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The joke is on Humane Society of U.S. and their Texas affiliate "Texas Humane Legislation Network," according to Responsible Pet Owners Alliance.

After four years of lies to legislators and media, the "animal rights" groups succeeded in getting HB 1451 passed during the 2011 Texas Legislative Session. The fiscal note for the bill claimed there were 1,000 unregulated "puppy and kitty mills" in the state.

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San Antonio is the second most populous city in Texas, the third most populous metropolitan area in Texas, and is the seventh most populous city in the United States. As of the 2006 U.S.
, Dec. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR TDLR Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
TDLR Training Device Letter Requirement
TDLR The Direct Learning Resource (Continuing Education Provider) 
) began enforcement of the new law September 1st, with only 133 dog and cat breeders licensed to date. TDLR has been lenient in their pre-license inspections in order to enroll dog and cat breeders in their system. USDA USDA, See United States Department of Agriculture.
 regulations are required by the new law as a minimum; originally written for animals raised for animal research in a sterile environment. They can't be met in private home settings.

The statute requires license fees and fines to cover all administration and enforcement of the new law. "HB 1451 was written to eliminate Texas dog and cat breeders, not regulate them," said Mary Beth Duerler, executive director of Responsible Pet Owners Alliance (RPOA RPOA Recognized Private Operating Agency
RPOA Registered Private Operating Agency

HB 1451 was written by HSUS HSUS Humane Society of the United States  and their Texas "lapdog," Texas Humane Legislation Network, and not by any legislator in response to a need. It is a national legislative agenda of extremists who want to eliminate all use and sales of animals for any reason. HSUS has no affiliation with local humane societies and is not a government agency. During the Senate Committee Hearing, Senator Dan Patrick asked where HB 1451 came from and commented that the bill "made no sense whatsoever."

* HB 1451 Breeder Definition is flawed, does not include "commercial" word at all. Should be defined by high volume sales of animals that provide a livelihood.

* Allows unannounced warrantless inspections of all facilities, including homes.

* Special Fund for Enforcement allows donations from agenda groups like HSUS.

* "Breeder Bounty" (up to $1,000 for anonymous "snitches") will allow harassment from animal rights "vigilantes" with a deep hatred for all pet breeders.

* The Breeder Advisory Committee and TDLR's Third Party Inspectors must be eliminated due to biased anti-breeder influences.

* Texas Department of Agriculture, not TDLR , should be administering this new program, with staff as inspectors and working from existing district offices.

* "Exemptions" for certain working dogs working dogs

breeds or individuals that are bred for or trained to do specific tasks that help humans in some way, such as guide dogs for the blind, sledge or cart dogs, police or guard dogs, and livestock tending dogs.
 are at the discretion of TDLR inspectors, and granted "case by case" on each female dog, each litter, each year - no blanket kennel or dog breed exemptions. Charles Johnson, TDLR general counsel, says proof is upon the breeder "when TDLR comes after them." Conformation show dogs are not exempt, TDLR has ruled.

RPOA Texas Outreach has written a more reasonable bill to "repeal and replace HB 1451" in the upcoming legislative session, in addition to our federal lawsuit filed in federal court:

RPOA formed to preserve the human/animal bond and our historic working relationship with animals.

Contact: Mary Beth Duerler, Executive Director

(210) 822-6763,


SOURCE Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
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