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The Business of Employee Leasing.

The Business of Employee Leasing

According to the publisher, this 190 page manual is the first book published on employee leasing. The book discusses how the industry got started, what labor market forces are encouraging this service, and the future of employee leasing as a work alternative. The term "employee leasing" refers to any arrangement whereby a company (recipient) obtains a labor supply by contracting for the services of employees on the payroll of another company (the leasing firm). The use of temporary employees through a temporary help service agency is one example of employee leasing. There are many other situations ivnolving sub-contracting, service contracting, or the use of independent contractors that would differe little from what is generally called employee leasing. The book, however, uses the term in a more specific sense; for example, providing administrative services under a longterm contractual relationship to the regular workforce of another company. The leasing firm is more likely to furnish benefits such as medical, life insurance and retirement plans than in the temporary help situation, in addition to assuming other important employer-employee responsibilities. Businesses that want to reduce expense and time loss in managing payroll, personnel and benefits and avoid the growing burden of employee regulations may find employee leasing particularly attractive. The author has written numerous articles and lectured nationwide on employee leasing and also writes a quarterly newsletter. He is a consultant to major corporations on how to apply leasing to their permanent workforce.
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Date:Jan 1, 1990
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