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The DISAM Journal of International Security Assistance Management.

Before getting into the literary highlights of this Journal, I want to specifically plug our photo contest. As DISAM moved into its new facility, we realized that we had no photos of security assistance/cooperation in action. Thus, we are asking you to help stock our facility with photos that exemplify your mission whether you are a security assistance officer, schoolhouse, logistics or acquisition-centered unit in any facet that can be captured by photo. Please take a few minutes and support this effort to collect examples of our successes. Details immediately follow on the next page!

Our first feature is a series of articles noting the international role of the Naval Inventory Control Point, whose 205 members support both Naval and Air Force programs in 84 countries. We will look at the organization business plan, the role of the security assistance foreign representatives (SAFRs), and the scope of case program reviews. Later in the Journal "Perspective" Section the Navy International Program Office Deputy Director Joe Milligan, takes a look at the application of quality standards to foreign military sales.

Secretary of State Powell's comments to the Senate Appropriations Committee regarding the fiscal year 2003 Homeland Security and fiscal year 2002 Supplemental Budget requests kick off the "Legislation and Policy" Section. Policy implications are further explored within excerpts from a Richard Grimmett article published this past August reviewing major arms providers and recipients. The Undersecretary of the Army for Arms Control and International Security, the Honorable John R. Bolton lends insights as to the threat of weapons of mass destruction, especially as they link to terrorist activity.

On the international organization front, U.S. Ambassador to the Organization of American States Roger F. Noriega comments on the Organization of American States on the Inter-American Democratic Charter and recent/ongoing challenges in Haiti, Venezuela, and Cuba. The Undersecretary for Political Affairs for North Atlantic Treaty Organization Marc Grossman discusses the future of North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Poland's Defense Minister Jerzy Szmajdzinski answers questions regarding his country's involvement with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Thomas Molloy examines education and training and the difficulties noted over the year within nonresident English Language Training Programs (ELTPs). This article provides a solid foundation for SAOs, and their hosts, to use in analyzing the pros and cons of their in-country programs. We also review ten years of service by the Defense Institute of International Legal Studies (DIILS) and its over 500 mobile education teams deployed to 83 countries during that period, as well as DISAM's recent mobile education team visits to Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Additionally, you can read about LOR/LOA-PEACE RIEMER as AFSAC practically demonstrated to their commander how requests become cases.

The need for better use of technology is addressed as Greg Marine of USCENTCOM proposes a web-based platform for the Security Assistance Automated Resource Management System. The changing technology has resulted in a recently released International Military Student Pre -Departure Briefing, and now available to training security assistance officers throughout the world read. Read Rick Rempes' article for more of the details.

Take a look in our final pages as Lieutenant General Walters cut the ribbon on our new facility, and helped us celebrate twenty-five years of service to the community. The few photos do not do it justice, but we are proud of our heritage and the new building, both of which are due in large part to your efforts around the world working those issues we try our best to prepare you for. Please do not hesitate to come by and see us if you ever visit Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for any reason, even if it is not for a future DISAM class. We consider this your facility! And again, remember to send us those pictures of you accomplishing the mission!


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Publication:DISAM Journal
Date:Jun 22, 2002
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