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This Latest Book Examines the Significant Gaps That Exist between the Ideals of Proponents of Restorative Justice and the Objectives Being Pursued in Practice.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Restorative Justice A philosophical framework and a series of programs for the criminal justice system that emphasize the need to repair the harm done to crime victims through a process of negotiation, mediation, victim empowerment, and Reparation.

The U.S.
 to their offering.

Providing a critical perspective on the aspirations of advocates of restorative justice and the direction in which restorative justice is developing, this book offers an empirically researched contribution to theoretical debates. Drawing on qualitative research Qualitative research

Traditional analysis of firm-specific prospects for future earnings. It may be based on data collected by the analysts, there is no formal quantitative framework used to generate projections.
, the book examines the significant gaps that exist between the ideals of proponents of restorative justice and the objectives being pursued in practice. The work examines ways forward for the restorative justice movement - and the development of practices - with a coherent set of restorative justice ideals.

Contents: Introduction; Restorative justice in action; Restorative re·stor·a·tive
1. Of or relating to restoration.

2. Tending or having the power to restore.

A medicine or other agent that helps to restore health, strength, or consciousness.
 ideals; Ideals and practical realities: the gap; Problematic ideals and a problematic relationship; Restorative ideals re-examined; References; Index.

'Margarita Zernova has weighed an English restorative justice programme in the balance of restorative justice aspirations and found it wanting. Rather than focusing on programme shortcomings A shortcoming is a character flaw.

Shortcomings may also be:
  • Shortcomings (SATC episode), an episode of the television series Sex and the City
, she argues that these disparities raise questions about the ideals themselves. Her conclusions add a new dimension to the continuing debate about this important social movement.'

Daniel W. Van Ness Van Ness may refer to:


  • Cornelius P. Van Ness, Vermont governor, judge and U.S. diplomat
  • Frederick Van Ness Bradley, a U.S. Representative from Michigan
  • George Van Ness Lothrop, a Michigan politician
  • James Van Ness, son of Cornelius P.
, Centre for Justice and Reconciliation at Prison Fellowship International Prison Fellowship International (PFI) is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) comprised of national Prison Fellowship (PF) organisations from 112 countries. , UK

'This book asks some searching questions of restorative justice practice - and of the extent to which restorative justice ideals can be achieved. Very readable, and drawing upon original research on youth conferencing, it spotlights restorative values and examines the tensions between them and the ways they are adapted by professionals.'

Joanna Shapland, University of Sheffield The University of Sheffield is a research university, located in Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England. Reputation
Sheffield was the Sunday Times University of the Year in 2001 and has consistently appeared as their top 20 institutions.
, UK.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 7, 2008
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