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The penguin who hated the cold.

Once here was a flock of peguins. One penguin always complained that it was too cold. The rest of the penguins said it was perfectly fine.

The cold penguin said, "Why are you so warm? Every time I touch the snow I feel cold!"

"I guess we have more heat in our bodies than you," the other penguins replied.

They called him Little Ice Cube because he was always so cold.

Then all of a sudden Little Ice Cube had a good idea. He got a big grin on his face.

"Huh, what's the matter with you?" the other penguins asked.

"Oh, nothing," Little Ice Cube said.

Every time he saw a sea-gull feather, he took it and put it in a pile by his bed. One day he said, "I think that's enough."

This made the other penguins y curious. Finally they said, "What are you working on, Little Ice Cube?"

He answered, "This is a good time to ask because I'm already done!" He went inside and got something. It was a feather coat! He put it on. They said he looked like a sea gull.

Uh-oh. What was this? Another penguin said, "I'm cold!"

Sarah Ristaino, Age 7

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Title Annotation:Your Own Stories
Author:Ristaino, Sarah
Publication:Highlights for Children
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Date:Sep 1, 2005
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