BTO system has been used in the construction of the Jakarta--Cikampek with investor PT Bangun Tjipta Sarana. The BTO system was also been used in the construction of Kebon Jeruk--Tangerang toll road with investor PT Adhika Prakasatama and interchange between Karawaci Karawaci may refer to:
  • Karawaci, Tangerang, a subdistrict of Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia
  • Lippo Karawaci, a planned community in the subdistrict
 interchange with investor PT Lippo Village, Cibitung interchange with investor PT Megapolis me·gap·o·lis  
Variant of megalopolis.
 Manunggal and Sentul Sentul may refer to:

In Indonesia:
  • Sentul, Indonesia
  • Sentul International Circuit - International motor racing circuit in Indonesia
In Malaysia:
  • Sentul, Malaysia
  • Sentul Raya - a town near Sentul, Malaysia
 Selatan Selatan is the Indonesian word for south and can be found in topography. E.g.
  • Sulawesi Selatan -> South Sulawesi
  • Sumatera Selatan -> South Sumatra
  • South Cape (Indonesia)
 interchange with investor PT Royal Sentul Highland

Under the BOT system, the private investor will operate the toll road for a certain period normally 20-40 years and after that period, the toll road will be handed over to the government. The operator will take the toll road income including income from bill boards. The operator, however, must be a consortium involving Jasa Marga as a shareholder. The first private company operator of toll road is PT Citra Marga Nusaphala Persada for the Cawang-Tanjung Priok toll road starting operation in 1990.

Other form of cooperation is management contract under which the investor builds the toll road and will be authorized to operate it but as Jasa Marga has an experience in toll road management, the operation and maintenance of the toll road are handed over to the state company handle the operation management and the investor earns a compensation.

PKP have been signed for a number of toll road projects but the projects have not been implemented.

Acquisition plan

Last year the government planned to take over a number of toll road from private investors, but the plan was cancelled for fear that the move could worsen wors·en  
tr. & intr.v. wors·ened, wors·en·ing, wors·ens
To make or become worse.


to make or become worse

worsening adjn
 investment climate. With all toll road controlled by the government the tariff could be easily harmonized har·mo·nize  
v. har·mo·nized, har·mo·niz·ing, har·mo·niz·es
1. To bring or come into agreement or harmony. See Synonyms at agree.

2. Music To provide harmony for (a melody).
. Now the tariffs are different among the toll roads as they are set by different operators.

In other countries even in developed countries such as the United States United States, officially United States of America, republic (2005 est. pop. 295,734,000), 3,539,227 sq mi (9,166,598 sq km), North America. The United States is the world's third largest country in population and the fourth largest country in area. , Japan and France, toll roads are controlled by the government. In Indonesia, the government functions more as the facilitator but construction is carried out by private investors which provide the necessary investment fund.

Toll roads built by the government are handed over to PT Jasa Marga and private investors could be involved as a shareholder.

Targets to build 1,500 km of toll roads.

The government targets to build 1,500 km of toll roads in Java in the next 5 years and 1,200 km of them are expected to be completed in three years. Feasibility studies for the projects have been completed. Public Works public works
Construction projects, such as highways or dams, financed by public funds and constructed by a government for the benefit or use of the general public.

Noun 1.
 Minister Umum Djoko Kirmanto said the private sector will be involved in the development of most of the projects.

The minister that the country is lagging behind many other countries in toll road development. Among the factor slowing development of toll roads in the country are agreement on tariff between the prospective investors and the government, difficulty in land clearing and capital.

For example, the construction of certain parts of JORR has been delayed because of a land owner that refuses to sell his land.

The government through Bappenas has prepared a priority list for toll road projects until 2009 as shown in the following table.

Around 80 km of the priority toll road projects are now under construction, 1,513 km to be built including Trans Java main trunk A communications channel between two points. It generally refers to a high-bandwidth, fiber-optic line between telephone switching centers (central offices). Telephone "trunks" handle thousands of simultaneous voice and data signals, whereas telephone "lines" are the wires from the  866 km, secondary trunk/feeder 298 km, city toll road 293 km. Toll roads outside Java 56 km bringing the total to 1,593 km.

Attracted foreign investors

Around 181 companies grouped in 36 consortiums are eyeing 6 toll road projects valued at Rp 12 trillion (US$1.33 billion) offered by the government. Infrastructure Director General at the Public Works Ministry Eduard TY. Pauner said around 40% of the bidders are foreign investors.

The toll road projects are to be built in various parts of the country, including Cikarang-Tanjung Priok, Cileungi-Sumedang-Dawuan, Medan-Binjai, Depok-Antasari, Cinere-Jagorawi and Makassar Ma·kas·sar or Ma·ka·sar  

See Ujung Pandang.
 section IV.

Among the foreign bidders are Kajima Corporation from Japan, China Harbour Engineering from China, Plus Express Way Berhad from Malaysia, MCA Intergroup in·ter·group  
Being or occurring between two or more social groups: intergroup relations; intergroup violence. 
. Among the local bidders are PT Citra Marga Nusaphala Persada, Bakrie Brothers, PT Marga Bumi, PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakarta administration company). Bakrie Brothers, which is among the local bidders, said it is interested in the 14-kilometer Cinere-Jagorawi toll road in Jakarta. The company, owned by Chief Economics Minister Aburizal Bakrie Aburizal Bakrie is an Indonesian entrepreneur and politician. According to Forbes, Bakrie and his family are the sixth richest in Indonesia with a net worth of $1.2 billion.[1] Family business
Bakrie was born in Jakarta on November 15, 1946.
, said it holds a 40% share in its consortium of 5 companies.

