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AnchorPoint, a provider of integrated telecommunications financial management (TFM TFM Traffic Flow Management
TFM TeX Font Metrics
TFM Transportacion Ferroviaria Mexicana
TFM Trusted Facility Manual
TFM Testicular Feminization
TFM Total Facility Management
TFM Tentative Final Monograph
TFM Transaction Flow Manager
TFM Thermally Fused Melamine
) solutions, has announced that it is partnering with Business Objects, a leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions, to develop a new set of dynamic reporting and analytics tools for the AnchorPoint suite of TFM applications.

AnchorPoint is incorporating BusinessObjects[TM] 6.5 and Business Objects Performance Management tools into the new AnchorPoint analytics package to offer customers a set of advanced business intelligence capabilities, including dashboards, scorecards and ad hoc For this purpose. Meaning "to this" in Latin, it refers to dealing with special situations as they occur rather than functions that are repeated on a regular basis. See ad hoc query and ad hoc mode.  reporting tools. The new package will augment aug·ment  
v. aug·ment·ed, aug·ment·ing, aug·ments
1. To make (something already developed or well under way) greater, as in size, extent, or quantity:
 the comprehensive reporting and analytic tools currently available with the product and help customers take further advantage of the wealth of information contained within the AnchorPoint TFM solution.

"With this new set of analytic tools, AnchorPoint users--ranging from C-level executives and financial analysts to business line managers and telecom operators--will be able to design and receive personalized per·son·al·ize  
tr.v. per·son·al·ized, per·son·al·iz·ing, per·son·al·iz·es
1. To take (a general remark or characterization) in a personal manner.

2. To attribute human or personal qualities to; personify.
 Web-based reports that detail their specific communications budgets, assets and usage," Framingham, Mass,-based AnchorPoint said in an announcement. "By delivering relevant data to the right people, using business terminology, this analytics package will allow organizations to more effectively leverage TFM to minimize expenses, maximize ROI (Return On Investment) The monetary benefits derived from having spent money on developing or revising a system. In the IT world, there are more ways to compute ROI than Carter has liver pills (and for those of you who never heard of that expression, it means a lot).  on assets and improve the operational efficiency of the company."

AnchorPoint 5.0's integrated invoice, asset and usage management modules leverage the AnchorPoint Communications Intelligence Database The aggregate of technical information and intelligence derived from the interception and analysis of foreign communications (excluding press, propaganda, and public broadcast) used in the direction and redirection of communications intelligence intercept, analysis, and reporting activities.  and dynamic reporting and analytic tools to enable enterprises to re-allocate or eliminate costs, improve operating efficiencies and increase ROI from their telecom/IT investments.

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Title Annotation:technologyTOOLS; AnchorPoint and Business Objects S.A.'s partnership
Publication:Financial Executive
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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