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These entry gardens need almost no water.

Lawnless entry gardens can combine plants and paving in rich tapestries of colors and textures. Each one pictured here is compatible with the house it fronts and with its surrounding neighborhood or terrain. All require little or no water beyond rainfall once established.

Owners Ysabel and Roy Fetterman applied an interest in old California to their garden (pictured above left), replacing a lawn with plants that grow wild in their area. Baccharis pilularis fills most of the garden; Eriogonum umbellatum grows around an olive tree's drip line. Tey also planted a row of non-native azaleas; heavily mulched, these need only modest watering.

Japanese design gave form to a low-maintenance requirement for the Santa Barbara garden above right, by landscape architect Isabelle Greene. Staggered concrete pads, with green tiles between them, create a broad entry path through a ground cover of river-washed pebbles. The rhaphiolepis on both sides of the path need no pruning to keep their shape.

The exotic-looking garden at left, also designed by Isabelle Greene (for owner Nina Liff), combines mostly gray and gray-green foliage around this house near Santa Barbara. Aggregate concrete steps lead down to the front entry in an irregular course reminiscent of a stream bed. Correa pulchella, on the left side of the steps, bears little red blooms in spring. Big mounding shrubs such as sageleaf rockrose (Cistus salvii-folius) add interest on the slope beyond. River-washed pebbles around the house create a slightly different stream bed effect.
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Date:Oct 1, 1990
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