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The lobotomist; a maverick medical genius and his tragic quest to rid the world of mental illness.


The lobotomist; a maverick medical genius and his tragic quest to rid the world of mental illness.

El-Hai, Jack.

John Wiley & Sons


362 pages




Today the lobotomy seems gruesome, grim, and cruel, but when Dr. Walter Freeman proposed the procedure as a powerful treatment for otherwise incurable mental illness, many important medical figures lent their support, pulling lobotomy into the mainstream of medical practice. El-Hai's biography of a brilliant but flawed physician who now ranks as one of the most scorned of the 20th century draws on books, articles, letters, journals, and other documents Freeman left behind as well as interviews with his family. The biography also serves as a history of the evolution of psychiatric medicine. El-Hai is a journalist based in Minneapolis.

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