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The latest looks to hit the floor: meeting a demand for individuality.

ATLANTA--New designs at this week's area rug market indicate a flowering of creative energy that is interpreted in a wide variety of trends in color, texture, pattern and even shape. Today's multiplicity of design reflects rug producers' conviction that the consumer is looking for beauty and individuality on the floor, at every price and in every distribution channel.

Here are some of this season's introductions. Suggested retail prices are approximate and, unless otherwise noted, are for six by nine rugs.

AMS AMS - Andrew Message System  IMPORTS

Nile Trading Collection features custom colored wool colored wool

an inherited defect in sheep; tan or white; may be general or local, the latter producing badger face and spotted sheep.
 flatweaves in geometric patterns. Rugs can be custom designed in sizes up to 13 feet wide. Suggested retail is $940.

The Peruvian Collection is a group of traditional warp face rugs from Peru. Hand woven of 100 per cent wool, suggested retail is $865.

Bani Hamida Series are tribal rugs made by Bedouin designs. Custom sizes and colors. Suggested retail is $1,600 to $2,300.

Shyrdak Collection: One-of-a-kind brightly colored wool felt rugs made by the people of Kyrgyzstan, the former Soviet republic. Retail price is $1,700 in five by eleven.


Several new patterns will be added to the American Treasures collection including Oriental, French, tapestry and Aubusson and mosaic looks Suggested retail: $249 to $299

New patterns in the American Beauty collection will feature intricate florals, French designs and contemporaries Retail: $99 to $149.

Sisal sisal

Plant (Agave sisalana) of the agave family, and the fibre from its leaves. The fibre is made into ropes and twines for marine, agricultural, shipping, and general industrial use, as well as into matting, rugs, hats, and brushes.
 Accents features a patented woven construction in a two-color product. Several styles will be available in two-tone colorways featuring naturals with deep tones. Retail: $149 to $199.

Bound Sisal features a sisal-like tufted rug finished on all sides with contrasting binding tape in deep tones of black, burgundy, navy or forest or taupe taupe  
A brownish gray.

[French, from Old French, mole, from Latin talpa.]

taupe adj.

Noun 1.

New Skins Collection featuring zebra, leopard and cheetah cheetah (chē`tə), carnivore of the cat family, Acinonyx jubatus, native to Africa S of the Sahara and SW Asia as far east as India.  patterns. Retail is about $299 for five by seven.

Twelve new 18 by 30-inch slice heat-transfer designs with country themes, non-skid backing. Suggested retail is $3.99 to $4.99


Floating Medallions Kerman is a reissue of a design that was originally produced at Atiyeh's Persian weaving center in the 1930s. Part of the Boositan Collection. Suggested retail: $4.000.


Avalon Rugs, a division of Tribute Carpets, will exhibit for thirst time at the Atlanta Area Rug Market.

Millennium Collection Hand-knotted rugs of 100 per cent New Zealand New Zealand (zē`lənd), island country (2005 est. pop. 4,035,000), 104,454 sq mi (270,534 sq km), in the S Pacific Ocean, over 1,000 mi (1,600 km) SE of Australia. The capital is Wellington; the largest city and leading port is Auckland.  wool are woven in Vietnam. Eight new designs will be shown. Retail: $50 and up per square foot.

Custom Rug Program features three collections produced from Tribute's wool broadloom broad·loom  
Woven on a wide loom: a broadloom carpet.

 carpeting, many featuring deeply carved insets, trims and edging designs. Suggested retail price is $17 and $20 a square foot.


Two new collections vividly reflect the tulip tulip [Pers.,=turban], any plant of the large genus Tulipa, hardy, bulbous-rooted members of the family Liliaceae (lily family), indigenous to north temperate regions of the Old World from the Mediterranean to Japan and growing most abundantly on the steppes  design era of the Ottoman Empire. Hand-woven in Turkey with handspun wools and natural dyes. Suggested retail prices are $36 to $38 per square foot.


