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The Soldiers' Return

Fort Gordon Fort Gordon (formerly known as Camp Gordon) is a United States Army Installation and the current home of the United States Army Signal Corps and Signal Center and was once the home of "The Provost Marshal General School" (Military Police). , GA - October October: see month.  7th is a special day for this group. On this day, 300 soldiers of the 63rd Signal Battalion battalion

Tactical military organization composed of a headquarters and two or more companies, batteries, or similar units and usually commanded by a field-grade officer such as a lieutenant colonel.
 come home.

“I have a calendar mark, spotlight Spotlight can refer to at least three types of lighting:
  • a searchlight;
  • stage lighting used in theatre to focus an audience's attention on a performer or event, known as a Followspot;
 for this day!”

“I’m waiting for my son.”

“My nephew NEPHEW, dom. rel. The son of a person's brother or sister. Amb. 514; 1 Jacob's Ch. R. 207. , Max Walden.”

“He has not seen his daughter; we’re very excited for him to come home. We’re very anxious. He has seen plenty of pictures, but it’s nothing like the real thing.”

They’ve been waiting for this moment for 15 months....but the next 20 minutes will be the longest yet.

“This wait is about as long as any that I’ve had.”

Waving their flags, holding their signs, anticipation is spilling out into their hands.

“Excited, anxious, nervous.”

And at last, the sound they’ve been waiting for:

Pandemonium Pandemonium

Milton’s capital of the devils. [Br. Lit.: Paradise Lost]

See : Confusion


chief city of Hell. [Br. Lit.: Paradise Lost]

See : Hell

“Almost cried, I’m not going to lie. Just a little bit, just a little bit.”

“I’ve been waiting 15 months, and it’s been a long 15 months.”

“It’s going to be a good night, that’s all I can say right now, that’s suitable for television.”

Next week, a lot of us may not remember what we did on October 7th. But this group will always remember it as the day their 300 soldiers came home.

That group of soldiers is responsible for communication in Iraq. They run computer networks and cell phone and radio systems, and make connection in those areas possible. This was the third deployment to Iraq for the 63rd Signal Battalion.
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Author:Joy Howe
Publication:WJBF - Augusta, GA
Date:Oct 24, 2008
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