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Teknor Launches New Communications Class of Extremely Dense Single Slot CompactPCI SBCs.

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SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 26, 2001

Teknor sets industry first with extremely dense

CompactPCI(R) SBC (1) (SBC Communications Inc., San Antonio, TX, A large, national telecommunications company that grew from a multitude of local and regional companies, including Southwestern Bell, Pacific Bell and Nevada Bell, into a single, unified brand by 2002.  solutions

Teknor introduces a new series of CompactPCI single board computers that offers unparalleled computing performance for carrier-

and data service-level applications

Intel(R) Developer Forum Conference (IDF (Intermediate Distribution Frame) A wiring rack located between the MDF (main distribution frame) and the intended end user devices (telephones, routers, PCs, etc.). Cables run from the outside world to the MDF and then to the IDFs. See MDF and wiring rack.  Spring 2001):

Teknor Applicom Inc., a Kontron company, today launched a new family of highly dense system and peripheral CompactPCI single board computers designed to deliver an unprecedented level of performance for customers that supply open systems solutions in the Internet and telecommunications infrastructure market.

The first two SBCs to inaugurate the series are the cPCI-MXS64GX system processor and the cPCI-MXP64GX peripheral processor. Both are the first in the industry to offer increased memory capacity - up to 1.5 GB SDRAM (Synchronous DRAM) A type of dynamic RAM (DRAM) memory chip that has been widely used since the late 1990s. SDRAM chips eliminated wait states by dividing the chip into two cell blocks and interleaving data between them.  - and remain in a (4HP) single slot footprint. The result is a powerful, dense solution for scalable multi-processing using IPTalky(tm) technology (IP on CompactPCI bus) for Windows(R) NT, VxWorks, pSOS and Linux-based applications.

"This next-generation of SBCs highlights Teknor's commitment to offer undeniably compelling solutions in the world of open systems designs sold in the datacom and telecom markets," explained Philippe Muraglia, Product Marketing Director, CompactPCI at Teknor. "Density is the name of the game for today's board level solutions, and Teknor is at the vanguard of ensuring customers stay ahead of the bandwidth curve for greater performance in ever increasingly smaller work environments."

Hot-swappable 64-bit system processing

Teknor's cPCI-MXS64GX system processor integrates a full spectrum of high availability features and increased performance with double the memory of its predecessor. Targeted at manufacturers of CTI servers, VoIP equipment and broadband data or intelligent network switches, the cPCI-MXS64GX is capable of handling even higher bandwidth applications by offering, in a single slot form factor, up to 1.5 GB of SDRAM by using the Intel 440GX AGPset. It features an Intel(R) Pentium(R) III - Low Power processor with up to a 700 MHz clock speed, a Front Side Bus of 100 MHz, a 64-bit PCI bus, and SCSI-2 LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) A transmission method for sending digital information. LVDS sends data over data high and data low lines rather than data and ground. .

To meet the demands of near real-time and real-time, mission critical datacom and telecom applications, Teknor's cPCI-MXS64GX is loaded with other high availability features such as hot swap capability, dual Ethernet, IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) A protocol for monitoring server hardware for temperature, voltage, chassis intrusion, etc. Introduced in 1998 by Intel, HP, NEC and Dell, IPMI defines a standard set of messages for the characteristics of hardware  controller, low power dissipation and passive cooling. Add standard Teknor mezzanine cards to expand its interface capabilities from seven to 14 CompactPCI I/O slots, or benefit from support for a standard 2.5" IDE mezzanine in a single (4HP) slot. The cPCI-MXS64GX may be also combined with Teknor's cPCI-MXP, cPCI-MXP64, or cPCI-MXP64GX peripheral processors for scalable multi-processing using IPTalky(tm) technology.

Superior clustered multiprocessing performance in 4HP form factor

The cPCI-MXP64GX is Teknor's next generation peripheral processor that offers an enhanced feature-set - including now up to 1.5 GB of SDRAM - designed into a single slot 4HP form factor. Hot swappable and exceptionally reliable, the cPCI-MXP64GX is ideal for solution providers who deliver mission critical applications in both the data communications and telecommunications markets.

The cPCI-MXP64GX is built with an ultra high performance Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor - Low Power, with a 100 MHz Front Side Bus and a clock speed of up to 700 MHz. Other performance enhancements include the integration of a 64-bit CPCI See CompactPCI.  bus, and a unique standalone circuitry that enables the SBC to operate independently of the system processor. The end result is a solution with superb performance, increased MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) The average time a component works without failure. It is the number of failures divided by the hours under observation.

MTBF - Mean Time Between Failures
 (Mean-Time-Between-Failure), and a very high density feature-set. It also provides dual Ethernet support for routing LAN (Local Area Network) A communications network that serves users within a confined geographical area. The "clients" are the user's workstations typically running Windows, although Mac and Linux clients are also used.  traffic or for VoIP applications that require complete redundancy.

Additional on-board features include Intelligent Platform Management Interface The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) specification defines a set of common interfaces to computer hardware and firmware which system administrators can use to monitor system health and manage the system. Several dozen companies support IPMI.  (IPMI) implemented using a non-board micro-controller, one multiple mode parallel port (SPP, EPP (1) (Enhanced Parallel Port) See IEEE 1284.

(2) (Ethernet Packet Processor) A chip from Kalpana, Inc., Santa Clara, CA that doubles speed of Ethernet transmission to 20Mbits/sec. In 1994, Kalpana was acquired by Cisco.
, ECP), two serial ports, and a 64-bit AGP CRT (1) (C RunTime) See runtime library.

(2) (Cathode Ray Tube) A vacuum tube used as a display screen in a computer monitor or TV. The viewing end of the tube is coated with phosphors, which emit light when struck by electrons.
 SVGA (Super VGA) A screen resolution of 800x600 pixels. Third-party vendors extended IBM's VGA display standard and were the first to use the term. SVGA has also referred to 1,024x768 resolutions. See PC display modes.  controller with 2 MB video memory. Another key feature is the cPCI-MXP64GX is capable of supporting a standard 2.5" IDE drive mezzanine in a single (4HP) slot, ideal for additional storage applications.

Pricing and Availability

Both the cPCI-MXS64GX system processor and the cPCI-MXP64GX peripheral processor are available immediately. Please call for pricing. (OEM prices are available).

About Teknor

Teknor Applicom, a Kontron company, is a global OEM that designs and manufactures innovative building blocks dedicated to its communications class of open platforms capable of supporting numerous network applications in today's Internet and telecommunications infrastructure. Teknor's innovative services and high performance PCI (1) (Payment Card Industry) See PCI DSS.

(2) (Peripheral Component Interconnect) The most widely used I/O bus (peripheral bus).
 and CompactPCI platforms provide customers with the competitive advantage to market complete, value-added solutions directly to carrier, enterprise and service provider vendors.

As a charter member of Intel's Applied Computing Platform Provider (ACPP ACPP Applied Computing Platform Provider
ACPP Australian College of Pharmacy Practice
ACPP Africa Conflict Prevention Pool
ACPP Arise Citizens' Policy Project (Montgomery, Alabama)
ACPP Access Control Point Program
) program, Teknor's customers possess timely technological advantages over their competitors. Teknor is also the North American communications competence center for Kontron Embedded Computers AG, and is the only embedded computer vendor to offer engineering and manufacturing resources in both North America and Europe.

Additional information about Teknor is available at or by calling (450) 430-5682.
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