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United States : AT&T Aspire Launches Ed-Tech Accelerator Focused on Social Impact. Jan 23, 2015 435
Eye health in 2015: OT's Ryan O'Hare reflects on clinical and technological innovations which are set to have an impact on how eye health will be delivered in the future. Jan 10, 2015 1199
Internet all set to feel the full G-force; Higher speed than ever, 5G is under development and will change the way we use the internet on the go - Peter Jenkinson gets the lowdown. Dec 13, 2014 284
Internet all set to feel the full G-force; Higher speed than ever, 5G is under development and will change the way we use the internet on the go - Peter Jenkinson gets the lowdown. Dec 11, 2014 284
New Zealand : Vacancies on the Ethics Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology. Dec 5, 2014 116
Using basic technology--and corporate social responsibility--to save lives. Bateman, Chris Dec 1, 2014 1129
The rights and wrongs of robotics: ethics and robots in public organizations. Kernaghan, Kenneth Dec 1, 2014 8869
United States : ADP Announces Expansion in Spain to Meet Ongoing Client Needs for Human Capital Management Technology and Expertise Around the World. Nov 14, 2014 443
ADP Announces Expansion in Spain to Meet Ongoing Client Needs for Human Capital Management Technology and Expertise Around the World. Nov 13, 2014 892
Fluidata Reports on the Issue of the UK's Digital Divide. Nov 7, 2014 618
Fluidata Reports on the Issue of the UK's Digital Divide. Nov 7, 2014 622
QMD workshop highlights role of technology in aviation safety. Nov 4, 2014 310
Increasing use of modern technology making its impact on Saudi culture. Oct 24, 2014 504
Bank Muscat highlights role of technology in banking. Sep 9, 2014 528
Survey says: fiber's speed changing the way we use the Internet. Sep 1, 2014 400
Preparing and conducting classes in the Project Operational Programme Human Capital (OP HC) / Information Technology: Research and interdisciplinary application / task 2 Project PO KL: A new interdisc. Aug 27, 2014 535
Preparing and conducting classes in the Project Operational Programme Human Capital (OP HC) / Information Technology: Research and interdisciplinary application / task 2 Project PO KL: A new interdisc. Aug 27, 2014 440
Central Election Commission concerned about conduct of parliamentary elections without latest technologies in 2015 due to lack of public funds. Aug 25, 2014 336
Daniel Levine: Technology Trends are Changing the Way We Drive. Jul 10, 2014 365
Consumers beware--ignorance isn't Bliss: technology consumers must increase awareness of the dangers lurking in their digital devices. Jul 1, 2014 571
Watson Water Technologies: an ethical dilemma in the workplace. Bargerstock, Andrew; Shi, Ye Jul 1, 2014 2533
United States : Dell and Texas A&M Health Science Center Create Health Technology Academy to Bridge Healthcare s Digital Divide. Jun 6, 2014 382
Bersin by Deloitte Launches Research on Successful Human Capital Management Technology Implementations with New Talent Tools & Technology Practice. Jun 4, 2014 1109
Digital dilemmas: values, ethics and information technology. Kernaghan, Kenneth Report Jun 1, 2014 8911
Teaching the digital divide: connecting students to community, knowledge, and service learning. Marrall, Rebecca M. Jun 1, 2014 4312
The analysis of the effect of electronic urban management on citizen empowerment. Yarahmadi, Abdullah; Avagyan; Zyyari, Kramat Report Jun 1, 2014 3496
Global Oral Transmucosal Drug Delivery to 2018: Analyzes and evaluates oral transmucosal drug delivery technology platforms and their impact on the market. May 6, 2014 474
Global Oral Transmucosal Drug Delivery to 2018: Analyzes and evaluates oral transmucosal drug delivery technology platforms and their impact on the market. May 6, 2014 468
Motoring On. DeWitt, Jack May 1, 2014 3399
Falling in line. Puterbaugh, Dolores T. May 1, 2014 1043
"Joanna Shields lives in Cloud cuckoo land". Rushton, Anthony May 1, 2014 805
Basic aim of science is to help humanity. Apr 29, 2014 491