The government already offered the projects to both local and foreign investors. The JORR projects (section W2 South, El South and E1 North) was offered to contractor form Malaysia namely Malaysian Consortium, but the Malaysian bidder failed. Finally the PT. Jasa Marga was named to carry out the project.

An Australian investor was offered to build the phase I of Semarang--Solo toll road project (22 km). The toll road is part of nine proposed by the regional administration. Other toll road projects proposed by regional administrations include Surabaya--Mojokerto toll road phase I (117.5 km) and the Gempol--Pandaan toll road 13.6 km in East Java East Java (Indonesian: Jawa Timur) is a province of Indonesia. It is located on the eastern part of the island of Java and also includes neighboring Madura and Bawean islands. . The Gempol--Pandaan project is expected to be built by an investor from Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (sä`dē ərā`bēə, sou`–, sô–), officially Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, kingdom (2005 est. pop. , but its old investor PT Margabumi Adhika Raya said it could resume the construction of the project.

The Kuwait Kuwait (kwīt`, –wāt) or Kowait (kō`–), officially State of Kuwait, independent sheikhdom (2005 est. pop.  government has pledged a soft loan of Rp 1.5 trillion for the Surabaya--Madura bridge spanning the Madura strait Madura Strait is a narrow stretch of water that separates the Indonesian islands of Java and Madura. There are small islands lying here: Kambing, Giliraja, Genteng, and Ketapang.

The Suramadu Bridge is currently under construction between Surabaya on Java and Bangkalan on Madura.
 in East Java but there has been no realization of the pledge. The progress in the construction of the country's longest bridge, therefore, has been slowed.

Investment funds Noun 1. investment funds - money that is invested with an expectation of profit

assets - anything of material value or usefulness that is owned by a person or company
 for toll roads

The government has offered guarantee for toll road Investment Fund through the issuance of shares prepared by PT. Bahan Sekuritas. The Toll Road Investment Fund will be split for three working packages.

Package I and II will be offered to domestic investors valued at only around Rp 10 trillion for a toll road project. Package I covers a total length of 68 km valued at Rp 3.021 trillion for Cipularang of the Sadang (Purwakarta Purwakarta is the capital of the Purwakarta Regency of West Java, Indonesia.

)--Sikamuning (Padalarang) section and the JORR (Jakarta Outer Ring Road) for the sections of W1, E2, E3 and N.

Package II covers a total length of 294 km valued at Rpl 1.6 trillion for the the W2 North section of JORR, Semarang--Bawen, Bawen--Solo, Cikampek--Cirebon, Cisundawu (Cikampek--Sumedang--Dawuan) phase I and Medan--Binjai. The package III includes the Palembang--Indralaya and the Waru--Juanda (Surabaya Surabaya, Surabaja, or Soerabaja (srəbī`ə, Du. s ) toll roads and enlargement enlargement,
n an increase in size.

enlargement, Dilantin, See hyperplasia, gingival, Dilantin.

enlargement, idiopathic,
 of the Sedyatmo Cengkareng Cengkareng is a subdistrict of West Jakarta, Indonesia. Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is located near Cengkareng.

The subdistrict is divided into 6 administrative villages (kelurahan
 toll road. The investment of the projects has yet to be determined as there is still problem over land clearing.

Cipularang II toll road under construction

Construction of phase II of the Cikampek-Purwakarta-Padalarang toll road project extending 40 km from Sadang-Cikamuning, began in April, 2004 involving 9 contractors. The project valued at around Rp 1.65 trillion is to be finished in Arpil 2005.

The project finance is provided by Bank BNI BNI Business Network International
BNI Business Networking International
BNI Bank Negara Indonesia
BNI Bechtel National, Inc.
BNI British Nursing Index
BNI Barrow Neurological Institute (Phoenix, AZ) 
 1946, Bank Mandiri Bank Mandiri (JSX : BMRI) is the largest bank in Indonesia in term of assets, loans and deposits. Total assets as of Q3 2006 were IDR 253.7 trillion (or USD 25.7 billion). It also has Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) of 23% (including market risk), Return on Asset (RoA) of 0. , Bank Bukopin, Bank Central Asia Bank Central Asia (BCA) is an Indonesian bank founded on August 10 1955.

The Asian monetary crisis in 1997 had a tremendous impact on Indonesia’s entire banking system. In particular, it affected BCA’s cash flow and even threatened its survival.
 and Bank Jabar.

The nine contractors involved in the projects are PT Mawatindo for the 9.1 km part of North Purwakarta- South Purwakarta Selatan to cost around Rp 11 billion, PT Adhi Karya for the 8.5 km part of Purwakarta Selatan-Plered to cost around Rp 295 billion, PT Waskita- Yasa JO for the 6.3 km part of Plered-Darangdan and Ciujung bridge to cost around Rp 352 billion, PT Nindya Karya for the 4.7-km part of Plered-Cikalong Wetan to cost around Rp 120 billion, PT L&M System Indonesia to build the Cisomang bridge in the Plered-Cikalong section to cost around Rp 75 billion, PT Daya Mulia Turangga for the 5.5 km section of Cikalong Wetan-Cikamuning to cost around Rp 106 billion, PT Propelar to build the Cikubang bridge in the section of Cikalong Wetan-Cikamuning to cost around Rp 140 billion, PT Hutama Karya for the 2.5 km section of Cikubang-Cipada to cost around Rp 236 billion and PT Sumber Mitra Jaya-Ircon International to build the 3.8 km section of Cikalong Wetan-cikamuning to cost around Rp 96 billion.

