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Telebit ships two new analog and ISDN remote access products: MicaBlazer remote access server and the MICA Granite for NetBlazer; High-density, high-performance, low-cost digital modem remote access solutions for enterprises and ISPs.

CHELMSFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 14, 1996. Telebit Corp. (NASDAQ: TBIT), an innovator of remote access digital communications, today announced the general availability of two new remote access products based on Telebit's award-winning Modem ISDN Channel Aggregation (MICA) technology -- the MicaBlazer remote access server and the MICA Granite for NetBlazer digital modem card.

MicaBlazer is a fully-integrated remote access server that is preconfigured with 24 to 60 v.34 digital modems. MICA Granite for NetBlazer is a high-density digital modem card, available in configurations of 24 and 30 digital modems, that plugs into Telebit's NetBlazer remote access server, providing the NetBlazer with up to 60 v.34 internal digital modems. Both products incorporate Telebit's second-generation MICA digital modem technology. MICA uses advanced digital signal processing (DSP) techniques to aggregate all network traffic, both analog and ISDN, onto high-capacity T1/E1 Primary Rate Interface (PRI) lines, providing a cost-effective, streamlined remote access application.

Designed for the central site and for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), MicaBlazer and MICA Granite Card for NetBlazer provide low-cost, high-density, flexible remote access solutions that can accommodate both ISDN and dial-in analog modem users. "We're thrilled with our MICA implementation and can't wait to upgrade our remote POPs (Point of Presence)," said James Fabin, System Administrator for eNET Inc., the largest ISP in Ohio. "MicaBlazer provides solid, reliable performance even during heavy usage, while other solutions often break under strenuous conditions."

"Our new MICA-based products represent a breakthrough in remote access," said James D. Norrod, president and CEO of Telebit Corp. "By incorporating our new MICA all-digital modem technology into the MicaBlazer and NetBlazer, we've defined new benchmarks in remote access solutions."

Unique All-Digital Implementation Results in Superior Performance

Unlike first generation digital modem applications, MICA uses an all-digital implementation. The architecture eliminates the digital-to-analog-to-digital conversion normally associated with first generation technology, allowing the digital signal coming through the ISDN line to stay digital. The result is a cleaner signal path, with less noise introduced into the process and higher speed connection rates.

Highest Port Density

MICA supports multiple modem sessions per DSP and multiple DSPs per ISA card, yielding twice the density of other solutions. Only Telebit has compressed as many as 30 digital modems on a single ISA card, making it the highest port density in the industry.

Low Price per Port

Digital modem technology usually represents the major cost in a remote access solution. Because Telebit has developed its own modem technology, it is able to set new standards in price per port at 30-50 percent less than other solutions.


The MicaBlazer multiprotocol remote access server is pre-configured with the MICA digital modem card set. It comes standard with two T1/E1/PRI ports, 24 or 30 internal digital modems, a STAC compression card, a single tri-media ethernet port, a 100 MHz 486 CPU and 8MB of RAM. MicaBlazer is available in two models - the MicaBlazer T24, which includes a dual T1 PRI card and 24 digital modems, and the MicaBlazer E30, which includes a dual E1 PRI card and 30 digital modems. The base configuration may be upgraded with up to 60 digital modems, to be made available at a future time.

MICA Granite for NetBlazer

The MICA Granite digital modem card transforms the NetBlazer 40i remote access server into a high-density, fully-integrated analog and ISDN solution with up to 60 internal digital modems. MICA Granite for NetBlazer is available in two versions - the DM24, with 24 digital modems for T1 standards, and the DM30, with 30 digital modems for E1 standards. Configurations of 6, 12 and 18 modems will be available at a future time.

Price and Availability

MicaBlazer and MICA Granite for NetBlazer are now available for purchase through Telebit's standard distribution channels. The MicaBlazer T24 model is priced at $17,999 (USD) and the MicaBlazer E30 model is priced at $19,799 (USD). MICA Granite Card DM24 is priced at $8,999 (USD) and MICA Granite Card DM30 is priced at $10,999 (USD).

About Telebit

Telebit Corp. is an innovator of remote access digital communications solutions and its products are used worldwide in commercial applications. The company has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia, and markets its products in over 80 countries through value-added resellers, wholesale distributors and OEMs. Company news and product information is available from Telebit's Web site:

Recently, Cisco Systems Inc. announced that it had entered into a definitive agreement with Telebit to acquire Telebit through a cash-for-stock merger, whereby Telebit shareholders will receive $13.35 per share in cash. As a result of the merger, Cisco will acquire Telebit's MICA technology. In conjunction with the merger, Telebit's management intends to form a new remote access products and services company. The transaction will be executed as a management buyout of substantially all of Telebit's assets, other than its patents and MICA technology. The newly-formed company will assume the name Telebit and will be privately held. In addition, the new company will license MICA technology from Cisco for incorporation into its remote access product line.

The statements in this release relating to future plans, events or performance are forward-looking statements that involve risk and uncertainty. Actual results may differ materially due to a variety of risk factors. Information about certain of these factors is contained in our most recently filed Report on Form 10-K. Copies of our most recent Form 10-K are available from Telebit by contacting the Investor Relations Department.


Telebit and NetBlazer are registered trademarks, and MICA, MicaBlazer, MICA Granite and the MICA designs are trademarks of Telebit Corporation. All other trademarks are respective of their holders.

CONTACT: Telebit Corp.

Anna Morbelli, 508/656-9497
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Date:Aug 14, 1996
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