Preparing and conducting classes in English in the Project Operational Programme Human Capital (OP HC) "Information Technology: Research and interdisciplinary application" task 7 of the Draft OP HC: P. Apr 16, 2014 282
The digital literacy practices of Latina/o immigrant parents in an after-school technology partnership. Machado-Casas, Margarita; Sanchez, Patricia; Ek, Lucila D. Report Mar 22, 2014 5487
Social, financial, emotional and biological effects on fathering: advancing the science. Zeno, Tia L.; Kaplan, Robert M. Report Mar 22, 2014 1926
Focus: Technology vs humanity. Mar 21, 2014 1144
Is Facebook making us lonely? Some say social media keeps us connected. Others argue that it breeds loneliness. Mar 17, 2014 551
Parents fear technology is damaging family life. Mar 15, 2014 460
Deal sees organisations shape future of science; COLLABORATIONS. Mar 12, 2014 560
Technology and Human Capital: Future Directions for Customer Service. Mar 12, 2014 1526
Role of technology in the workplace to increase. Mar 4, 2014 221
Thirty-three dramatic predictions for 2030. Frey, Thomas Mar 1, 2014 1866
Hexaware Technologies to Discuss the Role of Technology in Trucking Fleet Business at TruckIT. Feb 10, 2014 705
The future of eye health: OT'S Ryan O'Hare reflects on clinical and technological innovations and techniques from last year which are set to have an impact on eye health in 2014 and beyond. O'Hare, Ryan Jan 31, 2014 1056
Malaysia : NAP 2014 allocates RM75 million for the development of technology, human capital and supply chain network. Jan 21, 2014 148
IT'S GREEN FOR GOALS! FOOTBALL IN FOCUS ... IT'S THE BIG NEW YEAR CLASH Family life boot-iful for Town man Pato. Jan 1, 2014 535
Crowd-sourcing social problems: using distributed technology to tackle society's most intractable challenges. Eggers, William Jan 1, 2014 3101
Oman : IASP-Asian Division Workshop highlights sustainability and commitment to the future of science and technology parks. Dec 14, 2013 409
Trend Micro Releases Video Series Predicting Cultural Impact of Technology by Year 2020. Dec 2, 2013 773
Usage of Logistics Information Technology (LIT) and the innovative impact on third-party logistics service providers in Malaysia. Mohezar, Suhana; Nor, Mohammad Nazri Mohd; Daud, Norzaidi Mohd Report Dec 1, 2013 6741
Mexico : UN statistics symposium to debate role of technology in sustainable global development framework. Nov 29, 2013 332
Argentina : Argentina to increase productivity by strengthening human capital in science and technology with IDB support. Nov 15, 2013 260
Explore Technology's Impact On Business At Techonomy13. Nov 11, 2013 533
school leader to carry out the tasks of the project under the fascinating world of science and technology, co-financed by the European Fund for the Social Committee of the Human Capital Operational Pr. Oct 31, 2013 181
South Africa : Flanders and South Africa aim to strengthen cooperation to harness science and innovation for the benefit of society "Science and innovation should not be isolated from society". Oct 23, 2013 425
Sportsmanias Co-Founder Joins Executives From Miami Dolphins, Heat and Marlins to Discuss Technology's Impact on Sports at South Florida Technology Alliance (SFTA) Event. Oct 22, 2013 625
Moral enhancement as a technological imperative. Jones, D. Gareth Essay Sep 1, 2013 6655
Which social media is socially acceptable? Survey Sep 1, 2013 149
Individual and organizational barriers to creativity. Modarresi, S. Jamileh; Modarresi, Asiyeh S.; Modaresi, S. Mahmoud; Dehestani, Mohammad Ali Report Sep 1, 2013 2614
Impact of information technology on the engine of entrepreneurship. Maesoomi, Zahra; Khorasani, Ellieh Moghimi; akbari, Morteza Report Sep 1, 2013 2767
Management information systems necessity in today's world. Soltankhah, Sepideh Report Sep 1, 2013 5674
Design Forum features Automotive Technology Trend Watchers and Agents of Change. Jul 16, 2013 544
Reality is boring media are magnetic. Gozzi, Raymond, Jr. Jul 1, 2013 558
Living better technology's solution. Quam, Gary Jul 1, 2013 1112