The nine contractors have secured loan pledges from a number of banks such as Bank BNI 1946, Bank Mandiri, Bank Bukopin, Bank Central Asia (BCA) and Bank Jabar. Jasa Marga will pay the for the contract value when the projects have been completed.

Parts of the sections of the toll road project will go over difficult terrain in hilly hill·y  
adj. hill·i·er, hill·i·est
1. Having many hills.

2. Similar to a hill; steep.

 areas, therefore, it is expensive that Jasa Marga considers it necessary to involve a so many contractors.

The sections of the Cikampek-Purwakarta-Padalang toll road will help reduce congestion in the Jakarta-Bandung highway. A car normally needs five to six hours to cover the distance, but when the toll road has been finished it could be covered in three hours. It will mean saving a lot of fuel.

There is no much problem in land clearing in the project as part of the land belong to the state-owned railway company and plantation Plantation, city (1990 pop. 66,692), Broward co., SE Fla., a residential suburb of Fort Lauderdale; inc. 1953. The city has grown rapidly along with the development of S Florida.  company PT Perkebunan.

The government has not decided the tariff to be used in the toll road when it is operational However, Jasa Marga will use the tariff it has used in Cipularang I (Cikampek-Sadang), namely Rp 300-Rp 350 per kilometer kilometer

one thousand (103) meters; 3280.83 feet; five-eighths of a mile; abbreviated km.

Users of toll road growing in number

The number of toll road users in the country has continued to increase. The availability of toll roads has also contributed to economic development in certain areas.

In 2002 toll roads in the country totaled 520 km in length and 383 km of them are controlled and owned by Jasa Marga. Data at Jasa Marga said its nine toll roads in 2002 were used in a frequency of 673.7 million travels based on ticket sales or an increase of 44% from 1998.

Toll tariffs

The government sets the toll road tariffs based on the cost to build the toll road and length of concession for ones built by private investors. Operators among private companies had complained about low tariffs as there was no tariff hike from 199 until June ,2003.

The tariffs are not the same as the costs of building the toll roads are not the same. The tariff system has been regulated with automatic increase under the Law No.38/2004. Previously the tariff was set with a presidential decree but now it is set with a ministerial Done under the direction of a supervisor; not involving discretion or policymaking.

Ministerial describes an act or a function that conforms to an instruction or a prescribed procedure. It connotes obedience.
 decision in the case the decision of the public works minister taking into account inflation.

Land clearing difficulty

Land clearing has always been difficult and the problem will be more complicated when politics is involved. The problem is if only one small land owner refuses to sell his land, work will be delayed. It has happened in Ulujami as the toll road could not be used only because a land own refuses to sell his piece of land. Delay in completion of a project will mean an extra cost to be paid as the land price could rise and the loan interest accrues. Another good example is the case of Jakarta Outer Ring Road. The government issued a new regulation in 1995. Under the regulation, the contractor will pay for the land clearing. Previously the government provided the land over which the contractors will build toll road.

Prospects and Conclusion

In general, the country is lagging behind many other countries including Malaysia and Thailand in the construction of toll roads. In Asia, China is the most advanced in the construction of toll roads. Based on data at Jasa Marga the country has 556 km of toll roads very much not proportional proportional

values expressed as a proportion of the total number of values in a series.

proportional dwarf
the patient is a miniature without disproportionate reductions or enlargements of body parts.
 with the traffic density. There are 5 toll road projects now being built totaling 83.1 km. In Malaysia, which is much smaller than Indonesia, there are already 1,000 km toll road in operation, not to mention ones being built. In the wake of the 1997 crisis, many foreign contractors planned to build many toll road but none of them has been implemented. The foreign contractors demanded greater guarantee or investment protection, but Jasa Marga could not provide the protection asked by the contractors. The government, therefore, has to adopt a policy more favorable for contractors including in land clearing and tariff issues. Toll roads will create jobs for thousands of people and help revive To renew.

For example, revival is the act of renewing the legal force of a contract or debt, either by acknowledging it or by giving a new promise, when the contract or debt is no longer a sufficient foundation for a lawsuit because it is barred by the running of the Statute
 other sectors such as cement cement, binding material used in construction and engineering, often called hydraulic cement, typically made by heating a mixture of limestone and clay until it almost fuses and then grinding it to a fine powder.  industry, ceramic This article is about ceramic materials. For the fine art, see Ceramic art.

