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The Food Industries, Reviews of United Kingdom's Statistical Sources, vol. 28.

How many times is one asked to gather facts and figures to support a project or an idea? When the question is asked, where do you start?

There series of texts originated just after the Second World War and provided a contemporary guide to statisticians working in many fields and it meant that historians of the development of statistics could return again and again to the figures.

This revised version has its origin about eight years ago when the groundwork began. As before the text is fully intended to provide a critical appraisal of the nature and limitation of available data but primarily to act as an authoritative guide to statistical sources, both official and unofficial that are available. The review of the food industries covers the diverse range of industries concerned with the supply and processing of food in the United Kingdom, although it does not cover agriculture. For the purpose of this volume, ten separate industries are defined: Organic oils and fats; Slaughtering of animals and production of meat and by-products; Preparation of milk and milk products; Processing of fruit and vegetables; Fish processing; Grain milling and bread; Biscuits and flour confectionery; Sugar and sugar by-products; Ice cream, cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery; Tea and coffee; and Starch and miscellaneous foods.

The volume of information available for this range of industries is very large and comes from official and unofficial national and international sources. Each industry has been treated as a chapter and the material in each is arranged by subject. Such is the nature of this work that the book opens with a guide as to how to use it.

A most amazing amount of detail is provided about the information that can be found by dint of careful research.
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