Ajman University of Science and Technology students win in Engineering Students Ethics Competition. Jun 25, 2013 271
NHS needs to look ahead with new technologies; Health Wales In association with Edited by Julia McWatt 029 2024 3657 471 The number of patients experiencing a delayed transfer of care on May 15 Plaid Cymru health spokeswoman Elin Jones looks at the role of technology in the NHS. Jun 24, 2013 723
Southampton Varsity study: Recent technology advances help to predict climate change impact on ice-sheet mass losses. Jun 6, 2013 430
Ben Franklin Technology Partners Releases Independent Report on its Economic Impact on Pennsylvania. Jun 3, 2013 1075
Celesq[R] Announces June CLE Involving Ethics for All Attorneys; Litigation; Corporate/Securities/White Collar and Technology Law Developments; Asset Protection. May 30, 2013 656
Were the Luddites right? Smart machines and the prospect of technological unemployment. Bailey, Ronald May 1, 2013 1200
Mobile POS Technology Market and Social Commerce Impact on Consumer Goods Industries Analyzed in New Research Reports. Apr 23, 2013 1178
United Technologies Explores Green Building and its Impact on Tomorrow's Generation at U.S. Chamber Sustainability Symposium. Apr 17, 2013 779
The evolving role of technology in clinical microbiology: new molecular diagnostic assays for infectious diseases have become viable options in the microbiology lab. Raich, Teresa J. Apr 1, 2013 2045
Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture Team Wins NSF Prize For Technological Innovation and Positive Impact to Society. Mar 25, 2013 847
Dubai Business Women Council underlines role of technology in raising productivity. Mar 17, 2013 399
Expert discusses role of technology at workplace. Mar 16, 2013 343
Expand your Business: Get Advice - Explore New Technologies. Mar 14, 2013 297
Man held for abusive posts on Ba; Senegalese striker was racially attacked on Facebook. Jan 30, 2013 296
Regulation must keep pace with changing technologies: Manish Tewari. Jan 29, 2013 403
Councillor slams own council on Facebook; Dad's fury over son's care. Jan 28, 2013 367
Facebook not allowing Twitter users to contact friends via new video-sharing app. Jan 26, 2013 193
Preston: Craig Slee Jailed for Putting Taliban Beheadings on Facebook. Jan 18, 2013 326
Facebook linked to teen sex case; Girl tells court she met man first on social network. Jan 16, 2013 382
RiRi brags about designer gifts and posts another topless pic on Twitter. Jan 14, 2013 181
COPS PROBE WOLVES ACE'S 'RACIST RANT' Investigation into alleged four-letter blast on Twitter. Jan 12, 2013 384
SurgiCount Medical To Sponsor The Inaugural Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit Founded By The Masimo Foundation For Ethics, Innovation & Competition In Healthcare. Jan 11, 2013 935
No charge following Facebook comment. Jan 9, 2013 178
Soccer star is 'hooked' on Twitter; OBSESSION. Jan 8, 2013 152
Soccer star is 'hooked' on Twitter; OBSESSION. Jan 8, 2013 153
RiRi's f-word rant against fan's drug overdose slur on Twitter. Jan 7, 2013 116
Paywalls, Profits And Pageview Journalism: Ethics In The Digital Age. Jan 5, 2013 1650
Facebook comments see staff suspended at DVLA. Jan 3, 2013 201
Olympic diver Tom bellyflops with 'don't go' tweet about New Year's Eve in Cardiff; FANS TURN TO TWITTER TO SLAM STAR'S COMMENTS. Jan 2, 2013 914
Growth and convergence when technology and human capital are complements. Pollak, Andreas Jan 1, 2013 9739
The changing laws of physics--what would Sir Isaac Newton say? In a world where physical is affected virtually we need to change. Jan 1, 2013 1042
Copyright and brands in the digital age: internalizing the externalities of meaning. Bomsel, Olivier P. Report Jan 1, 2013 6793
Charlie Chaplin in the age of Mechanical Reproduction: reflexive ambiguity in Modern Times. Howe, Lawrence Essay Jan 1, 2013 10731
Beyond ICT: Embracing the Next Digital Revolution. Company overview Dec 31, 2012 2395
Worker made vile comments about job at crem; Technician at crematorium is suspended after posting sick jokes on Facebook. Dec 24, 2012 415
