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The McKinley Group Acknowledges the Best on the 'Net with Awards Program; Latest initiative from top Internet publisher promotes quality content and garners positive response from online community.

SAUSALITO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 5, 1996--In recognition of excellence in Internet content, The McKinley Group has initiated a sweeping awards program to reward the best content on the Internet, as found in its Magellan Internet guide and search engine (

The awards are based on the rigorous standards which McKinley's editors impose when evaluating sites and awarding its star ratings. The McKinley Group has notified award winners by e-mailing congratulatory notices and special banners with the results of their Magellan rating.

The three- and four-star ratings are prestigious awards that indicate how interesting, organized, visually-exciting, accessible and informative the reviewed sites are within the authoritative Magellan Internet guide and search engine. Only five to ten per cent of all sites receive a four-star rating.

"In contrast to other directories' attempts at rating the 'Net, this is an accolade that really means something, because we use a comprehensive and consistent review process in judging sites and awarding star ratings," asserts David Hayden, President & CEO of The McKinley Group. "With over 25 years of publishing and editorial experience, the executives of McKinley bring a unique perspective to the process of content acquisition and review."

Reviewing sites for inclusion in Magellan is a multi-stage process, including both machine and human intelligence: the guide's proprietary "Spider" technology filters out extraneous and incomplete sites and then percolates the best and most popular ones to a professional team of specialized Cyberwriters who review, describe and rate them based on the following strict criteria: depth of content, ease-of-access, organization and currency of information. In addition to the 40,000 reviewed and rated sites, Magellan contains over two million indexed sites.

McKinley has e-mailed congratulatory notices to star-rated sites, allowing them to display the Magellan award logo. Additionally, any site can choose to display the Magellan search box, providing valuable search capabilities for their users.

McKinley's initiative has elicited positive responses from the online community, applauding their efforts to establish a reliable and authoritative guide to resources on the Internet.

Among those sites awarded a four-star rating is the Ziff-Davis Net web site (, along with eight other Ziff-Davis publication web sites.

"The fact that Ziff-Davis has earned not one but nine Magellan four-star ratings underscores our across-the-board success in creating online versions of our leading computing publications that fulfill the information needs of today's Web users," said Eric Hippeau, chairman and CEO of Ziff-Davis.

Some of the other comments received by McKinley regarding this awards program include Joe De Marco, Webmaster of the Fluxus Art Gallery, a four-star site: "I really like your review concept. The 'four-star' logos are prominently displayed on my home page with links to your excellent search facility," and the WebMaster of the City of St. Paul, another four-star site: "Magellan's review of our site was 'right on' and clearly showed that McKinley had taken an in-depth look at our site."

This latest effort follows hot on the heels of other McKinley initiatives, like the "Green Light" icon placed next to site reviews that were determined to be free of adult-only material at the time of review, and the "context sensitive" advertising option, designed to give Internet users more effective means by which to find relevant resources in the growing maze of cyberspace.

About The McKinley Group

Headquartered in Sausalito, Calif., The McKinley Group is an Internet publishing company that was founded in 1993 by a team of international publishers, technologists and information specialists committed to delivering the best published content including navigational and informational guides to the Internet. Combining its extensive, proprietary Internet guide, powerful Internet search tools, and renowned publishing expertise, McKinley provides access to high-quality, useful information to Internet users quickly and conveniently.

Magellan, the company's innovative online Internet guide (, is available to Internet providers worldwide as a rated and reviewed resource for Internet users, experts and novices alike. Unlike anything on the market today, Magellan helps Internet users to first preview detailed reviews of the sites of their choice and allows users to make informed decisions about the sites they choose to access. Magellan's proprietary web spider technology also allows users to access over 2 million high quality Internet sites. Just one of several products offered by the company, The McKinley Group's Internet guide is also published in book form and on CD-ROM.

Significant industry leaders have partnered with McKinley in order to enhance the value of their Internet services. License partners currently include AT&T, IBM, Microsoft, Europe Online, Quarterdeck, Nynex, and NETCOM. Additional information on licensing and advertising can be obtained by emailing The McKinley Group at or, respectively. -0-

Note to Editors: The McKinley Group and Magellan logos are trademarks of the McKinley Group, Inc.

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Date:Mar 5, 1996
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