The word ceramic is derived from the Greek word κεραμικός (keramikos).
 industry, steel industry.
Table - 1
Length of toll roads in Indonesia, 1998 - 2004

Year    Jasa Marga    Investor   Total

1998           354        161      515
1999           354        161      515
2000           354        161      515
2001           354        161      515
2002           383        137      520
2003           386        142      528
2004           410        142      556

Source: Jasa Marga/Data Consult

Table - 2
Toll roads coming on line in 2004

Toll roads                           Length     Investor/
                                       (Km)     operator

1. Ja orawi Jakarta-                   46.00    Jasa Marga, PT
2. Jakarta - Cengkareng                27.00    Jasa Marga, PT
   (JI Prof Sediyatmo)
3. Jakarta - Cikampek                  74.00    Jasa Marga, PT
4. Cawan - Toman-Grogol-Pluit          39.26    Jasa Marga, PT
5. Padalarang - Cileunyi               46.58    Jasa Marga, PT
6. Semarang arteri (A, B & C)          18.80    Jasa Marga, PT
7. Surabaya - Gempol                   42.00    Jasa Marga, PT
8. Belmera (Medan)                     34.40    Jasa Marga, PT
9. Jakarta-Tangerang                   34.60    Jasa Marga, PT
   (Tomang- West Tangerang &)
   Tangerang- West Tangerang
10. Cikunir - Cakung                            JLJ, PT *
   (JORR E2 + E3 + N)                   8.80
11. Pd Pinang - Kp Rambutan                     JLJ, PT *
   (JORR S)                            14.83
   Sub-total (Jasa Marga/BUMN)        386.27
13. Cawang - Tj Priok -                30.94    Citra Marga
    Tiga bridge                                 Nusaphala
    (JI Wiyoto Wiyono)
14. Tangerang - Merak                  72.45    Marga Mandalasakti
15. Surabaya - Gresik                  20.05    Margabumi Matraraya
16. Tallo Lama  bridge                  1.00    Bosowa Marga
17. Soekarno- Hatta seaport-           10.36
    St. Abdullah Teuku
    Umar - Urip Sumohardjo
18. Pondok Aren-Bintaro                 7.20    Bintaro Serpong
                                                Damai, PT
19. Cikampek-Purwakarta Utara          14.00    Jasa Marga, PT
Sub-total (private/consortium)        142.00

Total length                          556.27

Toll roads                       Year coming
                                     on line

1. Ja orawi Jakarta-                    1978
2. Jakarta - Cengkareng                 1985
   (JI Prof Sediyatmo)
3. Jakarta - Cikampek                   1988
4. Cawan - Toman-Grogol-Pluit           1989
5. Padalarang - Cileunyi                1991
6. Semarang arteri (A, B & C)           1983
7. Surabaya - Gempol                    1986
8. Belmera (Medan)                      1986
9. Jakarta-Tangerang                     ...
   (Tomang- West Tangerang &)
   Tangerang- West Tangerang
10. Cikunir - Cakung                    1990
   (JORR E2 + E3 + N)
11. Pd Pinang - Kp Rambutan          1995/96
   (JORR S)
   Sub-total (Jasa Marga/BUMN)
13. Cawang - Tj Priok -                 1990
    Tiga bridge
    (JI Wiyoto Wiyono)
14. Tangerang - Merak                   1993
15. Surabaya - Gresik                   1993
16. Tallo Lama  bridge                  1981

17. Soekarno- Hatta seaport-
    St. Abdullah Teuku
    Umar - Urip Sumohardjo
18. Pondok Aren-Bintaro                 2000

19. Cikampek-Purwakarta Utara           2003
Sub-total (private/consortium)

Total length

*) Operated by subsidiary of Jasa Marga
(PT Jalantol Lingkarluar Jakarta)

Source: Jasa Marga/Data Consult

Table - 3
Joint operation without PKP

Investor                        Cooperation        Income share
                                 projects          of investor

Income sharing joint operation of toll road expansion:

PT Bangun Tjipta Sarana     Cikampek-Cibitung               69%
                            Cawang-Cibitung                 41%
PT Adhika Prakarsatama      Jakarta-Tangerang               27%

PT Royal Sental Highland    Sentul Selatan              41%-20%
PT Lembah Golf Jagorawi     Ramp G. Putri III               41%

Income sharing joint operation of toll roads with interchnages:

PT Suryacipta Swadaya       Karawang Timur               4%-14%
PT Karabha Digdaya          Cimanggis                     37,5%

PT Indocement Tunggal       Gunung Putri II                 35%
PT Lippo Karawaci           Karawang & Gerbang            17,5%
PT Jakartabaru              Ext RampSTA 18                26,5%
  Cosmopolitan              Jakarta-Tangerang

Joint operation of interchanges :

PT Megapolis Manunggal      Cibitung                          -
PT Besland Pertiwi          Kalihurip (Jkt-                   -
PT Wijaya Karya             Cibubur                           -

Other joint operation:

Grant construction of interchange with compensation in free bill board

PT Mali i Permata           Interchange                       -
Industrial Estate           West Karawan
PT Pemban unan Deltamas     East Cikaran                      -

Investor                        Cooperation

Income sharing joint operation of toll road expansion:

PT Bangun Tjipta Sarana     26 y from 1989
                            25 y from 1994
PT Adhika Prakarsatama      18 y from 1994

PT Royal Sental Highland    9 y from 1995
PT Lembah Golf Jagorawi     8 y from 1997

Income sharing joint operation of toll roads with interchnages:

PT Suryacipta Swadaya       16,3 y from 1996
PT Karabha Digdaya          Until loan full
PT Indocement Tunggal       From 1992 until
  Perkasa                   loan paid up
PT Lippo Karawaci           10 y from 1997

