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The Ohio Academy of Science 121st Annual Meeting.

Hosted by Ashland University Founded in 1878, Ashland University is a private, comprehensive institution committed to challenging and supporting students intellectually, spiritually, socially, culturally and physically.  

Ashland, Ohio Ashland is a city in the U.S. state of Ohio and the county seat of Ashland CountyGR6. The population was 21,249 at the 2000 census. It is the center of the Ashland Micropolitan Statistical Area (as defined by the United States Census Bureau in 2003).  

April 13-14, 2012


The Ohio Academy of Science's Annual Meeting is for academic, governmental, and industry scientists and engineers, university and precollege educators and teachers, and pre-college, undergraduate, and graduate students, and interested lay citizens in the Ohio region.


Ashland University welcomes you to the 121" Annual Meeting of The Ohio Academy of Science. We invite you to explore our campus and to share in the excitement and opportunities provided in this program.


Registration is required for all meeting presenters and attendees. On-site registration will be available at a higher rate. The Ohio Academy of Science must receive forms by April 6, 2012. Please use Registration Form on the last page. Mail completed form and fee to :

The Ohio Academy of Science

OAS Annual Meeting Registration

PO Box 12519

Columbus OH 43212-0519

FAX 614.488.7629 (for Credit Card or PO only)

Registration by credit card or purchase order only will be accepted by FAX at 614/488-7629. Your registration materials, receipt, and name tag will be ready at the meeting registration desk upon your arrival. For further information, please call 614/488-2228. An Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) The de facto standard for document publishing from Adobe. On the Web, there are countless brochures, data sheets, white papers and technical manuals in the PDF format.  form is available at:

Online payment option

Friday, April 13: Registration will not be open on Friday. Saturday, April 14: Registration in the lobby of Dwight Schar College of Education from 7:30 AM-2:00 PM. On-site registration at a higher rate is possible by check, VISA, or MasterCard. Cash is discouraged.

PARKING ON CAMPUS: Watch for signs and see map in program. Please park in Lots B or C. Both lots have disabled parking.

SMOKING POLICY: Smoking is not permitted in any building.

HOUSING: Contact motels directly. See list on page 3.

MEALS: Friday, April 13: none planned. Saturday, April 14: Pre-ordered box lunches available in the Convocation Center The Convocation Center is the name of several indoor arenas in the United States, many of them at universities:
  • Convocation Center (Arkansas State University)
  • Convocation Center (Northern Illinois University)
  • Convocation Center (Ohio University)
. See registration desk for a list of on and off-campus restaurants.

Friday, April 13, 2012

3:00 PM-5:00 PM                Board of Trustees Meeting

Saturday, April 14, 2012

7:30 AM-2:00 PM                Meeting Registration in Lobby
                               of Dwight Schar College of

8:30 AM-1 h00 AM               Algae Symposium in Lecture Hall
                               Dwight Schar College of Education

9:00 AM-11:00 AM               Morning Podium and Poster
                               Sessions in Dwight Schar College
                               of Education

11:15AM                        All-Academy Lecture
                               Upper Convocation Center
                               Parking available in adjacent lots.

All-Academy Lecture            Mentorship, A Key to Success in
                               Research, Teaching and Life


Dr. J Noun 1. Dr. J - United States basketball forward (born in 1950)
Erving, Julius Erving, Julius Winfield Erving
. Patrick Card (Ashland University class of 1972) is Professor of Neuroscience neu·ro·sci·ence
Any of the sciences, such as neuroanatomy and neurobiology, that deal with the nervous system.


the embryology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and pharmacology of the nervous system.
 and Co-Director of the Center for Neuroanatomy neuroanatomy /neu·ro·anat·o·my/ (-ah-nat´ah-me) anatomy of the nervous system.

1. The branch of anatomy that deals with the nervous system.

 with Neurotropic neurotropic

pertaining to or emanating from neurotrophy, e.g. neurotropic osteopathy.
 Viruses at the University of Pittsburgh.

THE PRESENTATION WILL FOCUS upon the importance of mentorship in developing a successful career in academia or industry. The mentorship relationships that Dr. Card has enjoyed throughout his career have proven to be essential to establishing a successful and rewarding research program in brain structure and function. Dr. Card will highlight how these relationships have evolved and guided his development as a scientist at various stages of his career, using the evolution of his research program as an example. Particular emphasis will be placed upon the importance of mentorship in acquiring the multidisciplinary expertise that is essential for success in research and teaching.

