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This pavilion and deck give space for poolside entertaining.

This pavilion and deck give space for poolside entertaining

Perched on a hillside, this poolside pavilionand elevated deck enjoy an expansive view not available from the house. The three-level, 1,000-square-foot deck creates plenty of room for outdoor entertaining. Covering about half the deck, the pavilion gives protection from sun or rain.

Built of pressure-treated wood, the deckwas designed to share the pool's lines. Angled steps lead to the middle level. A bench around the perimeter of the middle and lower decks acts as a rail and ties the two levels together.

Note the brick-lined firepit centered inthe smaller, 11 1/2- by 13 1/2-foot bottom area--an intimate place for evening gatherings. The firepit is freestanding; its masonry base extends to the ground.

A five-sided pavilion (12 1/2 feet high at thepeak) covers the upper level. Solid walls shelter three sides from prevailing winds, but most of the covered area is open to the deck. A small bathroom and changing area sit in a rear corner.

Homeowners Margie and Mark Baker ofEscondido, California, designed and built the deck and pavilion with the help of contractor Steve Minor.

Photo: Pressure-treated deck and cedar-sidedpavilion define end of pool, with four steps running parallel to diagonal corner

Photo: Lines of 2-by-4s across front of stepscontinue along the side wall

Photo: L-shaped counter with built-in sink and storage below makesbuffet area for outdoor dining. Vertical louvers at end pivot for wind control and view
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Date:Jul 1, 1987
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