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The strongest animal in the jungle.

"I am the strongest animal in the jungle jungle [Hindustani jangal=desert, forest; from Skt. jangala=wasteland, uncultivated land], densest form of tropical forest (usually second growth or later) found throughout tropical lowland regions. ," said Lion. "I can roar louder than anyone else." Lion roared. "No," said Elephant elephant, largest living land mammal, found in tropical regions of Africa and Asia. Elephants have massive bodies and heads, thick, pillarlike legs, and broad, short padded feet, with toes bearing heavy, hooflike nails. . "I am the strongest animal in the jungle. I can pull up a tree with my trunk A communications channel between two points. It generally refers to a high-bandwidth, fiber-optic line between telephone switching centers (central offices). Telephone "trunks" handle thousands of simultaneous voice and data signals, whereas telephone "lines" are the wires from the ."

Elephant pulled up a tree.

Then Snail snail, name commonly used for a gastropod mollusk with a shell. Included in the thousands of species are terrestrial, freshwater, and marine forms. Some eat both plant and animal matter; others eat only one type of food.  spoke up. "Lion, you are not the strongest animal. Elephant, you are not the strongest animal. I am the strongest animal," said Snail.

Lion and Elephant laughed. "What makes you so strong, Snail?" they asked.

"I can carry my house on my back," said Snail. And he did.
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Author:Brown, Susan Taylor
Publication:Highlights for Children
Date:Aug 1, 2006
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