Introductions will feature higher quality rugs with more intricate and varied designs. The company is expanding its collections of machine-made rugs woven with Exellanyarn, a polypropylene/nylon blend with a wool-like hand. new group features intricate Persian patterns and French-inspired looks such as needle-points, Savonneries and Aubussons. New colors include eggplant, mauve and light blue. Suggested retail price point is approximately $500.


The Kent Collection: A fully-programmed line of hand-knotted rugs made m Nepal of 100 per cent silk 100 per cent Tibetan wool and silk/wool blend. Each pattern and size will be available in all qualities. Retail price points are $3,500, $6,000 and $10,000 for nine by twelve.


Woven Traditions: Colonial Mills has expanded its collection of rectangular-shaped braided braid·ed  
a. Produced by or as if by braiding.

b. Having braids.

2. Decorated with braid.

 rugs. 100 per cent polypropylene, constructed with CableLock braiding. Custom and standard sizes. Approximate retail: $249 for five by Bight bight, broad bend or curve in a coastline, forming a large open bay. The New York bight, for example, is the curve in the coast described by the southern shore of Long Island and the eastern shore of New Jersey. The term bight may also refer to the bay so formed. .

Doctor of Library Science

Serengetti Collection combines an animal print broadloom in leopard of zebra motif with a border in a heavy black cable yarn. In standard sizes, rounds, rectangles, octagons and custom shapes and sizes..

Timeless Tapestry Collection combines fabrics with carpeting. The fabric collection includes such motifs as seashells fruits, vegetables and cigars, as well as traditional florals and damasks. Matching pillows and yardage yard·age 1  
1. An amount or length measured in yards.

2. Cloth sold by the yard.

Noun 1.
 will also be available with the program. Suggested retail prices for DLS fabricated rugs range from $350 to $2,700.


Indo Classics Collection handtufted in India of wool with an abrash a·brash  
The natural and variable change in color that occurs in an Oriental rug over time when different dyes are used.

[Arabic, mottled, possibly of Persian origin.]
 finish imparts an antique look. Traditional Indo-Persian designs. Suggested retail price in the $349 to $399 range.

Huntington Collection: Delustered eight-color polypropylene rugs have the look of wool. Designs include ornate Italian and French architectural references, textured brocade fabric looks and floral bordered patterns. Suggested retail price is $199 to $249.

Somerset Collection: A group of country casual designs featuring botanical and harvest motifs. In standard sizes as well as rounds, ovals and slices. Suggested retail is $199 to $249.

Runner Gallery: Dalyn is introducing a collection of runners in a compact merchandising unit that contains 11 styles that mix, match or coordinate with rug patterns. In polypropylene or wool. Suggested retail prices range from $9.99 to $29.99 per running foot.


Nepalese Program Series: A group of hand-made wool rugs in Savonnerie and contemporary designs. Suggested retail: $1,299

Tara: Reinterpretations of the company's best selling styles in hand-tufted construction. Suggested retail is $299.

Maharaja: Promotionally priced Indo-Persian designs with retail price points starting at $349.

Ethnic: Hand-made wool rugs reflect the nomadic rug making tradition with tie-dye techniques in Gabbeh, Ferdous, Aubusson and Heriz designs. Retail price points begins at $499.

Gulnar: Indo-Persian designs, retail prices begin at $549

Potpourri: Fine quality Persian designs made in Pakistan. Retail prices begin at $1,899.

Ebico-Occidental: Decorative woolen rugs made in the Americas.


Barcelona Collection: inspired by the golden age of 17th and 18th century Spanish Savonneries. Approximate retail $1,850.

Alton Collection: features primitive Nomadic designs using vegetable dyes. Suggested retail $2,450.

Kendal Collection: Petit point hooked rugs create a new texture for classic Persian designs. Suggested retail: $430.

Historic Natchez Collection Hand knotted wool rugs inspired by antique Persian rugs found in the antebellum mansions and cottages of Natchez, Miss. White Pillars Bakhtiali, Auburn Mahal Mahal may refer to:
  • Mahal (Jat Sikh Surname), is the surname of Jat Sikhs most of them who live in Punjab, India.
  • Mahal (town), a small town in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Mahal language, a language spoken by the people of Minicoy Island, India
 and Elgin Bidjar. Suggested retail price is $2,700.