PT Jakartabaru              3 y from 1999

Joint operation of interchanges :

PT Megapolis Manunggal      10 y from 1995
PT Besland Pertiwi          10 y from 1997

PT Wijaya Karya             From 1998 until
                            Fully paid up

Other joint operation:

Grant (construction of interchange with compensation in free bill board

PT Maligi Permata           2001-2005
  Industrial Estate
PT Pembangunan Deltamas     3 years

Source: Jasa Marga/Data Consult

Table - 4
Joint venture with (PKP)

Investor                  Toll roads                         Length
Toll roads already operating :

PT Citra Marga Nus.       Cawan - Tg.Priok-Pluit              28.50
PT Marga Mandalasakti     Tangrg-Merak-Phase I                34.20
                          Tangrg-Merak-Phase II               38.25
PT Margabumi Matraraya    Surabaya - Gresik                   20.70
PT Bosowa marga Nus.      Pelabuhan Laut Soekar-              10.36
                          no Hatta-ST.Abdullah
                          Teuku Umar-Uri S.

Toll road project being built :

PT Kresna Kusuma DM.      Bekasi Timur-Cawang-                21.50
                          Kampung Melayu

PT Margabumi Adhika R.    Gempol - Pandaan                    13.64

Projects not et built :

PT Citra Mar atama        SS Waru - Tanjung                   36.50
  Surabya                 Perak
PT Bukaka Marga Utama     Ciawi - Sukabumi                    53.50

Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR) :

PT Jalan Tol Lingkar      Kb.Jeruk-Pdk.Pinang                 57.00
  Luar Jakarta (JLJ)      Pdk.Piang-Jagorawi
                          Cikunir - Cakung -

Projects shelved and restudied :
PT Margaraya Jawa Tol     Waru - Wonokromo -                  18.40
                          Tanjung Perak

Projects taken over by Jasa Marga
after termination of PKP :

PT Citra Bhakti MP.       JORR section E2,E3,N                19.20
PT Citra Mataram SMP.     JORR section W2                     11.17
PT Citra Ganesha MN.      Cikampek-Padalarang                 59.00
PT Marga Mawatindo E.     Semaran - Demak                     25.00
PT Marga Nulyasumo A.     Surabaya-Mojokerto                  37.87
PT Marga Nurindo B.       JORR section S & El                 26.74

Investor                           Participation    Concession
                                       (%)            period
Toll roads already operating :

PT Citra Marga Nus.                        17.79    1994-2023
PT Marga Mandalasakti                       5.36    1990-2020
PT Margabumi Matraraya                      6.47    1991-2016
PT Bosowa marga Nus.                       10.00    1994-2024

Toll road project being built :

PT Kresna Kusuma DM.                       10.00    since 32

PT Margabumi Adhika R.                     15.00    since 22 y of
Projects not et built :

PT Citra Mar atama                         15.00    since 33 of
  Surabya                                           operation
PT Bukaka Marga Utama                      20.00    27 y 8 mth
                                                    since of
Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR) :

PT Jalan Tol Lingkar                       99.00    since 35
  Luar Jakarta (JLJ)                                2001

Projects shelved and restudied :
PT Margaraya Jawa Tol                               since 33 y
                                                    of NTP

Projects taken over by Jasa Marga
after termination of PKP :

PT Citra Bhakti MP.                        34.83    PKP cancel
PT Citra Mataram SMP.                      15.00    PKP cancel
PT Citra Ganesha MN.                       30.00    PKP cancel
PT Marga Mawatindo E.                       8.33    PKP cancel
PT Marga Nulyasumo A.                      16.00    PKP cancel
PT Marga Nurindo B.                        10.00    PKP cancel

Source: Jasa Marga/Data Consult

Table - 5
Management contract cooperation

Investor              Toll road       Form of

PT Bintaro Serpong    Pondok Aren -   Management
  Damai               Serpong         contract

Investor              Length          Period of
                      (Km)            concession

PT Bintaro Serpong    7.25            1997-2024

Source: Jasa Marga/Data Consult

Table - 6
Toll road projects with (PKP)
Not yet implemented

Investor                 Toll road            Length of    Period of
                                              toll roads   concession:

Projects under construction :

PT Jakarta Lingkar       Kebon Jeruk - Rawa   9.76         1997-2027
  Barat Satu             - Penjaringan

Projects not yet built :

PT Marga Setiapuritama   Semarang - Batang    75.00        28 y since

Source: Jasa Marga/Data Consult

Table - 7
Toll road built in cooperation between Jasa Marga
and private companies

Toll roads                    Length   Investor

Cawang- Tanjung Priok-Pluit       31   PT. Citra Marga Nusaphala
Pondok Aren- Serpong               7   PT. Bintaro Serpong Damai
Pondok Pinang - TMII              15   PT. Marga Nurindo Bhakti
JORR E2, E3 + N                    9   PT. Citra Bakti Margatama
Tangerang - Merak                 72   PT. Marga Mandala Sakti
Surabaya - Gresik                 21   PT. Margabumi Matrajaya
Ujung Pandang                      7   PT. Bosowa Marga Nusantara
Total                            161

Source: PT Jasa Marga

Table - 8
Priority in toll road construction,

                                               Length     Estimate of
No          Toll roads                           (km)        building

