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The mayor's money machine II: how Mayor Francis Slay paid back his contributors by cheating voters.

Mayor Francis Slay has a half-million-dollar reason for working hand-in-glove with the 17 millionaire owners of the St. Louis Cardinals For the National Football League team that played in St. Louis from 1960 to 1987, see .
The St. Louis Cardinals (also referred to as "the Cards" or "the Redbirds") are a professional baseball team based in St. Louis, Missouri.
 to get taxpayer funding for a new Cardinal ballpark. He is paying off his campaign contributors.

A study by the Coalition Against Public Funding For Stadiums of Mayor Slay's 2001 campaign finance report shows that the Cardinals and their allies contributed $507,000 to Slay. This was 28 percent of his total $1.8 million campaign expense.

The 2002 session of the Missouri Legislature killed the Cardinal effort to obtain $430 million in taxpayer funding over 30 years for a new ballpark. In this campaign, Slay was a leader in raising the fear, and making the threat, that the Cardinals would leave downtown St. Louis Downtown St. Louis is the central business district of St. Louis, Missouri, the hub of tourism and entertainment and the anchor of the St. Louis Metropolitan area. The downtown is bounded by Interstate 64 to the south, Jefferson Ave.  if the taxpayers did not buy them a ballpark.

Slay is now leading a second effort to build a so-called privately financed ballpark for the Cardinals. As of deadline, there is no private financing for the ballpark.

But there would be $237 million of public money over 30 years in this deal, and Slay pushed through the Board of Aldermen on Oct. 18 the biggest chunk of this money--$102 million to be left in the pockets of the Cardinal owners through elimination of the 5 percent tax on Cardinal tickets. He had to act quickly, because on Nov. 5 the voters of St. Louis were going to vote on Proposition S.

Proposition S was placed on the ballot by initiative petition signed by 14,000 registered voters in St. Louis. It requires that any public financing for a new Cardinal ballpark must be submitted to a citywide vote. So if the elimination of the 5 percent tax on Cardinal tickets had been passed after Nov. 5, it would have had to go before a citywide vote.

Slay obviously is working very hard to pay off his Cardinal campaign contributors. He will be going back to them for reelection re·e·lect also re-e·lect  
tr.v. re·e·lect·ed, re·e·lect·ing, re·e·lects
To elect again.

 money when he runs again in 2005, so he also is earning his money for the next time around.

Slay's conduct is a classic example of how politicians use their constituents' tax money to buy campaign contributions.

In fact, SJR's headline refers back to a major story about then-Mayor Vince Schoemehi's campaign contributions published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch The St. Louis Post-Dispatch is the only major city-wide newspaper in St. Louis, Missouri. Although written to serve Greater St. Louis, the Post-Dispatch is one of the largest newspapers in the region, and is available and read as far west as Springfield, Missouri.  in the 1980s. It was excellent journalism spoiled by Editor William Woo's decision to allow the mayor a front-page rebuttal.

The current study was conducted by comparing Slay's contributors to four sources:

Members of the Regional Chamber and Growth Association The Regional Chamber and Growth Association (RCGA) is the chamber of commerce and primary economic development agency for Metropolitan St. Louis, Missouri.

The St. Louis RCGA has three primary roles: 1) to serve as the regional chamber of commerce for over 4,000 member
 (RCGA RCGA St. Louis Regional Chamber & Growth Association
RCGA Royal Canadian Golf Association
), the Associated General Contractors Associated General Contractors of America is the nation's oldest and largest trade association representing the construction industry. It was formed in 1918 following a request by President Woodrow Wilson.  of St. Louis (AGC AGC Automatic Gain Control
AGC Automotive Glass Cartridge (fuse)
AGC Associated General Contractors
AGC Associated General Contractors of America
AGC Atypical Glandular Cells
AGC Attorney-General's Chambers
) and labor unions, all of which endorsed taxpayer funding of the stadium, and law firms who represented these entities, according to the Martindale-Hubbell law directory A database containing information about attorneys and law firms around the world.

Primarily lawyers use the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory to assist them in the practice of their profession.

The study shows that Slay received more than $266,000 from RCGA members, $41,000 from AGC members, $58,000 from unions, $92,000 from law firms, and more than $48,000 from miscellaneous sources.

Included in the miscellaneous category is $5,725 from Cardinal owners, a paltry sum considering how hard Slay has worked for them.