Ryan Lanza Facebook Hoax: Fake Brother Of Gunman Mourns Victims Of Sandy Hook Shooting. Dec 24, 2012 388
Facebook $1 Fee: What You Need To Know About Paying To Send Messages To Strangers. Dec 21, 2012 372
Research: BtoB Tech Users Lead the Way in All Things Digital. Dec 19, 2012 904
Eating or spending too much? Blame it on Facebook. Dec 12, 2012 344
Facebook shuts down Pak Taliban 'recruiting page'. Dec 11, 2012 188
'barack' Obama talks 'fiscal cliff on' Twitter. Dec 4, 2012 365
AIP's Center for History of Physics Opens New Web Exhibit on Ernest Rutherford, Discoverer of the Atomic Nucleus. Dec 3, 2012 713
Society, ethics, and technology, 4th ed. Book review Dec 1, 2012 146
GE Announces Industrial Service Technologies to Help Airlines, Railroads, Hospitals, Manufacturing and Energy Companies Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs. Nov 29, 2012 1864
Irish sex offender launches legal bid to remove Facebook page 'monitoring paedophiles'. Nov 27, 2012 197
Think before you Tweet - legal world has caught up; Lord McAlpine's legal action against the BBC and up to 10,000 tweeters could have profound consequences for other users of social networking sites. In fact, the case may change the way we use social media forever says expertle/ Hugh Hitchcock. Nov 27, 2012 1055
Tech Leaders Come Together to Advance Social Change. Nov 19, 2012 629
Oz business firms 'held to ransom' by Facebook's 'pay to promote posts' tactic. Nov 13, 2012 234
Armstrong posts 'provocative' picture of Tour de France 'yellow jerseys' on Twitter. Nov 12, 2012 246
ON FACEBOOK UNI 'SEX ASSAULT' POSTED; Calls for police investigation into web page confessions EXCLUSIVE. Nov 11, 2012 452
Teenager sentenced over April Facebook comments; SICKENING 'JOKES' ABOUT MISSING GIRL POSTED ONLINE. Nov 8, 2012 451
Top Five Stocks - Tuesday Volume Watch: Fannie Mae, Tag Like Me, A123 Systems, Cannabis Science, Amarantus Biosciences, Save The World Air. Nov 7, 2012 640
Top Five Stocks - Tuesday Volume Watch: Fannie Mae, Tag Like Me, A123 Systems, Cannabis Science, Amarantus Biosciences, Save The World Air. Nov 7, 2012 645
Under-fire Spurs ace Walker to re-open his Twitter feed after concentrating on his form; TOTTENHAM v WIGAN TODAY, 3PM. Nov 3, 2012 333
RUGBY: Quade Cooper pledges future to Wallabies amid Twitter... Nov 1, 2012 388
Social implications of ICTs: views of academic librarians in Nigeria. Okoye, Michael Onuchukwu Nov 1, 2012 6205
Top Five Stocks - Friday Volume Watch: Tag Like Me Corp (OTC: TAGG) Titan Iron Ore Corp (OTC: TFER), Save The World Air Inc. (OTC: ZERO), Satcon Technology Corp (OTC: SATCQ), Fuse Science Inc. (OTC: DROP). Oct 26, 2012 633
Top Five Stocks - Friday Volume Watch: Tag Like Me Corp (OTC: TAGG) Titan Iron Ore Corp (OTC: TFER), Save The World Air Inc. (OTC: ZERO), Satcon Technology Corp (OTC: SATCQ), Fuse Science Inc. (OTC: DROP). Oct 26, 2012 638
Geomagic Helps Experts Make Beautiful Faces and Restore Function; Digital Design Solutions Showcased at MaxilloFacial Prosthetics Event. Oct 25, 2012 1115
Nucleus Research Names Ceridian Leader in Human Resource Technology for Dayforce Human Capital Management. Oct 24, 2012 521
Celebrities commend Obama's 'stunning' performance in final presidential debate on Twitter. Oct 23, 2012 218
Back before court after Facebook request. Oct 23, 2012 276
Fujitsu Develops Novel Technologies to Protect Sensor Data Privacy, from Collection to Utilization. Oct 22, 2012 1188
Adele's Baby Becomes Twitter Target. Oct 22, 2012 500
Man arrested after racist comment made on Facebook; United striker said to have been targeted. Oct 20, 2012 600
On the web. Oct 19, 2012 407
Slate Launches "The Big Questions," a Special Series Addressing the Future of Science, Intended to Improve Science Literacy in America. Oct 17, 2012 467
Wife of NSW Deputy Premier busted over 'Twitter trolling' Michelle Obama's religious beliefs. Oct 12, 2012 329
Hamilton Embarrassed after Accusing Button of Twitter Disrespect. Oct 8, 2012 433
