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The Afterlife of Leslie Stringfellow.

The Afterlife of Leslie Stringfellow

Stephen Chism

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The Afterlife of Leslie Stringfellow: A Nineteenth-Century Southern Family's Experiences with Spiritualism spiritualism: see spiritism.

Belief that the souls of the dead can make contact with the living, usually through a medium or during abnormal mental states such as trances.
 is the true story of a well-educated, nineteenth-century family's contact with their deceased son Leslie Stringfellow. Over the course of fifteen years, their connection to the beyond through seance messages and "automatic writing" guided their actions in the recovery of an inheritance and the adoption of an orphan orphan: see adoption; foundling hospital; guardian and ward.

See widow & orphan.
See also Abandonment.

Adverse, Anthony

finally, at middle age, discovers origins. [Am. Lit.
 girl who grew up to be an active suffragist and newspaper editor. Stringfellow also described his personal afterlife and a detailed survey of the geography of paradise. In 191, Stringfellow's mother and her adopted daughter contacted Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock A Macintosh utility starting with Version 8.5 of the operating system that provides a common facility for searching the local hard disk, the local network and the Internet.  Holmes, who urged them to publish their manuscript and even proposed and experiment concerning his own deceased son, Kingsley Doyle, who was killed in World War I. A handful of vintage black-and-white photographs round out this compilation of extensive research including some letters published for the first time. A "must-have" for metaphysical met·a·phys·i·cal  
1. Of or relating to metaphysics.

2. Based on speculative or abstract reasoning.

3. Highly abstract or theoretical; abstruse.

a. Immaterial; incorporeal.
 studies shelves concerned with what comes after death.
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Date:Jan 1, 2007
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