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The Media Monopoly.

It's been ten years since Ben H. Bagdikian, a member of The Progressive's Editorial Advisory Board, published the first edition of The Media Monopoly, which has become the classic account of corporate control of U.S. news media. In it, he recounted how fifty firms earned more than half the revenue from the dissemination of information. Well, the number is down to twenty now, and Bagdikian is back. This is the fourth edition, an updated version of how the news is still. and more so, altered to serve the interests of its "owners." In his 1993 preface, Bagdikian writes that, in earlier editions, "I made some predictions. Had they proved wrong, it would have pleased me." They didn't prove wrong. And while he may not be pleased, we need this update. Even more so.
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Publication:The Progressive
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Date:Jun 1, 1993
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