Lewis Hamilton in Jenson Button Twitter gaffe. Oct 8, 2012 384
Ethics in information technology, 4th ed. Book review Oct 1, 2012 122
Uncovering the use of Facebook during an exchange program. Lee, Jason Wen Yau; Kim, Beaumie; Lee, Tuck Leong; Kim, Mi Song Report Oct 1, 2012 10866
Cultural differences in the use of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0: a comparative analysis of Chinese and American youth. Wei, Lu; Willnat, Lars; Shao, Linwei Report Oct 1, 2012 8834
Emerging technologies: robot assisted language learning. Han, Jeonghye Report Oct 1, 2012 3810
Working with constraints in mobile learning: a response to Ballance. Stockwell, Glenn Report Oct 1, 2012 5430
Facebook shares plunge amid 'private messages appearing on public timeline' claims. Chronology Sep 26, 2012 158
Referee hurt by Twitter insults; FOOTBALL SHORTS HALSEY. Sep 25, 2012 128
Referee Halsey informs police about Twitter abuse he received from Liverpool fans. Sep 25, 2012 255
New app that shows Facebook activity in form of pie charts, graphs. Sep 25, 2012 178
Probe into council chief's Twitter feed; 'Offensive remarks' about Tory ministers. Sep 24, 2012 548
Queen Rania: "Technology is not just for the individual, it's for humanity". Sep 24, 2012 647
Affordable access to space: rockets are 20th-century technology. A government effort to develop new launch technologies could open the door to a vast array of new opportunities for space exploration and development. Coopersmith, Jonathan Sep 22, 2012 3268
Escape from the great distress the role of rules: technological innovation alone will not revive the U.S. economy. We must also update some of the underlying rules that govern the ways that we make economic decisions. Romer, Paul Essay Sep 22, 2012 3590
Global bioethics hopes, fears, and new voices: as science increasingly crosses borders, so do the implications of deeply personal health sciences. Can new voices help in bioethical dialogue? Liu, Jennifer; Gardner, Deborah Sep 22, 2012 5686
The technology cage: Waiting for the break out ... Durant, Richard Sep 22, 2012 1100
Father Ted, Myleene & a washing machine... Star's Twitter gift to a couple! Sep 22, 2012 377
Schema criticism: literature, cognitive science, and social change. Bracher, Mark Essay Sep 22, 2012 16387
Over 4,000 Likes on Facebook by BestMassage. Sep 21, 2012 508
Temple Law Review & the Pennsylvania Innocence Project Present False Confessions: Intersecting Science, Ethics, and the Law. Sep 20, 2012 415
Mai Ezz Eldin tries to sue Facebook and Twitter. Sep 20, 2012 116
Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, Comcast, New England Patriots Legend Troy Brown And Others Kick Off Year Two Of The Groundbreaking Internet Essentials Program Designed To Help Close The Digital Divide. Sep 18, 2012 1120
AMANwho posed on Facebook as [...]; WHAT HE TOLD BOY, 17,AFTER TRICKING HIMINTO ONLINE SEXACT 43, POSED ASTEEN GIRL ON. Sep 11, 2012 622
Some 'Facebook freaks' spend eight hours daily on site. Sep 11, 2012 330
Facebook drama; Theatre. Sep 7, 2012 242
Facebook comments charge. Sep 4, 2012 112
Unfriending Facebook: more than 900 million people are on the social networking site. But in the U.S., some young people are just saying no to Facebook. Majerol, Veronica Sep 3, 2012 1243
Twitter blocking third party sites, apps 'that don't make money'. Sep 3, 2012 288
UK man arrested for praising Norwegian mass killer on Facebook. Sep 1, 2012 220
Oz man jailed for creating fake Facebook account to 'lure girl to bushland, and kill her'. Sep 1, 2012 154
Modifying BSC for national nanotechnology development: an implication for "social capital" role in NIS theory. Ghazinoory, Sepehr; Soofi, Abdol Report Sep 1, 2012 6019
Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson Finally Breaks His Silence Since Domestic Dispute Via Twitter. Aug 30, 2012 295
20,000 SLAM NASTY NICKI'S RANT AT IRISH; Letter to pop star backed on Facebook. Aug 28, 2012 345
Celesq[R] AttorneysEd Center Announces September 2012 CLE Addressing Ethics, Litigation, E-Discovery, Employment, Healthcare/HIPAA, Intellectual Property & Technology Law. Aug 27, 2012 878
