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Thermo King MAGNUM.

From--35[degrees]C to + 35[degrees]C--Any Time--Any Where

The difference between profit and loss is often a matter of degrees. It's true in life and especially true in the cold chain. It is vitally important that product quality be maintained from beginning to end and a matter of degrees can minimize losses--thereby increasing profits and extending product shelf life and marketability. For this very reason Thermo King has forged the strongest link ever in cold chain transportation system with MAGNUM. MAGNUM is a one-piece, integral front wall, all electric cooling and heating unit for ISO sea-going containers. It is suitable for use on trailer on flat car (TOFC), container on flat car (COFC) and aboard ship.

MAGNUM stops its competition cold with the ability to maintain any box temperature from--+35[degrees]C upwards. It is the only unit that can maintain a -35[degrees]C set-point guaranteeing that deep frozen cargo stays that way. It also has the highest cooling capacity in the industry, with the ability to maintain -35[degrees]C even in +50[degrees]C ambient conditions. This means that MAGNUM also has a faster pull down time than any other unit.

The exceptional temperature control of the MAGNUM has a number of benefits for operators including:

--Reduced product degradation

--Improved texture

--Reduced product loss

--Increased storage life

--Increased cargo protection throughout the cold chain

--Better maintenance of deep frozen characteristics.

But a fast pull down and cold temperatures are not the only features that MAGNUM offers. MAGNUM's temperature control assures that there is less fluctuation and a more consistent temperature throughout each box. It is also easy to operate and its simple design and aluminized scroll compressor means high reliability over the life of the unit.

In the lab and in the field, MAGNUM is the lowest energy user in the industry; as much as 30% less consumption over the competition. In addition MAGNUM helps increase profits as, being 25% lighter than any other unit, the cargo capacity is increased.

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