General Industries will be showing over 200 new designs in room size rugs as well as a large assortment of licensed Fun Rugs, which include accent rugs and children's interactive play rugs.

Room size rugs include woven heat set polypropylene, wool and silk. Retail prices range from $50 to S600. GalleryCollection: A new group of traditional rugs designed by artist Don Kracke. Retail price is under$60.

Fun Rugs: New licensed products include Sesame Street, Hasbro Games, Mattel Hot Wheels and Suzy's Zoo. Printed on nylon base, retail is under $39 in three by five size.


Empire Collection-historically-inspired designs based on museum and private collection pieces. Feature antique patina. In three designs, sizes up to 10 by 14 feet. Suggested retail is $799.

French Savonnerie Collection: of 100 per cent New Zealand wool that replicate original Savonnerie textures. Sizes up to 12 by 18. Suggested retail is $999.

LaFayette Collection: Inspired by French Savonnerie designs. Sizes up to 10 by 14. Suggested retail is $1,200.

Capri Collection: Hand tufted of New Zealand wool, featuring wild life, contemporary and traditional designs. Suggested retail is $299 for five by eight.

Vintage III Collection: Inspired by William Morris and the Arts and Crafts arts and crafts, term for that general field of applied design in which hand fabrication is dominant. The term was coined in England in the late 19th cent. as a label for the then-current movement directed toward the revivifying of the decorative arts.  design school. Of 100 per cent New Zealand wool. Retail is approximately. Sizes up to 12 by 18. Suggested retail, $799.

Louvre Louvre (l`vrə), foremost French museum of art, located in Paris. The building was a royal fortress and palace built by Philip II in the late 12th cent.  Collection: pased on French Aubusson and Savonnerie designs. Sizes up to 12 by 18. Suggested retail, $2,000.

Seville Collection: Aubusson and Savonnerie motifs in contemporary muted shades as well as antique colorations. Sizes up to 12 by 18. Suggested retail, $699.

Ashley Collection: Petit Point texture features new relaxed country and subtle Aubusson designs. Sizes up to 8 by 11, including runners. Suggested retail, $350.


Mimizan is inspired by an early 18th Century French Aubusson in contemporary colorations of crimson, gold and black. Made in China. Suggested price to the design trade is $4,800 for eight by ten.

JAUNTY jaun·ty  
adj. jaun·ti·er, jaun·ti·est
1. Having a buoyant or self-confident air; brisk.

2. Crisp and dapper in appearance; natty.

3. Archaic
a. Stylish.

b. Genteel.

Eddia Beverly Hills is a new signature line in honor of the grand opening of the company's new designer showroom in Beverly Hills. Original designs in wool and silk are available, as well as computer-assisted designs.

Prices for Jaunty full-cut, kilims, Aubussons, needle-points, handhooked and hand-knotted tribal designs range from $199 to $1,999.


New Karastan rugs reflect the multiple bends of the market.

Persian Treasures: Each rug in the group is inspired by an antique original rug. Machine-woven of New Zealand wool, it is colored with abrashed grounds made to simulate aged vegetable dyes. Each rug is cross-woven with 16 colors and finished with an incorporated trim for an authentic hand made look. Designs include Garden Heriz, Antique Tabriz, Hadjilou, Medallion Heriz, available in three sizes. Approximate retail is $799 for five-seven by seven-seven. In addition, two prayer designs, Lawar Kirman and Antique Ladyk, are available in two-eleven by five-five size.

Natural Impressions: Features a blend of natural yarns, including New Zealand wool, cotton, flax and jute. Machine woven in Belgium, these rugs feature organic pattern such as leaves, ferns and seashells and subtle natural colorations. Available only in five-seven by seven-ten size, the rugs will retail for approximately $899.

Vintage Lace: Inspired by the delicate opulence of vintage lace, with a basket of posies in the center medallion. Addition to Newport Collection. Machine woven of New Zealand wool, price is approximately $599 for five-seven by seven-ten.

Jardin II: Contemporary trellis design of 100 per cent New Zealand wool. Approximate retail is $399 for five-three by eight-three.

