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Thanks for a good news story to counter all the bad; Soapbox.

Mary Mary, the mother of Jesus
Mary, in the Bible, mother of Jesus. Christian tradition reckons her the principal saint, naming her variously the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady, and Mother of God (Gr., theotokos). Her name is the Hebrew Miriam.
 Merchant, 62, from Splott, Cardiff Cardiff (kär`dĭf), Welsh Caerdydd, city and county (1998 est. pop. 320,900), S Wales, on the Taff River near its mouth on the Bristol Channel. Cardiff is the capital of Wales and an important port. Until the early 20th cent. , believes the good work that many youngsters do for people tends to be overshadowed by bad news.

EARLIER this week, my granddaughter Hayley Hayley (IPA pronunciation: [ˈheɪli]) is typically a female given name, but can also be used as a male given name[1] or a surname.  ScottoD'Abusco was featured in the Echo for her role as a young person's ambassador.

I would like to thank the Echo for the story because what Hayley has done has made myself, my husband David, her parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and her great-grandfather Great´-grand´fa`ther

n. 1. The father of one's grandfather or grandmother.

great-grandfather nbisabuelo

great-grandfather great n
 very proud.

It is especially nice to see, because so many of the stories you see and hear about youngsters nowadays are about them doing something wrong.

Having been a school governor, I know there are still many, many good children out there who are prepared to give up their time to do things for other people - but it is not always so widely published because of bad news surrounding sur·round  
tr.v. sur·round·ed, sur·round·ing, sur·rounds
1. To extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle.

2. To enclose or confine on all sides so as to bar escape or outside communication.

 young people.

It is disappointing that such bad news always seems to get a higher-profile than the good news, and maybe young people who do their best to help in any way do not get the praise they deserve.

We don't don't  

1. Contraction of do not.

2. Nonstandard Contraction of does not.

A statement of what should not be done: a list of the dos and don'ts.
 have words to express what we feel about what Hayley has done, but she has not done it on her own - you cannot always be expected to at a young age.

She has had a lot of backing from her school and other people and I feel it is up to adults to encourage young people, so in later years they will pass the message on to others and hopefully persuade them to do the right thing.

Education has a lot to do to teach youngsters the difference between right and wrong, but it can only go so far - it is everyone's responsibility to encourage young people to lead better lives.

I believe it is heartwarming heart·warm·ing or heart-warm·ing  
1. Causing gladness and pleasure.

2. Eliciting sympathy and tender feelings: a heartwarming tale.

Adj. 1.
 to see stories like Hayley's - it has made us all very proud, and I hope other children follow in her footsteps and make their families proud as well.


Hayley ScottoD'Abusco
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Dec 14, 2001
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