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That's disgusting ... but cool.

Kids' unsqueamish interest in all things dirty, dead and disgusting may give parents a headache, but it also is a great tool to use in teaching tots about the world around them. In the colorful new book, Nature's Yucky! (Mountain Press Publishing, $10), by Lee Ann Landstrom and Karen I. Shragg, kids can learn about the grossest of the gross--including vomit vomit /vom·it/ (vom´it)
1. to eject stomach contents through the mouth.

2. matter expelled from the stomach by the mouth.
, pee pee Vox populi Micturate, urinate  and poop--and how wild animals WILD ANIMALS. Animals in a state of nature; animals ferae naturae. Vide Animals; Ferae naturae.  use these processes to thrive and survive. Even more modest adults will learn something, such as the fact that sea stars put their stomachs outside their bodies to eat and western painted turtles painted turtle

Species (Chrysemys picta, family Emydidae) of brightly marked North American turtle found from southern Canada to northern Mexico. It has a smooth shell, 4–7 in.
 breathe through their butts. Balanced with bright, detailed illustrations and fun facts, the book turns kids' "yucky" fascinations into a cool course on the coarse. And as an added bonus, kids can use a recipe in the back of the book to make their own edible animal scat in various, um, lifelike shapes.
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Title Annotation:Nature's Yucky!
Author:Manning, Becca
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 2003
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