Floral Heriz: Addition to Original Karastan Collection, it is a replica of an unusual turn-of-the-century rug that is slightly more curvilinear curvilinear

a line appearing as a curve; nonlinear.

curvilinear regression
see curvilinear regression.
 than the normally geometric Heriz designs. It also features an over-all field rather than a central medallion. Machine woven of Decorwool from Wools of New Zealand, approximate retail is $999 for five-nine by nine.

Josephine: New to the Royal Court Collection, features French court design. Approximate retail is $699 for five-three by seven-ten.


Petra is an antiqued look mosaic tile pattern with a classical architectural border motif. Suggested retail price is $3,500. It is one of six to eight new designs produced in the USA using the Lamontage needle-felting technique. In addition, four new Lamontage styles manufactured in India are being introduced with a suggested retail price of$1,000.


Lofty & Co. is introducing a new line of Indian hand tufted rugs which will retail for approximately $499. In addition, new designs are being added to three existing collections.

Narmada Collection: Indian-made rugs feature new patterns in the Arts and Crafts tradition. Sizes up to 12 by 18. Suggested retail price is $1,499 (six by nine).

Saffron: New designs of Indian-made rugs are constructed of hand-spun wool. Retail is approximately $2,499.

Pakistani: Contract quality rugs feature new transitional floral looks and updated colorations in traditional Persian designs. Suggested retail is $3,299.


A new Sarouk design is being added to the de Poortere Kadjar Collection. Machine woven of Decorwool from Wools of New Zealand.

Two new designs are being added the Mossoul Collection of Decorwool branded products. One is based on a Herati design, the other on a Lotto design. They are available in round shapes as well as standard. sizes.

Six African-inspired transitional designs are being added to the company's Shalamar and Marco Polo Collections.

Louis de Poortere is also adding larger sizes, round shapes and stair runners to patterns in its Mossoul, Marco Polo and Samarkand collections.


Roubini Inc., the U.S. sales agent for Missoni, will introduce 10 rug designs at the Atlanta market.

Rio is a geometric patchwork pattern from the Missoni rug collection. It is handmade of 100 per cent wool and available in six standard sizes, plus custom sizes. Suggested retail is $4,800.

Other introduction will include handmade and machine made rugs and Natura fabric-bordered rugs.


Chambord combines Soumak and Aubusson manufacturing techniques that produce an extremely dense, completely reversible rug. Six designs feature antique finish and muted colorways. Suggested retail: $2,200.

Botanica bo·tan·i·ca  
A shop that sells herbs, charms, and other religious or spiritual items, especially those associated with Santeria.

[American Spanish botánica, from Greek
 will feature five new designs featuring deep, lush colors and designs inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement Arts and Crafts movement

English social and aesthetic movement of the second half of the 19th century, dedicated to reestablishing the importance of craftsmanship in an era of mechanization and mass production.
, English chintzes and classic Indian patterns. Suggested retail: $499.

Tivoli Features a variety of transitional patterns including Moorish themes and tile patterns. Hand tufted in India of 100 per cent wool. Suggested retail: $499.

Filagree: Micro-hook collection features the look of needlepoint needlepoint: see lace.

Type of embroidery in which the stitches are counted and worked with a needle over the threads, or mesh, of a canvas foundation. It was known as canvas work until the early 19th century.
 at an affordable price point. New Aubusson and new-classic Empire patterns are being introduced. Suggested retail is $599.

Mirage: Machine made collection inspired by such traditional Oriental designs as Bakhtiari, Shiraz and Herati. Suggested retail is $299.

Countryspace: Handhooked scatter rugs of 100 per cent wool made in China, features country and garden scenes. Suggested retail price is $60 for two by three size.

NATCO NATCO North American Transplant Coordinators Organization
NATCO Northwest Aerospace Training Corporation
NATCO Northern Area Transport Company (Pakistan)
NATCO Navy Air Traffic Coordinating Officer

NATCO will introduce an eight color heat-set rug and a 12-color basic polypropylene lines. Both are aimed at the highly promotional discount channel of distribution. Each will retail for approximately $99.