Prince Harry deletes Facebook account after revelation of naked Vegas antics. Aug 26, 2012 265
NYPD punishes 17 cops for racist Facebook comments on West Indian Day Parade. Aug 24, 2012 197
'TEEN PAID EUR20 TO KILL FACEBOOK ROW GIRL' Victim knifed to death. Aug 22, 2012 339
Facebook plea led bells to wedding. Aug 21, 2012 158
Kate Beckinsale bans daughter from Facebook. Aug 21, 2012 151
Tweet-crooning duo's 'sweeting' trending on Twitter. Aug 18, 2012 244
As Gamers Descend on Gen Con 2012, Wyrd Miniatures Shows The Not-so-Weird Power of Digital Sculpting with Geomagic's Freeform. Aug 15, 2012 1067
Twitter troll targets Gary Barlow. Aug 10, 2012 208
Gary Barlow of 'X Factor' Subjected To Cruel Jokes About Stillborn Daughter On Twitter. Aug 10, 2012 606
Queen Rania most followed on Twitter. Aug 8, 2012 184
Facebook Documentary 'Catfish' Inspires New MTV Reality Series. Aug 6, 2012 671
Tearing down silos: the role of technology in service integration. Feely, Kathleen Aug 1, 2012 1903
Human life form versus silicon-based life form: can humans stay in control of computers? Hudson, Jeff Aug 1, 2012 1143
Becks pays tribute to Facebook fans as he gathers a huge 20million 'Likes'. Aug 1, 2012 161
Languages of art and languages of science. Dominiczak, Marek H. Aug 1, 2012 1213
Seniors and information technology: a MIS-fit? McMurtrey, Mark E.; Downey, James P.; Zeltmann, Steven M.; McGaughey, Ronald E. Report Aug 1, 2012 7209
Brit diver Tom Daley pips Usain Bolt as most trending athlete on Facebook. Jul 31, 2012 146
Mohammed's Twitter followers are now 
more than a million. Jul 31, 2012 420
Mohammed's Twitter followers are now more than a million. Jul 30, 2012 418
Facebook to open engineering office in 'hotbed of mobile development' London. Jul 26, 2012 198
Brain and Body Founder Travels the Globe with Cameras and a Big Brain for New Web Reality Series. Jul 23, 2012 718
Washington first state in US to allow voter registration via Facebook app. Jul 18, 2012 188
CHARIOTS OF DIRE; American athletes get lost for 4 hours on coach trip from airport to Olympic village CAUGHT-SHORT HURDLER IN TWITTER MOAN OVER BUS MARATHON. Jul 17, 2012 699
Facebook 'creating generation of gambling addicts'. Jul 16, 2012 132
US lawmakers demand more info on Facebook's plans to let kids join site. Jul 16, 2012 219
Facebook page can reveal your personality. Jul 16, 2012 317
Facebook scanning users' chats, posts for criminal activity. Jul 13, 2012 178
CHERYL: MY HELL AT THE HANDS OF WEB BULLIES; Singer tells of evil attacks. Jul 11, 2012 316
Ethical Corporation Names Life Technologies' First CSO Sustainability Executive of the Year. Jul 11, 2012 998
Wanted man gets friends on Facebook. Jul 9, 2012 157
Amitabh Bachchan Scores Over 3 Million Followers on Twitter. Jul 8, 2012 322
Gaz Beadle's Bed of Shame: Sex Pics Twitter Trend Sparks Online Split. Jul 6, 2012 225
Facebook rolls out new gay, lesbian wedding icons. Jul 3, 2012 184
Theorizing ICT and society in the Brazilian context: a multilevel, pluralistic and remixable framework. Pozzebon, Marlei; Diniz, Eduardo Henrique Report Jul 1, 2012 9262
Games. Hopwood, Karl Jul 1, 2012 634
Twitter reactions pour in on #TomKat's 'Mission:Impossible'. Jun 30, 2012 239
Skylight Healthcare Systems Comments on Supreme Court Update: Impact on Patient Engagement Technologies. Jun 28, 2012 649
Irish tweet row AM quits Twitter; PLAID VOICE ON MEDIA ISSUES IS 'SILENT' dfgfsdgsgsdfgsdfg Chris Ruane MP. Jun 26, 2012 409
Blur to debut new tracks on Twitter. Jun 25, 2012 185
CULT FOLLOWING; Preacher of 'Batmanism' finds new disciples on Twitter after Mercury story. Jun 24, 2012 628
Facebook study reveals 'men, elders wield greater influence than women'. Jun 22, 2012 269
Internet freedom: not a foreign-policy issue. Jun 22, 2012 1022
Blue-sky thinking as cloud moves in; Julian Lebray, Midlands regional managing director of Birmingham-based fit out specialists Overbury, takes a look at how the rapid advance of business technology is likely to have a major impact on the workplace of the future. Jun 21, 2012 1009