Some of the biggest contributors were Anheuser-Busch, $26,000; the Shaffer Lombardo law firm of Kansas City, $12,375; Guilfoil Petzall law firm, $10,200; Thompson Coburn, $11,100; Charter Communications, $10,700; the TIP Educational Fund (hotel-restaurant workers), $10,000; and Enterprise Rent-A-Car $7,140. The Husch Eppenberger law firm, which drafted legislation benefiting the Cardinal owners, gave Slay $8,275.

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Bricklayers' Local No. 1 of Missouri $1,125

Int'l. Brotherhood of Electrical Workers No. 4 $1,000

Teamster TEAMSTER. One who drives horses in a wagon for the purpose of carrying goods for hire he is liable as a common carrier. Story, Bailm. Sec. 496.  Local 600 Drive PAC $2,250

Missouri State Council Fire Fighters' PAC $1,125

TIP Educational Fund, Washington, DC $10,000

Seafarers Political Activity $1,000

Hoisting Engineers Local 513 $2,250

SEIU SEIU Service Employees International Union
SEIU Special Education Intake Unit
SEIU Secondary Education Interdisciplinary Unit
SEIU Software Engineering Institute Union
, Local No. 1001 $1,125

St. Louis Assn. of Retired Fire Fighters $1,625

Missouri/Kansas State Council, No. 29 $2,250

Laborer's Intl. Union, Local No. 53 $1,125

Eastern Mo. Laborers' Educ. Fund $1,125

Operating Engineers, Local No. 2 $1,975

Plumbers and Pipefitters $1,000

Pipefitters Local 62 $1,000

Iron Workers, Local 396 $2,250

Int'l. Assoc. of Firefighters No. 73 $875

Laborers' Local 110 $1,125

Laborers' Local 42 $250

Sheet Metal Workers, Local No. 36 $2,250

Glaziers Local No. 513 $1,900

Missouri State UAW (spelling) UAW - Misspelling of "IAW"?  PAC $1,125

IBEW IBEW n abbr (US) (= International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) → sindicato internacional de electricistas

IBEW n abbr (US) (= International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
, Local No. 1439 $2,050

IBEW No. 4 $2,000

Asbestos Workers Local 1 $875

Boilermakers, Local No. 27 $1,125

Gas Workers Local 5-6 $1,500

Missouri AFL-CIO AFL-CIO: see American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.
 in full American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations


St. Louis Labor Council AFL-CIO $2,250

International Brotherhood of Teamsters $1,125

Engine Company No. 29 $1,125

Laborers Local No. 42 $2,125

Int'l. Assoc. of Fire Fighters Local No. 73 $1,125

Associated General Contractors Contributions

SM Wilson General Contractors $500

Clayco Construction Co. $2,000

TGB TGB Tangentbord (Swedish: keyboard)
TGB Très Grande Bibliothèque
TGB Tiagabine
TGB Telecommunications Grounding Busbar
TGB Terrain Vehicle (Swedish military)
TGB Taiwan Golden Bee Co Ltd
 Inc. $5,000

Environment Operations $5,225

Katsinas General Contractors $1,125

HBD HBD Happy Birthday
HBD Homebrew Digest
HBD Here Be Dragons
HBD Has Been Drinking (police communications)
HBD Hadron Blind Detector
HBD Human Biodiversity
HBD Hypophosphatemic Bone Disease
HBD Hemoglobin--Delta Locus
 Contracting, Inc. $2,000

Spirtas Wrecking Co. $1,125

Albert Arno, Inc. $1,000

Hensley Construction $2,500

Schuster Engineering, Inc. $1,100

Associated General Contractors PAC $1,000

SCI (Scalable Coherent Interface) An IEEE standard for a high-speed bus that uses wire or fiber-optic cable. It can transfer data up to 1GBytes/sec.

(hardware) SCI - 1. Scalable Coherent Interface.

2. UART.
 Engineering, Inc. $1,050

HBD Contracting $1,000

Welsch, Flatness & Lutz, Inc. $2,125

Vee-Jay Cement Contracting Co., Inc. $1,000

CDG (CDMA Development Group, Costa Mesa, CA, A membership organization founded in 1995 that promotes CDMA wireless systems worldwide. It is involved with developing new features and services and promoting standards that provide global compatibility and interoperability.  Eng Arch & Planners $2,500

