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To Kill a Mockingbird is voted as the most inspirational book of all time.

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The most inspirational book of all time has been decided by public vote in research carried out by

To Kill a Mockingbird mockingbird: see mimic thrush.

Any of several New World birds of a family (Mimidae) known for their mimicry of birdsong. The common, or northern, mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos) can imitate the songs of 20 or more species within 10
 by Harper Lee Nelle Harper Lee (born April 28, 1926) is an American novelist known for her Pulitzer Prize – winning 1960 novel To Kill a Mockingbird, her only major work to date. , published over 40 years ago with more than 30 million copies sold around the world, came top of the poll, beating the Bible into second place.

The Bible has been translated into 2,233 languages and has sold approximately 2.5 billion copies since 1815.

Dave Pelzer's true story, A Child Called It, a best seller in 2001, was ranked third.

Fourth was the self-help relationship manual Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus, by John Gray and fifth place went to the Diary of Anne Frank.

According to the Telegraph, the list of inspirational epic titles also included: George Orwell's 1984, in sixth place; Nelson Mandela's autobiography A Long Walk to Freedom in seventh place; Alex Garland's novel The Beach in eighth place; The Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger in ninth place; and The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger in tenth place.
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Publication:M2 Best Books
Date:Apr 14, 2009
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