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Teens and smoking.


This chart provides some of the results of a recent smoking-related
survey of U.S. teenagers. Study it, then answer the following

                                                        No Opinion or
                                     Agree   Disagree    Don't Know

Chewing tobacco and snuff cause
  cancer.                             95         2            3
I strongly dislike being around
  smokers.                            65        22           13
It's safe to smoke for only a year
  or two.                              7        92            1
Seeing someone smoke turns me off.    67        22           10
Smoking can help you when you're
  bored.                               7        92            1
Smoking helps reduce stress.          21        78            3
Smoking helps you keep your weight
  down.                               18        80            2

* All numbers are percentages. Due to rounding, figures per category
may not add up to 100.

Source: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

1. Considering the chart overall, would you say that most teens approve or disapprove dis·ap·prove  
v. dis·ap·proved, dis·ap·prov·ing, dis·ap·proves
1. To have an unfavorable opinion of; condemn.

2. To refuse to approve; reject.

 of smoking?


2. To which statement did the largest percentage of teens respond as "No opinion or Don't know Don't know (DK, DKed)

"Don't know the trade." A Street expression used whenever one party lacks knowledge of a trade or receives conflicting instructions from the other party.

-- 3. What percentage of teens might be tempted to smoke if they were dieting?--

4. The greatest percentage of teens agreeing with one of these statements believes what?


5. What was the opinion of 65 out of every I00 teens surveyed?--

6. Ten percent of the teens surveyed neither agreed nor disagreed with which statement?


7. Which of the statements might be made by someone bothered both·er  
v. both·ered, both·er·ing, both·ers
1. To disturb or anger, especially by minor irritations; annoy. See Synonyms at annoy.

 by seeing a favorite actor smoking in a movie?--

8. What percentage of teens would be unlikely to smoke before a big exam?--

9. Every day, about 4,000 kids aged 12 to 17 try their first cigarette cigarette

Paper-wrapped roll of finely cut tobacco for smoking. Cigarette tobacco is usually milder than cigar tobacco. The Aztecs and other New World peoples smoked tobacco in hollow reeds, in canes, or wrapped in leaves, but it was in pipes and as cigars (cut tobacco
. Going by this chart, how many of them may think it is OK to smoke for a short time?


10. With which of the statements do you most strongly agree? Explain.--


1. disapprove

2. "I strongly dislike being around smokers."

3. 18 percent

4. that chewing tobacco chewing tobacco,
n See smokeless tobacco.

chewing tobacco Smokeless tobacco, see there
 and using snuff snuff, preparation of pulverized tobacco used by sniffing it into the nostrils, chewing it, or placing it between the gums and the cheek. The blended tobacco from which it is made is often aged for two or three years, fermented at least twice, ground, and usually  cause cancer

5. "I strongly dislike being around smokers."

6. "Seeing someone smoke turns me off."

7. "Seeing someone smoke turns me off."

8. 78 percent

9. 280 (7 percent of 4,000)

10. Answers will vary.
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