Facebook. BOASTS SNARE RACIST; House targeted. Jun 20, 2012 420
Facebook asks 900 million users for phone details to 'prevent' LinkedIn-style hacking. Jun 16, 2012 229
'Expanded' Twitter now to include article excerpts and video. Jun 14, 2012 215
Research and Markets: Ethics in Forensic Science - Expect Contributions Presenting Several Different Perspectives. Jun 12, 2012 385
TCO Development Announces First IT Products to Meet New Social Responsibility Requirements in TCO Certified. Jun 11, 2012 755
Facebook engagement dips with only 2 in 5 users signing into profile every day. Jun 8, 2012 227
I got my voice back through Twitter, says Cheryl Cole. Jun 8, 2012 262
Facebook experts give advice on websites. Jun 2, 2012 330
Does the digital environment improve modern users' Internet awareness? Saravanan, T.; Kalaivani, M.M.; Kumar, V. Senthil Report Jun 1, 2012 7409
Pixels perpetual shine: the mediation of illness, dying, and death in the digital age. Drescher, Elizabeth Essay Jun 1, 2012 5816
Between god and Google: reflections on the technology project of the society for the arts, religion and contemporary culture. Hope, Erling Essay Jun 1, 2012 9065
A contribution of cognitonics to secure living in information society. Fomichov, Vladimir A.; Fomichova, Olga S. Report Jun 1, 2012 7040
The experiences of landscape social perception as a remedy for plunging into virtual reality. Micarelli, Rita; Pizziolo, Giorgio Report Jun 1, 2012 4551
Using M Tree data structure as unsupervised classification method. Mihaescu, Marian Cristian; Burdescu, Dumitru Dan Report Jun 1, 2012 6373
Proliferation of consumer platforms and devices into the medtech ecosystem, part III: IT experts discuss regulatory issues and debate consumer technology's impact on the medical device space and medtech in the "cloud.". Fedor, Donna Jun 1, 2012 3070
The developmental role of managers in selection and transfer of technology. Tekan, Motahar Ebrahimi Gara; Fardmanesh, Haniyeh; Soheili, Shahin; Heshi, Mehdy Bagheri Report Jun 1, 2012 3603
The Future Role of Technology in Car Buying. May 31, 2012 543
Ousted Facebook co-founder 'worried about privacy' on social networking site. May 30, 2012 216
LOOSE CANON; Vicar probed over bad language on Facebook. May 25, 2012 204
LOOSE CANON; Vicar probed over bad language on Facebook. May 25, 2012 203
Strauss warns players over the perils of Twitter rants. May 25, 2012 793
Vicar faces the sack for 'sin is such fun' Facebook post. May 25, 2012 390
Girl cop posts pics of herself modelling in knickers on Facebook. May 24, 2012 315
Status update: Facebook's Zuckerberg gets married. May 20, 2012 510
Ex-England cricketer Agnew quits Twitter after writer Ian Martin's "vile tirade". May 20, 2012 227
Indian woman files for divorce over hubby's 'single' Facebook status. May 18, 2012 433
57 percent Facebook users do not click on adverts, sponsored content: Poll. May 17, 2012 204
Adapting Telecom and Web Technologies and Techniques for Smart Grid Prominent in May IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter. May 17, 2012 649
General Motors to pull 'ineffective' Facebook ads. May 16, 2012 188
Agile Technology as an Agent of Change. May 16, 2012 632
Twitter campaign calling on women to dress modestly started in UAE. May 15, 2012 243
CALL FOR PROBE INTO STAR'S TWITTER ABUSE; Sick trolls threaten to have Derry footballer shot over Euros honour. May 9, 2012 511
Report exposes Facebook for uploading child porn uploaded every day. May 9, 2012 332
SICK H'BORO SITE IS TAKEN OFF WEB; Complaints over internet jibe aimed at victims EXCLUSIVE. May 7, 2012 361
GDV Global Digital Vision Offers a Rich Collection of Free Downloads for Mobile Games and Applications. May 4, 2012 471
Facebook organ donation option causes a ripple. May 4, 2012 529
28 Major Trends for 2012 and beyond: Part 2. Frey, Thomas May 1, 2012 3228
A tale of two patients--leadership in the art, science and ethics of prevention. Felsen, James D. May 1, 2012 2434
