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Tender Board/Meeting.

Muscat Muscat, Maskat, or Masqat (all: mŭs`kăt, mŭs`kət), city (1993 pop. 533,774), capital of Oman, SE Arabia, on the Gulf of Oman. It is flanked by rugged mountains. , Oct 20 (ONA)---The Tender Board today held its 13th meeting of the year. The board approved construction of the new water desalination Water desalination

The removal of dissolved minerals (including salts) from seawater or brackish water. This may occur naturally as part of the hydrologic cycle, or as an engineered process.
 and power production plant in Salalah, the Governorate of Dhofar (privatization privatization: see nationalization.

Transfer of government services or assets to the private sector. State-owned assets may be sold to private owners, or statutory restrictions on competition between privately and publicly owned
 scheme). It awarded tenders worth (RO.88,860,007) as follows: <p>Aa

AaAa construction of Rass Al Hadd airport (second package) (RO.40,500,000)

construction of Al Duqum Water Supply Network (RO.16,395,530)

construction of recharge dams at Wadi Nam, Al Rasah and Al Uqaidah in the wilayat of Al Qabil in the Sharqiyah region (RO.6,156,250)

Building (44) housing units and public utilities at the villages of Hafr, Al Ghashabah, Al Hafir in the Wilayat of Bahla in the Dakhiliyah region (RO.1,828,670)

Additional works for construction of the Education Ministry's building at the Airport Heights in the Wilayat of Baushar (RO.1,787,800)

Supplying and installing electric condensers (2x20 mvar) at Jahlout main power transformers in the Wilayat of Al A'mirat in the Muscat Governorate (RO.1,497,661)

Construction of a power line (33 kV) from the Airport Heights Main Station to the Airport and Ghala transformers stations in the Muscat Governorate (RO.1,048,048)

Transporting and installing power production units from Ja'lan Bani Bu Hassan to Khasab Power Station in the Musandam Governorate (RO.988,281)

Construction of the Metallurgical Lab in Ghala in the Muscat Governorate (RO.929,498)

Upgrading capacity of the power transformers station in the Wilayat of A'Seeb in the Muscat Governorate from (63 MVA MVA
motor vehicle accident

MVA Motor vehicular/vehicle accident, see there
) to (132/33 KV) and (125 MVA) (RO.893,893).

Aa11- Provision of consultancy services for the design and supervision for the rehabilitation of Izki/Fark road and Merfa Falaj Daris / Ghaft road (RO.824,950).

12- Construction of Sohar Health Centre in the Al Batinah region Al Bāţinah (Arabic: الباطنة) is one of the regions (mintaqah) of Oman.

Al Batinah Region, otherwise known as Al Batinah Coast is one of the most highly populated regions of Oman.

13- construction of Rustaq Health Center in the Al Batinah region (RO.750,000).

14-Addition of electricity production units at Madha power plan in Musandam Governorate (RO.684,560).

15- Construction of a male school ( 16 classrooms) at Al Hajir in the wilayat of Dima and Wa'Taein in the Al Sharqiyah region (RO.651,160).

16- Additional works for the construction of Liwa power plant and transmission line, Wadi Al Jizi/Liwa/Shinas (RO.521,084).

17- Supply and installation of medical equipment for the ICU ICU intensive care unit.

intensive care unit


see intensive care unit.

 at Khoula hospital (RO.476,861).

18- Construction of power transformer plant 33/11 kv, 2x2 MVA at the Wilayat of Khabourah in Batinah region (RO.473,450).

19- Additional works for the provision of operation and maintenance services for Rimal Al Sharqiyah Water Basin project (RO.356,601).

20- Preparing the sustainable development Sustainable development is a socio-ecological process characterized by the fulfilment of human needs while maintaining the quality of the natural environment indefinitely. The linkage between environment and development was globally recognized in 1980, when the International Union  strategy for the Animal Wealth

( RO.336,438).

21- Construction of warehouses for the Justice Ministry at the Airport Heights in Muscat governorate (RO.333,563).

22- Supply, installation and operation of equipment for the pipe fitting workshop at Oman Dry Rock Company (RO.321,996).

23- Construction of halls and additional offices at the Directorate General of Manpower in the Sohar Industrial Estate in the Batinah region (RO.307,133).

24- Consultancy services for the construction of Wadi Udai plant and the transmission line between Wadi Udai and Al Misfat plant in the Wilayat of Baushar (RO.303,229).

25- Provision of consultancy services for the construction of Misfat plant and the transmission line between Barka and Al Misfat in the wilayat of Baushar (RO.297,600).

26- Designing, supply and installation of 11KV electric switches and control system at Masira Power Production and Water Desalination Plant in Al Sharqiyah region (RO.264,960).

27- Preparing a comprehensive study on Oman Economy Future Vision 2020 (RO. 255,225).

28- Additional works for the supply and installation of equipment and operation accessories for printing the title deeds at the Real Estate Secretariat (RO.144,000).

29- Additional works for the operation and maintenance of water networks at the wilayat of Barka (RO.143,806).

30-Additional works for the Wave water supply in the wilayat of Baushar


31- Additional works for the provision of consultancy services for Al Duqum airport project in the Al Wusta region Al Wusta Region or mintaqah al wusta:
  • Al Wusta Region (Oman)
  • Al Wusta Region (Bahrain)
See also: Al Wusta

32- Additional works for the supply of water to Sanab- Al Hamam-Falaj Al-Sham villages and the nearby villages in the wilayat of Baushar (RO.106,288).


Aa The Tender Board also opened bid for the tender No. 237/2009 related to construction of civil aviation building, which is part of Muscat International Airport and Salalah Airport Salalah Airport (IATA:SLL, ICAO:OOSA) is the Sultanate of Oman's second gateway. It is located on the Salalah coastal plain, 5.5 kilometers northeast of Salalah's city centre.  Development Project.


AaAaAa The Board also approved a number of change orders related to ongoing projects and discussed a number of correspondences from Government's ministries and departments and took appropriate decisions.

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