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The International Myeloma Foundation - Webcasting Live from the Scientific Sessions at the XIIth International Myeloma Workshop.

This Year's Biennial biennial, plant requiring two years to complete its life cycle, as distinguished from an annual or a perennial. In the first year a biennial usually produces a rosette of leaves (e.g., the cabbage) and a fleshy root, which acts as a food reserve over the winter.  Scientific Meeting on Multiple Myeloma multiple myeloma

A malignant proliferation of abnormal plasma cells that populate the marrow-containing bones of the body. The affected plasma cells produce myeloma protein, a monoclonal antibody that replaces normal antibodies in the blood, thereby increasing susceptibility
 Takes Place in Washington, D.C., February 26-March 1

Webcasts to Provide Live and On-Demand Coverage of Presentations and Discussions for Patients and the Media

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. & WASHINGTON -- The International Myeloma myeloma /my·elo·ma/ (mi?e-lo´mah) a tumor composed of cells of the type normally found in the bone marrow.

giant cell myeloma  see under tumor (1).
 Foundation (IMF IMF

See: International Monetary Fund


See International Monetary Fund (IMF).
)--supporting research and providing education, advocacy and support for myeloma patients, families, researchers and physicians--today announced that it will provide complete Internet Internet

Publicly accessible computer network connecting many smaller networks from around the world. It grew out of a U.S. Defense Department program called ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), established in 1969 with connections between computers at the
 coverage of the XIIth International Myeloma Workshop in Washington, D.C. The Workshop is the premier myeloma meeting and provides in-depth discussions from the leading experts in the world working in myeloma. The Workshop provides updates on all aspects of myeloma, from the latest advances in basic research to up-to-the-minute discussions of practical treatment strategies involving novel therapies.

For the first time the IMF will provide live streaming Webcasts of these important discussions. The sessions will also be archived for on-demand viewing. The Webcasts can be accessed through the IMF Website,

"The International Myeloma Workshop is the world's premier meeting on multiple myeloma, and we want to be sure everyone can take advantage of the medical developments that will be presented and discussed," said Michael Katz, vice president of the IMF. "Time and distance should not be a barrier for anyone in the myeloma community, including patients, nurses and community physicians, to be able to benefit from this exchange of information and see first-hand the progress that's being made. A highlight of the Workshop is the lively and spirited debates that ensue en·sue  
intr.v. en·sued, en·su·ing, en·sues
1. To follow as a consequence or result. See Synonyms at follow.

2. To take place subsequently.
 when experts' opinions differ, and we are pleased to be able to share these debates with the entire myeloma community through our webcasts."

The Webcasts will cover virtually all of the scientific presentations, sponsored symposia sym·po·si·a  
A plural of symposium.
 and consensus discussions at the Workshop February 26th through March 1st. In addition there will be daily blogs from patient and expert-nursing perspectives.

"This year we expect to hear the latest information on emerging trends, and new drugs in development," said Brian G.M. Durie, M.D., chairman and co-founder of the IMF. "In addition, much of the work begun in myeloma points the way toward progress in treating other blood cancers, so much of this information could be of interest throughout the hematology-oncology community."

Myeloma, also called multiple myeloma, is a cancer of cells in the bone marrow bone marrow, soft tissue filling the spongy interiors of animal bones. Red marrow is the principal organ that forms blood cells in mammals, including humans (see blood). In children, the bones contain only red marrow.  that affect production of blood cells blood cells, the formed elements of the blood, including red cells (erythrocytes), white cells (leukocytes), and platelets (thrombocytes).

blood cells

See erythrocyte and leukocyte. Platelets are classed separately.
 and can damage bone. It cannot be cured, but newer regimens in sequence and combination are providing long-term remissions and good quality of life.


The International Myeloma Foundation is the oldest and largest myeloma organization, reaching more than 185,000 members in 113 countries worldwide. A 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization A non-profit organization (abbreviated "NPO", also "non-profit" or "not-for-profit") is a legally constituted organization whose primary objective is to support or to actively engage in activities of public or private interest without any commercial or monetary profit purposes.  dedicated to improving the quality of life of myeloma patients and their families, the IMF focuses in four key areas: research, education, support, and advocacy. To date, the IMF has conducted more than 200 educational seminars worldwide, maintains a world-renowned hotline, and operates Bank on a Cure([R]), a unique gene bank to advance myeloma research. The IMF can be reached at (800) 452-CURE. The global Website is
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