Arab Spring 3.0: what's more revolutionary in the Middle East: Facebook or porn? Russell, Thaddeus Book review May 1, 2012 2192
Who we are: today's students speak out. Blandford, Ayoka Discussion May 1, 2012 1843
Nextgov Launches New Site to Lead Discussion on Role of Technology in Transforming Government. May 1, 2012 771
TWITTER RACE RANT; Former police cadet abused Muslims online. Apr 28, 2012 387
Lufthansa welcomes one millionth fan on Facebook. Apr 24, 2012 153
DUNDON FAMILY CHEER SENTENCE; Defiant Facebook stand as gangster brothers jailed. Apr 20, 2012 368
Hurley and Warnie keep their flame of love alive through Twitter. Apr 18, 2012 306
Force probes Ladies' Day rant by 'cop' Insults on Facebook. Apr 16, 2012 193
IEEE Unveils Transportation Electrification Web Portal to Promote the Development and Use of a Wide Range of Electric Vehicles. Apr 16, 2012 825
Water, at the Intersection of Technology & Humanity. Apr 10, 2012 550
US military board calls for dismissal of Marine who criticized Obama on Facebook. Apr 7, 2012 210
Learn to limit use of techno-toys; As research highlights the major role technology plays in the lives of today's young children, LISA SALMON looks at whether using gadgets helps or hinders their development ... Apr 7, 2012 1127
Gunman invited Facebook friends to see 'live murder'. Apr 4, 2012 257
Dubai Police chief lets Twitter basher off. Apr 2, 2012 243
Technology and people with disabilities. Levinson, Jerry Apr 1, 2012 875
Marvel Technologies Announces Solution in Support of SAP[R] ERP Human Capital Management. Mar 29, 2012 383
Facebook could make teen girls depressed. Mar 28, 2012 336
Kendall Jenner shows off bikini body on Twitter. Mar 28, 2012 114
Research and Markets: Analysis of the Network Access Control Market: Evolving Business Practices and Technologies Rejuvenate Market Growth. Mar 27, 2012 512
MUMS' 'SOUARE GO' AT THE SCHOOL GATES; Facebook row sparks brawl after drop-off. Mar 22, 2012 250
Nelson, Lisa S.: America Identified: Biometric Technology and Society. Qualls, Michael Book review Mar 22, 2012 602
Barca launch new Facebook app to engage fans. Mar 21, 2012 277
SAFE-BioPharma Named Computerworld Laureate for IT Use Benefiting Society. Mar 20, 2012 577
LIFE'S SO TWEET FOR TUBS AFTER QUITTING twitter; Abuse on webpage sparked self doubt in Late Late host. Mar 19, 2012 350
The Internet: the Gutenberg press significantly altered the future of knowledge and freedom throughout the world. The Internet promises an even greater effect. Adelmann, Bob Mar 19, 2012 3194
Sick twitter trolls target star Savage. Mar 18, 2012 177
Number of Facebook friends may tell if you are 'narcissist'. Mar 18, 2012 443
Kim Kardashian outshines Barack Obama with 14 mln Twitter fans. Mar 17, 2012 299
Concurrent Technologies Corporation Named One of the World's Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere Institute. Mar 16, 2012 548
US girl suing school over Facebook comments row. Mar 12, 2012 262
Collymore: My Twitter abuse hell. Mar 11, 2012 234
Collymore sticking to Twitter despite 200 racist remarks per day. Mar 11, 2012 451
Plea changed in Collymore Twitter abuse. Mar 9, 2012 164
Hughes fury at Macheda's Twitter rant. Mar 4, 2012 121
Hughes fury at Macheda's Twitter rant. Mar 4, 2012 124
PUB THUG CAGED; Yob found via Facebook. Mar 4, 2012 320
Zynga to set up its own gaming service outside Facebook. Mar 3, 2012 374
Proliferation of consumer platforms and devices into the Medtech Ecosystem, Part II: a panel of IT experts discusses regulatory issues, debates consumer technology's impact on the medical device space and medtech in the "cloud.". Fedor, Donna Discussion Mar 1, 2012 3502
New Parks Associates Whitepaper Analyzes Mobile Payment Technologies and Impact on Consumer Shopping and Purchasing Habits. Feb 28, 2012 436
Rowan Atkinson's death hoax trends globally on Twitter. Feb 27, 2012 329
US court forces man to apologise to estranged wife on Facebook. Feb 24, 2012 306
Dad's farewell message on Facebook. Feb 22, 2012 228

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