Dr. Card graduated from Ashland University (then Ashland College) with a degree in Biology in 1972. He received his M.S. in Biological Sciences from Wright State University in 1975, and his Ph.D. in Neuroanatomy from Wayne State University Wayne State University, at Detroit, Mich.; state supported; coeducational; established 1956 as a successor to Wayne Univ. (formed 1934 by a merger of five city colleges).  in 1979. He has been a faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh since 1992, and currently serves as Professor in the Department of Neuroscience and is co-Director of the Center for Neuroanatomy with Neurotropic Viruses. The focus of Dr. Card's research is the functional organization of the hypothalamus hypothalamus (hī'pəthăl`əməs), an important supervisory center in the brain, rich in ganglia, nerve fibers, and synaptic connections. It is composed of several sections called nuclei, each of which controls a specific function.  and central autonomic networks. This work includes studies to define the synaptic organization and chemical phenotype phenotype (fē`nətīp'): see genetics.

All the observable characteristics of an organism, such as shape, size, colour, and behaviour, that result from the interaction of its genotype (total genetic makeup) with
 of the central networks that mediate essential regulatory functions, as well as the development of tools for transneuronal tracing of neural circuits. Dr. Card has authored or co-authored 95 peer-reviewed papers in neuroscience.
12:00 Noon               Announcement of Ohio Patent
                         Awardees and Academy Fellows

12:15 PM                 Official Notice of Annual Business
                         Meeting for Academy Members

12:30 PM                 Lunch. Pre-ordered box lunches in
                         Upper Convocation Center.

1:30-4:00 PM             Afternoon Poster Session in
                         Dwight Schar College of Education

                         Undergraduate Research
                         Discussion Session in Kettering
                         Science Center Room 112

                         Algae Symposium Continues in
                         Dwight Schar College of Education
                         Lecture Hall



Prof. Michael R. Hudson, PhD

Chairperson, Local Arrangements

FOUNDED IN 1878, Ashland University is a private, comprehensive institution committed to challenging and supporting students intellectually, spiritually, socially, culturally and physically. Located midway between Cleveland and Columbus off 1-71, Ashland University is home to 2,200 full-time undergraduate students. Eighty-five percent of these students are from Ohio, while students also come from 27 other states and 31 countries. The University's total enrollment is 6,000 students, and this includes graduate programs in business, education and theology and the off-campus centers in Cleveland, Columbus, Mansfield, Massillon and Elyria. In addition to its traditional undergraduate studies, AU offers alternative programs for adults and non-traditional students through the Founders School of Continuing Education The School of Continuing Education is a part of the North Orange County Community College District, located in northern Orange County, California. The School of Continuing Education provides non-credit continuing adult education, English as a Second Language, vocational skills, . Degree completion, Associate degree, CEUs, and non-degree opportunities are available through a flexible format that includes online and evening classes. Post Secondary Education Option and Early College experiences arc also available through the Founders School. Complementing the undergraduate program is a Master of Fine Arts Noun 1. Master of Fine Arts - a master's degree in fine arts

master's degree - an academic degree higher than a bachelor's degree but lower than a doctor's degree
 in Creative Writing, a Master of American History and Government; a Master of Business Administration degree; a Master of Education degree; a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership; nusters degrees and a Doctor of Ministry degree through the Ashland Theological Seminary; an RN to BSN BSN
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
 Track for registered nurses; and a Bachelor's Plus program for students with a non-education degree who want to teach.


Where to stay

The Ohio Academy of Science and Ashland University do not in any way endorse the following companies, products or services. This listing is provided as a resource only. There is no headquarters hotel or motel.

Days Inn Ashland

1423 County Road 1575

Ashland, Ohio 44805

(419) 289-0101

Holiday Inn Express & Suites

1392 Enterprise Parkway

Ashland, Ohio 44805

(419) 281-2900

Surrey Inn Motel

1065 Claremont Ave.

Ashland, Ohio 44805

(419) 289-7700

Hampton Inn

222O S. Main St.

Mansfield, Ohio Mansfield is a city in the U.S. state of Ohio and the county seat of Richland CountyGR6. The municipality is located in north-central Ohio in the western foothills of the Alleghenies, approximately 80 miles (129 km) southwest of Cleveland and 66 miles  44907

(419) 774-1010

Travelodge Mansfield

90 W. Hanley Rd.

Mansfield, Ohio 44903

(419) 756-7600

College House Bed & Breakfast

134 College Avenue

Ashland, Ohio 44805

(419) 289-2093

Local Restaurants

Jake's Restaurant

1040 Sugarbush Drive

Ashland, Ohio 44864

(419) 281-5253

Buffalo Wild Wings

630 Claremont Ave

Ashland, Ohio 44805

(419) 281-9464


2250 Claremont Ave

Ashland, Ohio 44805

(419) 207-9088

Sorella's II Italian Restaurant

1505 Claremont Ave

Ashland, Ohio 44805

(419) 289-2200

Bob Evans Restaurant

1304 E. Main St.

Ashland, Ohio 44805

(419) 281-4729

Perkins Restaurant

658 US 250

Ashland, Ohio 44805

(419) 281-0666
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