Priority I

1.          JORR section W1                        9.8            760
2.          JORR section E2 and E3                12.8            739
3.            Tanjung Priok access *)             12.1          3,200
4.          Cikampek-Padalaran phase II           40.0          1,700
5.          JORR section W1                        8.4            282
            Subtotal                              83.1        6,399.0

Priority II

1.          JORR section W2 North                  7.0            305
2.          Gempol-Pasuruan ***)                  32.0          1,286
3.          Semaran-Bawen ***)                    24.0            575
4.          Cikampek-Palimanan ***)              114.0          4,328
5.          Semaran-Demak                         25.0            801
6.          Medan-Binjai **)                      20.5            636
7.          Makasar Section 4 **                  11.0            412
8.          Palembang -Indralaya                  24.5            448
9.          Surabaya-Madura                        5.4            700
10.         Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan              23.4          1,641
            phase I **)
11.         Pasirkoia-Soreang *)                  15.0            400
12.         Surabaya-Mojokerto                    37.0          1,089
13.         Waru (Aloha)-Wonokromo-Tg.Perak       18.4          2,704
14.         SS Waru-Tg. Perak Tahap I             13.5            573
15.         Cilegon-Bojanegara                    10.0            275
16.         Palimanan-Plumbon                       -              60
            (additional lane)
17.         Expansion of Cibitung                   -             366
18.         Expansion of Surabaya-                  -             140
19.         Expansion of Sudyatmo                   -             410

            Subtotal                             380.7         17,148

Priority III

1.          Bekasi-Cawang-Kp Melayu               21.0          3,199
2.          Depok-Antasari                        18.2          1,084
3.          Cikarang-Tg. Priok (part of           53.0          2,032
            JORR 2
4.          Cinere-Jagorawi (part of              14.0            780
            JORR 2
5.          JORR 2-other                          90.0          6,344
6.          Bogor Ring Road (phase I and          11.5            519
            II) ***)
7.          Cirebon-Pejagan                       34.0          1,237
8.          Pejagan-Pemalang                      56.0          2,343
9.          Pemalang-Batang                       35.0          1,404
10.         Batang-Semarang                       75.0          3,003
11.         Bawen-Solo ***)                       56.0          2,914
12.         Solo-Mantingan                        58.0          2,655
13.         Mantingan-Ngawi                       27.0          1,046
14.         Ngawi-Kertosono                       84.0          3,375
15.         Kertosono-Mojokerto                   38.0          1,532
16.         SS-Waru-Tg. Perak phase II            23.0            587
17.         Pasuruan-Probolinggo                  40.0          1,613
18.         Probolinggo-Banyuwangi               156.0          5,791
19.         Gempol-Pandaan                        14.0            437
20.         Pandaan-Malang                        30.0          1,457
21.         Jogya-Solo                            45.0          1,954
22.         Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan              32.6          2,282
            phase II
23.         Ciawi-Sukabumi                        54.0          3,180
24.         Sukabumi-Ciranjang                    31.0          1,398
25.         Ciranjang-Padalarang                  33.0          1,629
            Subtotal                           1,129.3       53,794.4
            Total                              1,593.1       77,341.0

                                              Estimate       Estimate
Toll roads                                   Land cost             of
                                                           (Rp bill.)

JORR section W 1                                  40.0          800.0
JORR section E2 and E3                            11.0          750.0
  Tanjung Priok access *)                        200.0        3,400.0
Cikampek-Padalaran phase II                          -        1,700.0
JORR section W1                                   42.0          324.0
Subtotal                                         251.0        6,650.0

JORR section W2 North                            382.0          800.0
Gempol-Pasuruan ***)                             176.0        1,462.0
Semaran-Bawen ***)                               138.0          713.0
Cikampek-Palimanan ***)                        1,985.0        6,312.6
Semaran-Demak                                     40.0          841.0
Medan-Binjai **)                                 328.0          964.0
Makasar Section 4 **                              24.2          436.0
Palembang -Indralaya                              49.0          497.0
Surabaya-Madura                                      -          700.0
Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan                         159.4        1,800.0
phase I **)
Pasirkoia-Soreang *)                             120.0          520.0
Surabaya-Mojokerto                               399.0        1,488.0
Waru (Aloha)-Wonokromo-Tg.Perak                  403.0        3,107.0
SS Waru-Tg. Perak Tahap I                         96.0          669.0
Cilegon-Bojanegara                               125.0          400.0
Palimanan-Plumbon                                    -           60.0
(additional lane)
Expansion of Cibitung                                -          366.0
Expansion of Surabaya-                               -        1,400.0
Expansion of Sudyatmo                                -          410.0

