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Telephone Pioneers Can Help with Your Local Millennium Celebration.


Honor the Past-Imagine the Future

The White House Millennium Communities Program, launched by First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton in January, is designed to foster celebrations consistent with the theme "Honor the Past; Imagine the Future" in communities across the nation.

The National League of Cities and other groups representing local and state governments are partners in this program, and are encouraging local governments to apply for the Millennium Community designation. Last month, NLC and the U.S. Conference of Mayors mailed application materials to local chief elected officials throughout the country.

Another Millennium Community partner is BellSouth, which developed the Millennium Communities website at The website includes application forms, program information, a handbook with sample Millennium Community activities, and a map to recognize designated communities.

BellSouth also helped secure the commitment of the Telephone Pioneers of America, the largest industry-related volunteer organization in the world, to assist with the Millennium Communities program. The Telephone Pioneers membership of more than 800,000 is made up of current and retired employees of the telephone industry, including Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, Southwestern Bell, BellSouth, U.S. West, Lucent Technologies, AT&T, and others. These members of the highly competitive telecommunications industry have united around a common cause of caring for their communities.

Earlier this month, the Pioneers unanimously approved their participation in this project. With Pioneer volunteers in every state, the organization can be of tremendous assistance to our elected officials in designing and implementing Millennium Community projects. The Pioneers contribute a total of approximately 25 million volunteer hours annually to their projects, with a special focus on education-related projects.

The Pioneers can be a valuable resource to cities undertaking Millennium Community activities. In addition to volunteering their time, the Pioneers also can assist cities who do not have access to the Internet with the Millennium Community application process.

For more information or to coordinate the participation of Pioneers in your community, contact contact Bob Toye, at 303-571-9274.
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Author:Fletcher, Jeff
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Apr 12, 1999
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