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This is so sick.. I am appalled that my image is being used by these cowards - ACTOR TONY SCANNELL; ACTOR'S FURY AS NEO-NAZIS TAKE HIS NAME & FACE.


IRISH TV star Tony Scannell was outraged last night after his identity was hijacked by a NAZI activist.

A white supremacist is posing as Ted Roach - the well-loved copper 51-year-old Scannell played in hit TV series The Bill - to spread his hate-filled bile in Ireland.

Cork-born Tony starred as the hard hitting Detective Sergeant Ted Roach in The Bill for nine years.

But a neo-Nazi thug is calling himself Ted Roach AND using a photo of the star on Irish white-power websites in a bid to recruit racists to take part in a controversial UCD student debate on immigration.

Last night the angry actor told the Irish Sunday Mirror: "I am appalled my image is being used by these people. I would like to make it clear I have absolutely no connection with these websites."

The neo-Nazi using Tony's picture on the sick website Stormfront claims he is recruiting a hate-filled debating team for a student event at UCD, one of Ireland's biggest universities.

A debate on immigration organised by UCD's Literary and Historical Society is due to take place on November 9, 2005.

It is the same date as Kristallnacht - the infamous night when Nazis first attacked Jewish homes and synagogues 67 years ago.

The Irish actor is disgusted his character is being abused by a neo-Nazi to shield his real his real identity.

Scannell, from Kinsale, Co. Cork, who starred as the hard-drinking cop from 1984 to 1993, added:

"I don't support or endorse any of the sick opinions expressed by these people.

"This person is obviously too cowardly to use their own name and I would like them to stop hiding behind my identity."

And the L&H Society denies it has given an open invitation to neo-Nazi debaters.

But the elite debating society admits to inviting Aine Ni Chonaill leader of the Immigration Control Platform to a debate.

Ni Chonaill has spoken about Ireland being "invaded" by Africans.

Student Louisa Ni Eideain head of the debating society said: "In trying to put together a debate on immigration, we invited people on both sides of the issue to address the society.

"One of the groups we tried to contact was the Immigration Control Platform, where we left messages for Aine Ni Chonaill."

But she denies inviting any extreme Irish Nazis to debate in UCD.

She said: "How 'Ted Roach' got the notion that he or any of his friends had been invited, we have no idea whatsoever.

"No-one behind, to the side, or on the scenes of the L&H has anything to do with this man."

But Ni Eideain refused to deny the invitations said the event would be held on the Kristallnacht anniversary.

She added: "There were no final confirmations of a date with anyone."

The neo-Nazi is using Mr Scannell's photograph on websites where he spreads hate-filled messages about immigrants in Ireland.

He describes himself as a "white-winger" and he is the main contributor to a white supremacist website called Stormfront.

On this site, he says Ireland is being "infected" by non-white immigrants.

Incredibly, the neo-Nazi claims all black men are bisexual.

But his ultra-racist views about black people are just too disgusting to repeat in public.

He also defends Nazi Germany saying they had a better economic policy than modern Ireland.

He said: "Was there a huge gap between rich and poor in the Third Reich like there is now."

The crazed racist claims he was invited by the elite student club in University College Dublin to put together a neo-Nazi debating team.

"Roach" claimed on the Stormfront website: "I just received information that the Literary and Historical Society (L&H) in UCD will be having an immigration debate on the ninth of November, and are looking for racists to go and speak.

"If anyone here thinks they can do a good job representing the majority of Irish people who are anti-immigration contact me."

Racist 'Roach" also claimed Ireland's neo-Nazis have a number of supporters operating behind the scenes in the high-flying student club.

He said: "We have a number of pro-white people in the L&H as well as the Student Union who are operating behind the scenes."

The fascist says his student supporters are not crazed extremists.

He said: "Any of the pro-white people I met from UCD were not Nazis or Hitler worshipers they just didn't want to be a minority in their own country."

This is not the first time the society has been involved in controversy about immigration.

Last year trouble broke out during a debate about immigration held by the society.

The debaters invited anti- immigration activist Justin Barrett to speak at the debate.

But the debate ended in violence as Barrett was attacked by five students.

Students have accused the debating club of deliberately putting on racially-charged debates.

The date November 9, 1938, is seen as the start of the Holocaust, that claimed the lives of six million Jews.

On that night rampaging mobs destroyed nearly 2,000 synagogues.

A Labour Party spokesman said: "We would regard it as offensive if a debating society invited neo-Nazis to a debate on the anniversary of one of the most horrific nights of Nazi Germany.

"People should be sensitive about discussing race on this day."

Tony Scannell is best known for his starring role in The Bill but also had guest parts in other TV shows including 70s action drama The Professionals.

He father Tommy was a goalkeeper for Ireland in a 1-0 defeat of Luxembourg in a World Cup qualifier in 1954.

He spent his playing career with Southen United in Britain and died in 1994.


The aftermath of Kristalnacht when the Nazis attacked Jewish homes and businesses
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 21, 2005
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