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The Transformative leadership: awards dinner.

For the third year, Inside Counsel celebrated the empowerment of women in the legal community at the annual Transformative Leadership Awards.

The annual awards dinner, which honors general counsel and law firm partners who have demonstrated a commitment to diversity and advancing women in corporate law, took place at Chicago's Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel. Hundreds of in-house counsel, law firm lawyers, legal consultants and other members of the legal community attended.

The packed room honored the six Transformative Leadership Awards winners at this year's event. Attendees from legal departments, law firms This list of the world's largest law firms by revenue is taken from The Lawyer and The American Lawyer and is ordered by 2006 revenue:[1]
  1. Clifford Chance, £1,030.2m – International law firm (headquartered in the UK);
  2. Linklaters, £935.
 and other related endeavors were on hand to recognize the achievements of the general counsel and women law firm partners who have excelled both in mentoring and promoting women to new levels of success, and working to increase the economic empowerment of women in law.

Many of the award winners were humbled and touched by the honor. They spoke glowingly about the people who helped them in their careers to get to the point where they are today, and put them in a position to pay the favor forward. Additionally, almost all of the winners made a point to note that this cause is so meaningful to them that it's practically second nature.

"It's difficult to receive an award for doing something you love doing so much," said Anastasia D. Kelly Award recipient Janet Langford Kelly, senior vice president, legal, general counsel and corporate secretary of ConocoPhillips.


At the end of the evening, there was a special tribute to Transformative Leadership Awards Co-chair and Allstate Insurance Co. EVP EVP Executive Vice President
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, GC & Chief Legal Officer Michele Coleman Mayes, who will no longer emcee the event.

Mayes was praised by SNR See signal-to-noise ratio.

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2. A place where chocolate is made or sold.

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 Inc., who said Mayes "challenged me to think bigger and see things in a much more bold way."


"If you didn't get the memo, nobody lives forever," Mayes said, "so make sure you leave behind a path that's worth following."

On the following pages, InsideCounsel shares highlights from the 3rd Annual Transformative Leadership Awards. Visit for more coverage of the event.
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Date:Jun 1, 2012
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