NooNoo's Random Collection is a group of hand-spun woolen rugs that feature the delicate colorations of pure vegetable dyes. There will be more than 50 designs in the collection, ranging from Arts and Crafts looks to traditional Persians. Available in a variety of standard size from eight by ten to 13-six by 19-six. Suggested retail price is $4,300 for Bight by tent


Guggenheim Arts and Guggenheim Masters: Inspired by modern art masterworks in the Guggenheim Museum collection. Of 100 per cent wool Guggenheim Arts is hand-tufted and retails for $700. The Guggenheim Masters group is hand-knotted and retails for $1,900.

Millennia Collection: Based on antique rug designs from the 16th to the 19th Century, these rugs are made using the patented Nourmak weave, but in a higher knot density than previous Nourmak rugs. Features dense construction, fine pattern detail and rich colorations. Suggested retail price is $1,900.

The Bijoux bi·joux  
Plural of bijou.
 Collection, is expanding from four designs to 18. The micro-stitched hooked weave features a broad range of traditional and transitional patterns. Suggested retail is $800.

Country Heritage Collection of hand-hooked rugs is being updated with a new oval shape as well as new patterns. Suggested retail is $399.


Orian will be showing several new styles in both the opening price point polypropylene qualities ($59 to $79 at retail) and the step-up heat-set polypropylene rugs (retailing for $99 to $119).

Medallion features a textured look in the field, giving the design a dimensional depth. Suggested retail is $99 to $119.

Odyssey borrows its design theme from English chintz chintz (chĭnts) [probably Hindustani,=variegated], originally a painted or stained calico from India. Esteemed for its bright colors and designs, it was used in Europe for bedcovers and draperies.  pattern in dramatic black colorations. Suggested retail is $99 to $119.


Cashmere cashmere

Animal-hair fibre forming the downy undercoat of the Kashmir goat. The fibre became known for its use in beautiful shawls and other handmade items produced in Kashmir, India. The fibres have diameters finer than those of the best wools.
 Collection has an 11-millimeter pile height, which offers a velvety vel·vet·y  
adj. vel·vet·i·er, vel·vet·i·est
1. Suggestive of the texture of velvet; soft and smooth: velvety skin.

 hand-made quality to machine-made products. The collection will retail for $249.

Tabra Collection is a heat-set singles-yarn polypropylene construction in an eight-color format. The collection is aimed at the upgraded popular price niche and retails for $149.


Bardashir Collection new additions feature finely hand-knotted Kerman designs. These rugs are available on a programmed basis and retail for approximately $5,195.

Nizam Collection: Two new Ghoums and one new Herati design are being added, Suggested retail is $3,595.

Lhasa: A new collection of tribal, tie-dyed looks which are constructed with an Indo-Nepalese knot.

Tuscany II is being revamped with several new traditional designs interpreted into today's home fashion vernacular. The hand-knotted rugs retail for $1,995.

Marrakesh: Six new patterns in hand tufted construction. Suggested retail price is $895.

Glaze and Floors: Several new designs are being shown in these hand-tufted lines. Glaze features construction that features up to 15 different colors. Suggested retail for both Glaze and Floors is $675 for five by eight.

Samarkand: Flatweave construction will feature traditional Indian ikat i·kat  
1. A craft in which one tie-dyes and weaves yarn to create an intricately designed fabric.

2. The fabric so created.

[Malay, tying, binding.]

Lamontage: PandeCameron's Lamontage line by designer Liora Manne will incorporate six new designs with such motifs as paisleys and florals. Suggested retail is $1,395.


Aubusson Weaves: Five new patterns, handwoven hand·wo·ven  
1. Woven on a hand-operated loom: handwoven rugs.

2. Woven by hand: handwoven baskets.

Adj. 1.
 in China of three-ply 100 percent wool yarns. In sizes up to 12 by 15. Custom sizes also available. Suggested retail is $6,500 for nine by twelve.

Needlepoint: Four new designs handcrafted of 100 per cent wool. There are three French floral motifs and one leopard/zebra combination pattern. Suggested retail is $3,500 for nine by twelve.

