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Marcia L. Tate's "SIT & GET" WON'T GROW DENDRITES (9781412999342, $34.95) appears in its second updated edition to provide professional learning strategies that engage adult learners. Here are twenty proven techniques in over a hundred professional learning activities that encourage educator participation and provide new findings on learning styles and adult learning. Samples of professional designs and job-embedded practices accompany sections on movement, storytelling approaches, peer coaching and strategic teaching techniques in a compendium recommended for any adult education holding. Laura Greenstein's ASSESSING 21ST CENTURY SKILLS: A GUIDE TO EVALUATING MASTERY AND AUTHENTIC LEARNING (9781452218014, $39.95) covers the Common Core Standards and how teachers can measure student skills such as creativity, problem solving and technology usage. It shows how teachers can teach and assess these skills and mixes in case studies combined with the best practices of education experts, producing a key to developing thinking and living skills in student publications. From rubrics and checklists to models for developing classroom assessments, this is a top pick for any educator's library. Joan Franklin Smutny,'s DISCOVERING AND DEVELOPING TALENTS IN SPANISH-SPEAKING STUDENTS (9781412996365, $36.95) provides teachers and leaders with the skills needed to uncover a Spanish-speaking child's abilities. Strategies for not only identifying talents but adapting tools to meet learning needs and connecting with parents make this a fine survey that also includes case histories from students and teachers alike, examples of communications with parents, and more. A 'must' for any teacher or school concerned with educating Spanish-speaking students. John Robert Browne II's WALKING THE EQUITY TALK: A GUIDE FOR CULTURALLY COURAGEOUS LEADERSHIP IN SCHOOL COMMUNITIES (9781412997812, $35.96) identifies a plan of action called Culturally Courageous Leadership and tells how it can help achieve equitable opportunities and outcomes for all students. From examples of what it takes to empower staff to tips on handling the politics when addressing issues of race, identity, poverty and more, this focus on equitable learning opportunities for all and common barriers to achieving them makes for an outstanding guide for any interested in the larger issues of the education process and community interactions. Teaching Matters Most: A School Leader's Guide to Improving Classroom Instruction by Thomas M. McCann, (9781452205106, $34.95) provides a three step process that helps identify the elements of great teaching, provides tools for measuring instruction results against these elements, and offers further keys to achieving exceptional results in the classroom. Teachers will find this a fine tool for identifying classroom management techniques that will lead to success! Rekha S. Rajan's INTEGRATING THE PERFORMING ARTS IN GRADES K-5 (9781452203959, $34.95) provides a fine account linking classroom performance and aptitude to the performing arts, making a case for retaining the arts in an era of cost-cutting moves that would eliminate them. From how to connect the performing arts to all aspects of the curriculum to a host of activities that can be implemented immediately and easily in K-5 classrooms, this is packed with detailed lesson plans lined to the National Standards for Arts Education, and is a solid winner!
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Date:Nov 1, 2012
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