Anthony Hooper, Instituform Technologies, Inc. $2,125

Sidney Grossman, Jr., Grossman Iron & Steel $4,250

Comp Check Corp. $1,125

Budrovich Excavating, Inc. $2,000

City Design Group, Inc. $500

Joseph Danis, AON Risk Services $1,125

Lawyer Contributions

Husch & Eppenberger $8,275

Reizman & Blitz $6,700

Shaffer, Lombardo, Shurin, Kansas City $12,375

Blitz, Bardgett, & Deutsch LC $1,000

Sonnenschein Nath $1,000

Poisinelli, White, Vardeman & Shalton $2,450

Dankenbring, Greiman $2,125

Schlichter Bogard & Denton $2,250

Guilfoil, Petzall $10,200

Bryan Cave $8,250

Stolar Partnership $6,275

Lashly & Baer $7,325

Thompson Coburn LLP LLP - Lower Layer Protocol  $11,100

Lewis, Rice $250

Fox & Vuylsteke $1,125

Gallop, Johnson $3,000

Herzog Crebs $1,000

Dickstein & Shapiro, Washington D.C. $6,500

Helfrey, Simon $1,025

Regional Chamber & Growth Association Contributions

Johnny Londoff Chevrolet $250

Joseph Sansone $1,075

St. Louis Rams
    The St. Louis Rams are a professional American football team based in St. Louis, Missouri. They are currently members of the Western Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL).

    Michelson Reality Co. $1,000

    Conley Insurance Group, Inc. $1,000

    Rothschild Development, Ltd. $1,500

    Kaplan Real Estate $4,375

    BLL BLL Blood Lead Level
    BLL Bovis Lend Lease
    BLL Business Logic Layer
    BLL Buraku Liberation League (Japan)
    BLL Billund, Denmark - Billund (Airport Code)
    BLL Base Locator for Linkage
     & Associates $6,500

    Central Business Communications $1,000

    Hamilton & Company, Inc. $3,125

    Roach Consulting Corporation $3,500

    Harbour Group $2,125

    BJC BJC British Journal of Cancer
    BJC Baptist Joint Committee
    BJC Bechtel Jacobs Company, LLC
    BJC Bryce Jordan Center (Penn State University building)
    BJC Barnes-Jewish/Christian (BJC Healthcare) 
     Health Systems $1,125

    Grey Eagle Distributors $2,000

    Regal Riverfront Hotel $1,000

    Horner & Shifrin, Inc. $1,500

    Contemporary Group $1,000

    Anheuser Busch $26,000

    Engineered Support Systems $7,050

    Kwame Building Group, Inc. $2,000

    Creve Coeur trucking, Inc. $1,500

    C. Hager & Sons Hinge Mfg., Co. $2,250

    Union Planter's Bank $1,000

    Fox Inc. $1,000

    S & H Parking Systems, LC $4,625

    DCM Management Co. $2,000

    THF Realty $3,225

    West Gate Partners $1,125

    Ramada Downtown at the Arch $2,000

    Mehlville Haulers, Inc. $1,500

    Crystal Springs Development Services $1,500

    DFC Group, Inc. $3,250

    Arch Construction Co. $1,000

    Vandiver Group $1,100

    Geotechnology Inc. $3,225

    Southwestern Bell MO EPAC EPAC European Particle Accelerator Conference
    EPAC Eastern Pacific
    EPAC Exchange Protein directly Activated by cAMP
    EPAC Ethanol Producers and Consumers
    EPAC Enhanced Perceptual Audio Coder (Lucent/Bell Labs) 

    Alper Audi $1,000

    Independent Concrete Pipe Co. $1,125

    HOK, Inc. $4,250

    Kowelman Engineering $3,225

    Dobbs Tire & Auto $2,625

    Maritz $1,125

    Ross & Baruzzini, Inc. $4,500

    May Department Stores The May Department Stores Company was a department store chain founded in 1877 by David May in Leadville, Colorado. Its headquarters moved to St. Louis, Missouri in 1905, and the company went public in 1911.  $509

    Allegiant Bank $1,000

    Mary 1 Enterprises LLC $1,100

    Fred Weber, Inc. $1,125

    Afram Corp. $2,800

    General American Life Assoc. PAC $1,125

    Hermann Companies $3,375

    Fuse $2,250

    Drury Development Corp. $4,500

    Waste Management of St. Louis $1,125

    Jefferson Bank and Trust Co. PAC $1,000

    JS Alberici Construction Co. $1,000

    Kozeny-Wagner, Inc. $750

    Emerson Electric $1,125

    Iron Mountain Trap Co. $1,125

    Balke Properties $1,000

    AAIC AAIC Association for the Advancement of Industrial Crops
    AAIC Accounting Authority Identification Code
    AAIC Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (journal, Australia)
    AAIC American Agricultural Insurance Company
    , Inc. $1,050

