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The Automotive Aerodynamics Handbook, 10th Edition.

The Automotive Aerodynamics Handbook, 10th Edition

Douglas Cox Landa & Henry C. Landa

The Film Instruction Company of America

5928 W. Michigan Street, Wauwatosa, WI 53213-4248

0931974267 $68.70 (hc) 0931974186 $43.20 (sc)

Written by mechanical engineering graduate Douglas Cox Landa and registered professional engineer Henry C. Landa, the tenth edition of The Automotive Aerodynamics Handbook is the latest updated version of a highly technical and practical reference manual written especially for engineers and scientists, or advanced college and graduate studies students. Suitable for use as a curriculum guide or a self-teaching text, The Automotive Aerodynamics Handbook distinguishes itself from others addressing the complex engineering nuances of air and fluid flow, drag, force, power, shapes, lift, stability, and airflow about wheels and cylinders by offering hard data in addition to mathematical derivations and abstract theory. Numerous black-and-white diagrams illustrate examples with the data "plugged in" to precisely explicate physical processes step by step. Divided into sections discussing theory, practice and engineering applications, miscellany, downforce, economics (in particular the problem of keeping costs down), The Automotive Aerodynamics Handbook is a "must-have" for experts and aspiring experts in the field striving to keep their knowledge up-to-date and who need immediate access to a thorough and detailed reference to a complex and technical subject.
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Publication:Internet Bookwatch
Date:Dec 1, 2006
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