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The 1989 CIC salary survey.

The 1989 CIC Salary Survey

This article presents an analysis of the 1800 usable replies which were returned by the membership for our CIC Salary Survey for 1989. Questionnaires for this survey were distributed late in 1989 along with the membership fee invoices for 1990.

As in previous years survey replies were separated unopened as received, and were opened and processed by CIC staff a later date to ensure anonymity to respondents.


Table 1 presents an overview of all usable replies. Changes from 1989 over 1988 for the various categories in the survey must be regarded with more than normal caution because of the unusually low response to the 1988 survey. (The CIC Salary Survey for 1988 appeared in Canadian Chemical News/L'actualite chimique canadienne, November/December '89, p. 25-28.)

Year of Graduation

Table 2 analyzes annual earnings reported by all participants according to year of graduation (bachelor's degree or equivalent) from 1947 to 1989. Data are reported for average, median and quartiles. Readers could combine Tables 1 and 2 to apply the results to their own circumstances.

Other Categories

Tables 3, 4, 5 and 6 extend the analysis by examining various categories within the chemical professions. Please note that data in these tables have been smoothed by means of the five year moving average technique; e.g. the data for 1966 are obtained by averaging all pertinent replies for 1964-68 inclusive, and the data for 1967 are the averages for 1965-1969.


Thanks go to those who took a few moments to complete and return the questionnaire. The analysis can be no better than the data provided, and we ask non-participants who read this article out of curiosity or self-interest to consider participating in future surveys.


Inquiries or comments concerning this survey should be addressed to the Executive Director, The Chemical Institute of Canada, 130 Slater Street, Suite 550, Ottawa, Ontario, KIP 6E2; 613-232-6252; fax 613-232-5862.
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Date:Jan 1, 1991
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