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The medals concerning John Law and the Mississippi system.


The medals concerning John Law and the Mississippi system.

Adams, John Adams, John, 2d President of the United States
Adams, John, 1735–1826, 2d President of the United States (1797–1801), b. Quincy (then in Braintree), Mass., grad. Harvard, 1755.

American Numismatic Society The American Numismatic Society (or ANS) is a New York City-based organization dedicated to the study of coins and medals.

ANS should not be confused with the larger, Colorado Springs-based American Numismatic Association.


84 pages



Numismatic nu·mis·mat·ic  
1. Of or relating to coins or currency.

2. Of or relating to numismatics.

[French numismatique, from Late Latin numisma, numismat-,
 notes and monographs; no.167


The rise and fall of John Law's financial system affected many investors and was widely commented on throughout Europe. Among the many forms of that commentary were medals, mostly satirical and many made by the German medalist Christian Wermuth. This volume catalogs those diverse medals, assembling new information about the series, along with a supplementary catalog of types that were suggested by earlier researchers to have referred to Law, but that are no longer considered to do so. Adams is president of the Medal Collectors of America and editor of its periodical and a fellow of the American Numismatic Society and the American Antiquarian Society This article or section is written like an .
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