    Eads Center $1,125

    Clarence Barksdale, Washington University $1,125

    KCI Construction Co. $1,125

    Schnuck Markets, Inc. $6,750

    Murphy Company $1,225

    BSI Contractor $1,000

    Imo's Pizza $500

    Jotori Dredging, Inc. $1,125

    McMahon Ford Co. $3,350

    Pasta House Co. $1,275

    Laclede Gas Co. $2,600

    Edith Spink $1,125

    Fischer & Frichtel $1,000

    Political Action Committee of Emerson $1,125

    Falcon Products $2,000

    James B. Becker Consulting $1,075

    Fox Associates, LLC $2,000

    Commerce Bancshares, Inc. PAC $1,100

    The Jones Company Custom Homes, Inc. $4,500

    St. Louis Blues Hockey Club, LP $2,250

    Central District Alarm $1,125

    Guarantee Interiors, Inc. $1,000

    AmerenUE PAC $2,250

    AMS AMS - Andrew Message System  Automotive $1,125

    Keil Center Partners, LP $1,125

    McBride & Son $1,000

    AMS Distributing, Inc. $1,125

    Lohr Distributing $1,125

    Richard Baron $500

    Jacobs Engineering Group Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. (NYSE: JEC), a publicly traded company with annual revenues approaching $7 billion, provides professional technical services. Headquartered in Pasadena, CA, Jacobs offers support to industrial, commercial, and government clients across multiple  $1,000

    Ralston Purina Co. $1,625

    Crawford, Bunte, Brammeier $1,600

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car $7,140

    Charter Communications $10,700

    McCarthy Brothers: Contractor $4,500

    Development Strategies, Inc. $1,000

    Bank of America
    See also:  and

    Bank of America (NYSE: BAC TYO: 8648 ) is the largest commercial bank in the United States in terms of deposits, and the largest company of its kind in the world.
     PAC $1,125

    Breckenridge Companies $1,625

    Brown & James $8,625

    Koplar Communications $1,000

    Union Planters Comm. on Gov. Affairs $1,000

    Michael Clark $1,125

    Don Musick Construction Co. $3,750

    Sweet Traditions, LLC $1,000

    Parsons, Brinkerhoff, Inc $1,000

    Roberts Communications $2,000

    KPMG KPMG Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (accounting firm)
    KPMG Kaiser Permanente Medical Group
    KPMG Keiner Prüft Mehr Genau (German)
    KPMG Kommen Prüfen Meckern Gehen

    Pinnacle, Inc. $2,225

    Dean Morgan, Regional Commerce and Growth Assoc. $1,000

    Paric Corp. $1,500

    Site Improvement Association PAC $1,125

    Midland Oil Co. $2,250

    Brown & Associates $1,125

    Kuhlmann Design Group, Inc. $4,125

    St. Louis Assoc. of Realtors PAC $1,750

    Environmental Management Corp. $2,084

    William Tao & Associates, Inc. $1,225

    Raskas Foods, Inc. $1,000

    W. Thomas Reeves, Downtown NOW $1,125

    Miscellaneous Contributions

    Alex Aboussie $1,000

    Daly for License Collector $2,010

    Raymond Geisman $1,000

    Frederick Hanser, Cardinal Owner $1,125

    John Bardgett & Associates $4,225

    23rd Ward Regular Democratic Org. $4,000

    Floyd Warmann $1,000

    Gene Warmann $1,000

    Barbara Geisman $3,175

    Richard Callow, Public Eye, Inc. $3,125

    Citizens for Jim Sondermann $1,125

    Historic Restoration, Inc., New Orleans $6,725

    Michael and Ceil Pulitzer, Cardinal Owners $2,250

    James Komorek $2,012

    Louis Hamilton $4,150

    Building & Construction Trades Council $2,250

    Mississippi Valley Bancshares, Inc., Cardinal Owner $1,225

    William Dewitt, Jr., Cardinal Owner $1,125

    Missouri Sports Radio $1,125

    Lyda Krewson, St. Louis Alderwoman al·der·wom·an  
    n. Abbr. Ald.
    A woman who is a member of the municipal legislative body in a town or city in many jurisdictions.

    [alder(man) + woman.]

    James Shrewsbury, St. Louis Alderman $1,000

    St. Louis Port Council Education Fund $2,084

    Citizens for Buzz Westfall $1,125

    May Scheve, State Representative $1,125

    (This report is the result of an investigation by the Coalition Against Public Funding For Stadiums. It was conducted by Louis J. Rose and Fred Lindecke, retired reporters for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and Anne Little, a volunteer for the coalition.)
    COPYRIGHT 2002 SJR St. Louis Journalism Review
    No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.
    Copyright 2002 Gale, Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.

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    Author:Rose, Louis J.; Lindecke, Fred
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    Date:Nov 1, 2002
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