Hooked: 100 per cent hand hooked wool are inspired by country-French themes such as strong floral borders and light center motifs. A cherry, leopard fantasy and tiger design are also featured. Suggested retail is $320 for five by eight.


Classic-Natural Collection: The Rug Market will introduce the Arts and Crafts design in this hand-loomed, hand-stenciled construction. It is made of jute in a soft, durable texture. Suggested retail price is $400 for five-six by eight-six size.


Sunrise Flatweaves: Features old-world antique colors and original designs. The rugs achieve a unique antique look through the use of bulky handspun yarns which are hand-dyed in small batches using traditional vegetable dyes. The rugs are available on a "limited program" basis meaning that the designs and colors will vary slightly from piece to piece. Suggested retail price is $760.


Trade Am is presenting a varied group of new imported products. Retail prices are for five by eight-foot rugs.

Grand Tier: Tufted rugs of 100 per cent New Zealand wool emphasize updated interior furnishings color palette aimed at 1997 and beyond. Suggested retail price is $499.

Persian Tufted: Three new collections feature updated Persian designs in New Traditional color palettes. Suggested retail price is $399.

Carved Tufted: A series of new floral designs. Suggested retail is $399. Wool Dhurries: New grouping includes men's wear plaids, tribal and geometric styles as well as updated Turkish and Afghanistani kilim kilim

Pileless floor covering handwoven by tapestry techniques in Anatolia, the Balkans, and parts of Iran. The name is also given to a variety of brocaded, embroidered, warp-faced, and other flat-woven rugs and bags.
 looks. Retail prices range from $199 to $349.

Cotton Flatweaves: Expansion of casual Lifestyle collections in plaids, stripes and checks. Suggested retail is $129


New Wave Hand Made Collections:

Scrolls: Hand made, 100 per cent wool, hand embossed and hand carved. Made in India The Term Made in India may mean the following:
  • Made in India (album) of Alisha, the Hindi singer
  • Made in India denotes the Brand India
  • Country of origin
See also
  • India Inc
. Suggested retail: $350

Margate: Hand-tufted in India, 100 per cent wool. In grillwork grill·work  
Material formed into grilles or a grille.

Noun 1. grillwork - mesh netting made of wires
 motif. Suggested retail $400.

Hermitage: Hand-sculptured all-over leaf design. 100 per cent wool, made in China. Suggested retail is $450.

Cameo: Extra thick pile, hand made m India of all-wool, embossed and washed. Suggested retail is $500.

Traditional Hand Made Collections:

Serenade Aubusson design, 100 per cent wool pile in dense construction. Hand tufted in India. Suggested retail is $400.


Newport 100 per cent cotton, hand hooked in china, latex back. Suggested retail is $250.

Grand Floral: 100 per cent wool pile with non-skid backing. Made in China. Suggested retail is $300.

Woodbury Manor: Hand-hooked, loop pile of 100 per cent wool. Designed by Gear. Made in China. Suggested retail price is $300.

Cornucopia cornucopia (kôr'nykō`pēə), in Greek mythology, magnificent horn that filled itself with whatever meat or drink its owner requested. : Designed by Pat Hornafius, made in China of 100 per cent wool Suggested retail price is $300.

European Machine Woven

Nobility: Heat-set polypropylene in dense construction. Made in Belgium, traditional Oriental designs. Suggested retail is $200.

Bhadra: Woven in Turkey of 50 per cent woof, 50 per cent acrylic. Suggested retail is $300.


New collections feature subtle color palettes and a fusion of traditional tribal looks with updated original designs. All are made of 100 per cent hand spun, hand dyed, hand-carded Tibetan wool.

Marash is abstracted from an unusual Persian design featuring free-flowing organic forms.

Bouvardia, Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum (krĭsăn`thəməm), name for a large number of annual or perennial herbs of the genus Chrysanthemum of the family Asteraceae (aster family), some cultivated in Asia for at least 2,000 years.  and Mountain Peonies were inspired by ancient Tibetan fabrics and transformed into repeating borderless patterns.
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