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Ten insurgents killed, ammunition seized.

Byline: Khan khan

Historically, the ruler or monarch of a Mongol tribe. Early on a distinction was made between the title of khan and that of khakan, or “great khan.” Later the term khan was adopted by the Seljuq and Khwarezm-Shah dynasties as a title for the highest
 Wali Salarzai & Zubair Babakarkhel

Ten insurgents Insurgents, in U.S. history, the Republican Senators and Representatives who in 1909–10 rose against the Republican standpatters controlling Congress, to oppose the Payne-Aldrich tariff and the dictatorial power of House speaker Joseph G. Cannon.  killed, ammunition This article is largely based on the article in the out-of-copyright 11th edition of the Encyclopdia Britannica, which was produced in 1911. It should be brought up to date to reflect subsequent history or scholarship (including the references, if any).  seized

Khan Wali Salarzai & Zubair Babakarkhel - Mar 15, 2008 - 17:57

KABUL/ASADABAD (PAN): Afghan and NATO NATO: see North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
 in full North Atlantic Treaty Organization

International military alliance created to defend western Europe against a possible Soviet invasion.
 troops claimed on Saturday killing ten insurgents during different operations conducted in various areas of Kunar, Zabul and Helmand provinces.

NATO spokesman for eastern zone, Dr. Muhammad Shafiq Hamdam told Pajhwok Afghan News five fighters were killed last night during operation in the Korengal valley of the eastern Kunar province.

Spokesman informed while NATO and Afghan National Army Afghan National Army (ANA) is a service branch of the Military of Afghanistan that is currently being trained by the to ultimately take the lead in land-based military operations.  troops were patrolling in the Aliabad area of the korengal faced harsh resistance from militants.

He added the troops asked for airstrike on the region and as a result five insurgents were killed.

NATO spokesman also informed in last evening fighting one militant was killed and another injured in·jure  
tr.v. in·jured, in·jur·ing, in·jures
1. To cause physical harm to; hurt.

2. To cause damage to; impair.

 and seized a depot of the weapons.

In a statement emailed to this news agency from Defence ministry information office in Kabul claimed killing of four Taliban in different firefights in the Zabul and southern Helmand provinces.

The statement revealed two militants were perished and five other suffered wounds during an operation held in the Nakhon area of the Maizan district of the Zabul province.

While, two other militants were killed in a joint operation of Afghan and NATO troops in the Saeedan village of the Greshk district of the southern Helmand province, a statement added.

After the operation the troops also seized a rocket, a machinegun, 8 remote-controlled mines, four anti-personal mines, hand grenades and a large number of ammunitions placed in the region.


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Publication:Pajhwok Afghan News (Kabul, Afghanistan)
Geographic Code:9AFGH
Date:Mar 15, 2008
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