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The case of the buffer's belly.

The case of the buffer's belly

No matter what shape your stomach's in, "constant mechanical shaking" of the abdomen might cause a medical problem, according to a letter in the March 3 NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE from physicians at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. They report a case of what the journal calls "buffer's belly" in a patient who routinely stabilzed the vibrating handle of a floor-polishing machine under his protruding stomach. The maintenance worker developed fever and abdominal paind, found to be due to a ruptrued colon abscess that was also attached to the abdominal wall where the handle ordinarily rested. The authors suggest the condition is "an uncommon occupational hazard for overweight maintenance workers...[and] overweight construction workers who operate pneumatic jackhammers."
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Title Annotation:vibrating handle of floor polishing machine causes medical problem
Publication:Science News
Date:Mar 12, 1988
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