Subtotal                                       4,424.6       21,572.6

Bekasi-Cawang-Kp Melayu                          449.0        3,648.0
Depok-Antasari                                   451.0        1,535.0
Cikarang-Tg. Priok (part of                      268.0        2,300.0
Cinere-Jagorawi (part of                         412.5        1,192.1
JORR 2-other                                    2500.0        8,843.9
Bogor Ring Road (phase I and                     145.3          664.3
II) ***)
Cirebon-Pejagan                                   97.0        1,334.0
Pejagan-Pemalang                                 135.9        2,479.0
Pemalang-Batang                                   70.1        1,474.0
Batang-Semarang                                  187.5        3,190.0
Bawen-Solo ***)                                  211.1        3,125.0
Solo-Mantingan                                   193.5        2,849.0
Mantingan-Ngawi                                   54.1        1,100.0
Ngawi-Kertosono                                  253.7        3,629.0
Kertosono-Mojokerto                               95.6        1,628.0
SS-Waru-Tg. Perak phase II                       163.3          750.0
Pasuruan-Probolinggo                             113.3        1,726.0
Probolinggo-Banyuwangi                           294.5        6,085.0
Gempol-Pandaan                                    89.0          526.0
Pandaan-Malang                                    90.6        1,548.0
Jogya-Solo                                        15.8        1,970.0
Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan                         222.0        2,504.0
phase II
Ciawi-Sukabumi                                   596.0        2,504.0
Sukabumi-Ciranjang                                85.1        1,483.0
Ciranjang-Padalarang                             195.0        1,824.0
Subtotal                                       7,388.9       61,183.3
Total                                         12,064.5       89,405,9

Source: Office of PPN state ministerBappenas; *) Additional lane;
Under development:

**) Toll roads of Medan-Binjai and Makasar Section IV and
Cikampek-Sumedang-Dawuan Section I ready for tender

***) Toll roads of Cikampek-Palimanan, Semarang-Solo, Gempol-Pasuruan,
and Bogor Ring Road are in priority to be built.

Table - 9
Toll road projects to be nut in tender

Toll roads                  Length (Km)   Location

Cikarang-Tj. Priok                   53    Jakarta
Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan             56    West Java
Medan-Binjai                       20.5    North Sumatra
Depok-Antasari                     18.2    West Java
Cinere-Jagorawi                      14    Banten
Makassar section IV                  11    South Sulawesi
Total                            172.7

Source: Public Works Ministry

Table - 10
Toll road Investment Fund, 2004 - 2005

Description    Toll roads                   Length    Investment

Package I      * Cipularang                 68        Rp 3.021
               (Cikampek- Purwakarta-                 trillion

               * JORR W1, E2, E3 and N

Package II     * JORR W2 Utara              294       Rp 11.6 trillion
               * Semarang - Bawen
               * Bawen - Solo
               * Cikampek - Cirebon
               * Cisumdawu (Cikampek-
               Sumedang-Dawuan) Phase I
               * Medan - Binjai

Package III    * Palembang - Indralaya      N.a.      N.a.
               * Waru - Juanda

Source: PT. Jasa Marga

Table - 11
Cipularania II toll road project

Toll road sections               Length        Value
                                 (Km)      (Rp billion)

- North Purwakarta -                9.1            155
  South Purwakarta
- South Purwakarta -                8.5            295
- Plered-Darangdang                 6.3            352
  plus Ciujung bridge
- Plered-Cikalon Wetan              4.7            120
- Cisoman bride                      -              75
  (Plered-Cikalong Wetan)
- Cikalon Wetan-Cikamuning          5.5            106
- Cikubang bride                     -             140
  (Cikalong Wetan-Cikamuning)
- Cikubang-Cipada                   2.5            236
- Cikalong wetan-Cikamuning         3.8             96

Toll road sections               Contractor

- North Purwakarta -             PT Mawatindo
  South Purwakarta
- South Purwakarta -             PT Adhi Karya
- Plered-Darangdang              PT Wakita - Yasa JO
  plus Ciujung bridge
- Plered-Cikalon Wetan           PT Nindya Karya
- Cisoman bride                  PT L&M System
  (Plered-Cikalong Wetan)
- Cikalon Wetan-Cikamuning       PT Daya Mulia Turangga
- Cikubang bride                 PT Propelar
  (Cikalong Wetan-Cikamuning)
- Cikubang-Cipada                PT Hutama Karya
- Cikalong wetan-Cikamuning      PT Sumber Mitra Jaya -
                                 Ircon International

Source: Jasa Marga/Data Consult

Table - 12
Traffic volume in nine toll roads of Jasa Marga

('000 travels)

Toll-roads                      1998         1999         2000

Jagorawi                       74,278       79,585       87,527
Semarang                       15,262       18,930       20,781
Jakarta - Tanggerang           58,917       64,877       72,443
Surabaya - Gempol -
-Surabaya - Gempol             40,754       45,476       51,001
- Mojokerto toll bridge         7,516        7,731        8,358
Belmera Medan                   8,928       10,316       11,918
Jakarta - Cikampek             86,599       92,043      102,078
Cawang - Tomang -
-Interchanges in Jakarta      107,759      121,790      139,874
-Pof.Dr.Ir. Sedyatmo           28,658       32,513       40,429
Padalarang - Cileunyi -
-Padalarang - Cileunyi -       29,488       32,321       36,385
- Citarum toll bridge           7,363        7,302        7,866
Palimanan - Kanci               2,330        2,885        3,585
JORR - Section E2 **)              -            -            -
JORR - Section S **)               -            -            -
Total                         468,216      515,769      582,247

