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The Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management expands their website to promote International Affairs Workforce Professional Development.

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 Defense Security Cooperation Agency The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), as part of the United States Department of Defense, provides financial and technical assistance, transfer of defense matériel, training and services to allies, and promotes military-to-military contacts.  (DSCA DSCA Defense Security Cooperation Agency
DSCA Defense Support of Civil Authorities
DSCA Differential Strain Curve Analysis
DSCA Deep Sound Channel Axis
DSCA Debt Service Coverage Account
DSCA Document Signer Certification Authority
) has established a number of programs to help advance the professional skills of the Department of Defense's (DoD) International Affairs workforce. On-going initiatives include the Global Masters of Arts Program (GMAP GMAP - GCOS Macro Assembler Program. The macro assembler for the GCOS 8 operating system on Honeywell/Bull DPS-8 computers.

["GCOS8 OS GMAP User's Guide", Bull].
) Tufts University's Fletcher School; Level I, II, and III Certification requirements; and the Military Departments' Internship Programs. These enterprises were put in place for DoD personnel to improve their knowledge, skills, and personal networks in order to find quick and effective solutions to the challenges of an ever-changing world international affairs arena. To facilitate the professional development opportunities presented by DSCA, the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management's (DISAM DISAM Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management
DISAM Direct Indexed Sequential Access Method
) has added two new features to its website.


When accessing the DISAM website at and clicking on the research link, a new menu appears listing the available information for use, such as publications and regulations, periodical listings, DISAM course presentations, and the ever useful Ask an Instructor database. All of these features have been present and utilized often, but DISAM has added two new facets for users; the ability to submit research papers and published articles for others to view and make use of, as well as the ability to submit, search, or select an international affairs topic for comprehensive research. The goals of the new features are to aid in the professional development of security assistance personnel and foster an atmosphere of education and research within the field.

The Articles database allows users to submit, search, and share published and unpublished articles of interest in the security assistance community. Each article has a summary for easy review and is searchable by several elements including keywords, author, and publication. Some current articles that can be found are a Department of State briefing on Human Rights, Foreign Policy Implications of the U.S. Intervention in Somalia, and the Navy's Case Execution Performance Tool (CEPT CEPT - Comite Europeen des Postes et Telecommunications ). The articles come from many sources, including the DISAM Journal, United State's government press releases, the Tufts Journal of International Affairs The Journal of International Affairs is a leading foreign affairs periodical published twice yearly by the students at the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University in New York.  and other credible University and non-governmental publications. This database is intended to be a tool to link the security assistance workforce with the relevant publications that discuss current world issues and their impact on international affairs.


Users have the ability to input an abstract for International Affairs colleagues to research. Users can also search and select one of these abstracts on which to conduct research. Additionally, website browsers can explore research that has already been completed. Ultimately, the database is the conduit between researchers and desired research topics, providing a place to exchange indepth analysis and research in the international affairs arena. Current abstracts available for research include security assistance organization (SAO Sa´o

n. 1. (Zool.) Any marine annelid of the genus Hyalinæcia, especially H. tubicola of Europe, which inhabits a transparent movable tube resembling a quill in color and texture.
) entitlements, the Impact of the Informational Program for International Students, and U.S. Army International Programs Reorganization. It should be noted that while DISAM maintains the research database to facilitate studies on topics of interest to the international affairs community, neither those who submit topics to be researched, nor DISAM, are to be considered research sponsors or advisors unless prior coordination has been accomplished.


By utilizing the resources from various organizations, backgrounds, and cultures submitted to the website, international affairs professionals can expand their knowledge base and broaden their expertise in the general processes of international affairs. The ultimate vision of the new databases is to improve the overall quality and professionalism of the Department of Defense's international affairs workforce through continuous learning and shared education.

Lieutenant Christopher Krolikowski is an instructor and the research database administrator at the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management. Upon graduation from Tulane University in 1999, he was commissioned as a Surface Warfare Officer in the United States Navy United States Navy

Major branch of the U.S. military forces, charged with defending the nation at sea and maintaining security on the seas wherever U.S. interests extend. The Continental Navy was established by the Continental Congress in 1775.
. Prior to DISAM, LT Krolikowski served as Ship's Navigator, USS USS
1. United States Senate

2. United States ship

USS abbr (= United States Ship) → Namensteil von Schiffen der Kriegsmarine
 HIGGINS (DDG DDG Guided Missile Destroyer
DDG Deutsche Diabetes Gesellschaft
DDG Deputy Director General
DDG Drop Dead Gorgeous
DDG Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft (German Society of Dermatologists) 
 76) and Fire Control/Gunnery Officer, USS CARON (DD 970). Additionally, he is currently pursuing a MBA MBA
Master of Business Administration

Noun 1. MBA - a master's degree in business
Master in Business, Master in Business Administration
 from Wright State University.
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Author:Krolikowski, Christopher
Publication:DISAM Journal
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Date:Jun 22, 2004
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