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The changing demand for goods and services.

The Changing Demand for Goods and Services

Table: The gross national product (GNP), a measure of demand for goods and services, will exceed $5 trillion in 2000.

Gross national product, 1982 dollars

Table: Every major category of GNP will grow.

The percentage growth of GNP between 1986 and 2000 (40 percent) is about the same as for the 1972-86 period.

Exports will increase faster than any other major category of GNP, but their value will still be less than that of imports.

Personal consumption expenditures account for two-thirds of total GNP.

Table: A larger share of personal consumption expenditures will be spent on services than on goods.

Personal consumption expenditures (billions of 1982 dollars)

Goods include automobiles, furniture, food, clothing, gasoline, and fuel oil.

Services include health care, education, utilities, and transportation.

The growth of the economy as a whole will result in more money being spent on goods even though they will account for a smaller share of personal consumption expenditures.
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Date:Sep 22, 1987
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