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The Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (C4ISR) Division.

The Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance may refer to:
  • the US Joint Command see'' Joint Functional Component Command for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.
  • the military term, see'' Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance.
 (C4ISR C4ISR Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
C4ISR Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
C4ISR Command Control Communications Computers Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance
) Division serves as the focal point within NDIA NDIA National Defense Industrial Association
NDIA New Doha International Airport (Qatar) 
 for the identification, study and resolution of technical, management and business issues that involve military and government strategic and tactical C4ISR matters. The Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for C3I C3I Command, Control, Communications & Intelligence (US DoD)
C3I Computer Controlled Coil Ignition
C3I Command, Control, and Communications Interoperability
C3I Command Control Communications and Intelligence
 is the government advisor. The division works with the military departments, the joint staff, defense agencies, combatant commanders and other government agencies to provide industry-wide views and assistance. The division has representation from a wide variety of industry, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, as well as academia. The division provides contributions to national security through:

* Studies performed by industry subject matter experts for the identified Department of Defense (DoD) areas of need.

* Sponsorship of national symposia, seminars and workshops.

* Meetings with DoD civilian and military leaders.

The C4ISR Division products include:

* Architecture Review Platform Independent Study for Ground Moving Target Indicator A radar presentation which shows only targets which are in motion. Signals from stationary targets are subtracted out of the return signal by the output of a suitable memory circuit.  Command and Control.

* Joint C4ISR Interoperability and Integration Study.

* Analyzing Military Bandwidth Requirements Through 2010.

* The Theater Missile Defense Family of Systems Interoperability Program.

* The Report on Outsourcing DoD Information Assurance Support to Private Industry.

* Symposium Sponsor for Y2K See Y2K problem and Y2K compliant.

Y2K - Year 2000
 Technical Conference.

* Defense Security Service Industrial Relations.

* U.S. Imagery and Geo-spatial Service to support Dominant Maneuver and Precision Engagement.

* Precision Target Geo-location from Airborne Platforms--Workshop III.

* Air Force UAV UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
UAV Unmanned Air Vehicle
UAV Unmanned Aerospace Vehicle
UAV Unmanned Airborne Vehicle
UAV Uninhabited Air Vehicle
UAV Urban Assault Vehicle
UAV Unpiloted Aerial Vehicle (less common) 
 Common Architecture Study.

* Air Force C4ISR Gap Analysis and Future Capabilities Study.

* Navy SSGN SSGN Submersible, Ship, Guided, Nuclear (nuclear powered cruise missile submarine)  C4ISR Requirements Study Validation.

* Army Homeland Security Support Study.

The C4ISR Division is comprised of the following committees: Army, Navy, Air Force, Defense Agency, Coast Guard, Homeland Security, and modeling and simulation. Studies and symposia are managed by one of these committees with the advice and consultation from a sponsoring DoD activity. The division holds an awards dinner where it recognizes division members who have been instrumental in the conduct of truly successful efforts. The Dr. Eugene Fubini (known as the "Father of C3I") Award is given to a division member from industry for outstanding contributions to study efforts. The Chairman's Award is given to recognize individual division members who have made contributions to the mutual benefit of NDIA and the division.


Dr. Steven Kimmel

Alion Science and Technology Alion Science and Technology (pronounced: ah-LYE-un) is an employee-owned technology solutions company delivering technical expertise and operational support to the Department of Defense, civilian government agencies and commercial customers.

(703) 269-3465

Point of Contact

Nicole Peterson

(703) 247-9474
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