Toll-roads                      2001         2002        2003 *

Jagorawi                       94,099      100,192       25,565
Semarang                       22,179       21,901        5,231
Jakarta - Tanggerang           75,842       84,337       21,903
Surabaya - Gempol -
-Surabaya - Gempol             55,154       58,030       14,401
- Mojokerto toll bridge         8,700        9,055        2,205
Belmera Medan                  12,837       13,884        3,520
Jakarta - Cikampek            105,701      107,867       25,109
Cawang - Tomang -
-Interchanges in Jakarta      152,435      166,290       42,936
-Pof.Dr.Ir. Sedyatmo           46,933       54,798       15,281
Padalarang - Cileunyi -
-Padalarang - Cileunyi -       39,096       41,148       10,164
- Citarum toll bridge           8,125        8,593        2,061
Palimanan - Kanci               5,590        7,608        2,158
JORR - Section E2 **)              -            -         2,150
JORR - Section S **)               -            -        10,201
Total                         626,691      673,704      182,888

*) in 3 months

**) Operated by subsidiary of Jasa Marga, PT JLJ

Source: Jasa Marga/Data Consult

Table - 13
Tariffs of some toll roads, since June , 2003

Toll roads                                Length
                                            (Km)        Class II

Closed system ;

Jakarta - Cikampek :
- Tariff for total length                   74,00        6,500
  Tariff Per Km                                          87.84
Padaleunyi :
- Tariff for total length                   35,00        4,000
  Tariff Per Km                                         114.29
Surabaya - Gempol
(Waru - Gempol section)
- Tariff for Total length                   26.00        2,500
  Tariff Per Km                                          96.15
Belmera :
- Tariff for total length                   36.00        3,000
  Tariff Per Km                                          83.33
Tangerang - Merak :
- Tariff for total length                   72.45       12,500
  Tariff Per Km                                         172.53
Surabaya - Gresik
- Tariff for total length                   19.40        5,000
  Tariff Per Km                                         257.73

Open system ;

Jakarta - Tangerang :
- Tomang-West Tangerang                     26.80        2,500
  Tariff Per Km                                         117.10
- Tangrng - West Tangrng                     7.80        1,000
  Tariff for total length                               175.44
Palikanci :
- Palimanan-Plumbon                          6.57        1,000
  Tariff Per Km                                         152.21
- Plumbon - Ciperna                          8.70        1,500
  Tariff Per Km                                         172.41
- Ciperna - Kanci                           13.57        2,500
  Tariff Per Km                                         184.23
Jakarta city toll road :
  Tariff for total length                   55.90        4,000
  Tariff Per Km                                         314.96
Surabaya - Gempol
(Dupak - Waru) :                            17.00        1.500
Ujung Pandang :
  Tariff for total length                    5.95        1,500
  Tariff Per Km                                         252.10
Serpong - Pondok Aren :
  Tariff for total length                    7.20        2,500
  Tariff Per Km                                         347.22
Semarang :
- Section A Krapyak-Jatingaleh               8.00        1,000
  Tariff Per Km                                         125.00
- Section B Srondol-Jatingaleh               6.30        1,000
  Tariff Per Km                                         158.73
- Section C Kaligawe-Gy Sari                 4.50        1,000

Toll roads                        Tariff (Rp/car)                 Year
                                     Class IIA       Class IIB

Closed system ;

Jakarta - Cikampek :
- Tariff for total length                  11,000       13,000    1992
  Tariff Per Km                            146.65       175.68
Padaleunyi :
- Tariff for total length                   6,500        7,500    2003
  Tariff Per Km                            185.71       214.29
Surabaya - Gempol
(Waru - Gempol section)
- Tariff for Total length                   4,000        5,000    2003
  Tariff Per Km                            153.85       192.31
Belmera :
- Tariff for total length                   5,000        5,500    2003
  Tariff Per Km                            138.89       152.78
Tangerang - Merak :
- Tariff for total length                  16,500       22,000    2003
  Tariff Per Km                            241.55       303.66
Surabaya - Gresik
- Tariff for total length                   7,000       10,000    2003
  Tariff Per Km                            360.82       515.46

Open system ;

Jakarta - Tangerang :
- Tomang-West Tangerang                     3,000        4,000    2003
  Tariff Per Km                            140.52       187.35
- Tangrng - West Tangrng                    1,000        1,000
  Tariff for total length                  175.44       175.44    2003
Palikanci :
- Palimanan-Plumbon                         1,500        2,000    2003
  Tariff Per Km                            228.31       304.41
- Plumbon - Ciperna                         2,000        2,500
  Tariff Per Km                            229.89       287.36    2003
- Ciperna - Kanci                           3,000        4,500
  Tariff Per Km                            221.08       331.61    2003
Jakarta city toll road :
  Tariff for total length                   5,000        6,500    2003
  Tariff Per Km                            39,370       511.81
Surabaya - Gempol
(Dupak - Waru) :                            2,000        2,500    2003
Ujung Pandang :
  Tariff for total length                   2,000        2,500    2003
  Tariff Per Km                            336.13       420.17
Serpong - Pondok Aren :
  Tariff for total length                   4,500        5,500    2003
  Tariff Per Km                            625.00       763.89
Semarang :
- Section A Krapyak-Jatingaleh              1,000        1,500    2003
  Tariff Per Km                            125.00       187.50
- Section B Srondol-Jatingaleh              1,000        1,500    2003
  Tariff Per Km                            158.73       238.10
- Section C Kaligawe-Gy Sari                1,500        2,000    2003
                                           333.33       444.44

Source: Jasa Marga/Data Consult
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Date:Feb 8, 2005
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