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The Technology of Dairy Products.

The TECHNOLOGY of DAIRY PRODUCTS. Edited by R Early. 305 pages with index. Price: 68.00 [pounds] (UK: The Blackie Publishing Group)

Milk is such a universal product that a lot of effort has gone into making sure that it is safe and the processing techniques used are equally safe. Because of its widespread use and consumption, it is one of the largest sectors of the food industry and the dairy industry has now branched out to create numerous products from the basic raw material. This text is all about the methods used to manufacture various well known products from milk.

Twenty contributors were assembled to produce this text, which is divided into twelve chapters. Their wide-ranging titles are: Liquid milk and cream; Milk chemistry and nutritive value; Cheese; Cultured milk products - yogurt, quarg and fromage frais; Butter, margarine and reduced fats; Concentrated milkfat products; Milk concentrates; Milk powders; Ice cream and aerated desserts; Milk-based desserts; Laboratory control in milk product manufacture; and Hygiene in milk product manufacture.

The book has been written to ensure that methods of milk product manufacture are thoroughly understood. It demonstrates how other influences affect the finished product. The text features some interesting electronmicrographs that demonstrate how our understanding of some of the techniques has improved greatly in recent times. They also effectively show up the structures of some of the products and thus allow the technologists to work out how textures and structures can be improved.
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Date:Jan 1, 1992
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