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The Incas: Lords of the Four Quarters.

The Incas: Lords of the Four Quarters. Craig Morris & Adriana von Hagen. Thames & Hudson. [pounds sterling] 19.95. 256 pages. ISBN 978-0-500-02121-7. This study of Inca civilisation is part of Thames & Hudson's 'Ancient Peoples and Places' series. It draws heavily on the pioneering archaeological work undertaken by Mr Morris before his death in 2006. The book describes the rise of the Iricas and then surveys their world with chapters on politics, economics, religion and ideology, architecture, pottery, weaving and metal work. The second pan has four chapters which describe Cusco, the capital, and the empire it governed: Chinchaysuyu, Antisuyu. and Qollasuyu and Kuntisuyu. This survey also looks at local government, the famous road system, and mining. Finally the authors look at the arrival of the first Spanish conquistadors in the 1530s when, ironically, the Inca Empire was at its zenith and at their eventual conquest of the Incas by the 1570s. The text, while accessible to a wide audience, is enhanced by the authors' scholarship and research, and, one must add, b) the 165 illustrations of which about a fifth are in colour. (DT.D.)
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Publication:Contemporary Review
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Date:Dec 1, 2011
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