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The 57th annual ASBC meeting.

(1.) Outgoing ASBC president Inge Russell, of John Labatt Ltd., congratulates incoming president Dick Pyler of Coors Brewing Co. (2.) John Britnell, president of the MBAA, addressed the gathered American Society of Brewing Chemists at the opening luncheon. (3.) Hop maven Gail Nickerson of Oregon State University moderated the technical session on hops. (4.) Miyoko Ono of Suntory discussed the fractionation of hop oil and hop bittering compound. (5.) Janet Deline of the Sleeman Brewing Co. discussed the start-up and operationof a small-scale brewing operation. (6.) Joseph Van Waesberghe asked the question 'Is it worth the effort to do Lipoxygenase research on barley and malt?' (7.) Godfrey Palmer of the International Centre for Brewing and Distilling at Heriot Watt University delivered the keynote address, a discussion of the future of cereal science and malting technology. (8.) Leen Verhagen of Heineken Technisch Beheer expounded on the "Application of Electrokinetic Separation Methods in the Analysis of Hop and Beer Bitter compounds."

(1.) Duane Falk of the University of Guelph offered the paper "Application of RFLP Technology in Assessing Malting and Brewing Quality in Barley." (2.) Atsushi Murakami of Kirin shared findings on "New Japanese Hop Varieties with High Alpha-Acids Content." (3.) Norman Kendall, of the Brewing & Malting Research Institute, addressed the ASBC on the subject of breeding for quality in Canadian malt barley. (4.) Mustafa Rehmanji, of Prairie Malt, delivered the paper "The Potential of Abscisic Acid Analogs in Malting." (5.) Al Haunhold of the United States Department of Agriculture delivered the paper, "Native North American Hops: A New Genetic Resource?". (6.) David Ryder of J.E. Siebel & Sons served as moderator for one technical session. (7.) Kerry Roche of Millipore delivers the paper, "The Retention of Spoilage Microorganisms by Polyvinylidenefluoride Microporous Membranes with Various Retention ratings." (8.) Bennie Basson, of Southern Associated Maltsters shared his findings on the "Effect of Cobalt Irradiation on Quality Characteristics of Clipper Barley and Malt." (9.) Ilse Shelton of J.E. Siebel & Sons moderated the opening seminar, an examination of quality control for the small brewer and microbrewer. (10.) Miller Brewing Co.'s John Collier offered "Alternative Techniques for Beer Decarbonation."

(1.) Jean-Pierre Dufour discussed the measurement of free and bound SO2. (2.) Hugo Patino of Coors delivered a paper on the "Adjustments to Beer Density for Carbon Dioxide Partial Molal Volume and Residual Carbonation after Degassing." (3.) Arie Drecksen of South African Breweries offered the paper "Rapid Quantification of Flavour Active Sulpher Compound in Beer." (4.) Anthony Irwin (left), of John Labatt Limited stands before his poster, "A Convenient Gas Chromatographic Method for the Identification and Quantitative Analysis of Organic Acids in Beer." (5.) Many attendees spent time talking with the representatives of the more than 20 industry suppliers represented at the convention trade show. (6.) Herb Wagner of John Labatt Limited discusses his poster "The Determination of Sulfite in Beer Using Ion Exchange Chromatography and Pulsed Amperometric Detection," with several interested colleagues." (7.) Mel Feit explains an aspect of his work from the poster, "Multiresidue Pestiide Surveillance Program PPB Screening for 150 Compounds." (8.) Dr. Luc Bordeleau of John Labatt Limited, standing before the poster "Model Studies and Taste Threshold Determination of 3-Methyl-2-Butene-1-Thiol in Beer."

(1.) Laurie Marinac and Berne Jones of the United States Department of Agriculture stand before their poster "Investigation of Inhibitors from Ungerminated Barley the Inhibit Malt Proteinases." (2.) Stephanie Boyles of the Coors Brewing Co. with the poster, "Method for the analysis of Anions and Organic Acids in all Phases of Beer Using Gradient Ion Chromatography." (3.) At the opening reception, Charlie Papazian (left) of the Institute of Brewing Studies talks with Susan Rasmussen of the Coors Brewing Co. and Jim Munroe of Miller Brewing Co. (4.) Bob and Bea Lincoln of the Coors Brewing Co. Enjoy the opening ASBC reception. (5.) James Haug of Lange U.S.A. (left) converses with Cecile Siegel-Sebolt of HopUnion U.S.A. and her husband Mark.
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Title Annotation:American Society of Brewing Chemists meets in San Antonio, Texas
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 15, 1991
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