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Techno-Commercial is a well known name in Industry for Process Instrumentation/Controls, Maintenance; Inspection Equipments and non-destructive material testing equipments for quality control.

Techno-Commercial is an innovative Company Exclusive Representatives of various reputed foreign manufacturer(s). The company was founded in 1985 by the founder member Mr. Ejaz Rashid Qureshi and achieved a very good reputation in the Industry within a short time and have become market leader in their field. Ejaz Rashid Qureshi is a Professional electronics engineer and has been associated with the field of process instrumentation and controls since 1977.

The scope of activity was also extended to the sales of MATERIAL TESTING (NDT=Non Destructive Testing) EQUIPMENT for inspection and quality control in industry.

In the field of Process Instrumentation, Techno-Commercial represents KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH, GESTRA A,G,PEPPERL + FUCHS, HERION, ARI ARMATUREN, BOMAFA ARMATUREN, THERMO - ELECTR, NITTO-SEIKO etc.

In the NDT equipment division Techno-Commercial represents most prominent companies of the world e.g. Krautkramer GmbH for Ultrasonic Material testing equipment, specially for Weld Testing and testing of steel structures and components. Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors and thickness meters of KrautKramer are very welt known in all industry. Company also represents Testing Equipment Division of Fokker Air Craft/Holland, besides other Companies for Endos-copes, Eddy Current NDT 'Equipment for inspection of heat exchanger tubes and plant maint: tools/Instrument e.g. Induction Bearing Heaters, Laser operated Shaft alignment equipment.

Main Customers include all Chemical/Petrochemical e.g. Pakarab Fertilizers, Fauji Fertilizers, Pak Saudi Fertilizers, Pakistan Refinery, National Refinery, National Fibers, ICI Pakistan, Ittehad Chemicals, H.M.C./HFF, KANUPP, Suparco, Atomic Energy Commission, Pakistan Ordnance Factories, and many more.

Techno-Commercial books CNF orders for their Principles, Products and also carries out self importation for local deliveries and supplies. Services are supported by Technical Consultation, facilities of demonstration equipment and after sales services and scope of supply includes following:-

Industrial Instrumentation/controls and Flow Regulation Equipment Flow Meters, Level Indicators, Boiler Controls, Valves Calibration and Test Instruments, Temperature pressure Indicators/Recorders, proximity Sensory Solonold Valves, Steam TransNalves.

Testing Instruments/NDT Equipments

Ultrasonic thickness Meters, Flaw/Crack Detectors for Ferrous, Non Ferrous Materials. Endos copes, Bond Testers, Magnetic Particle & Radiographic Supplies, Bearing Testers/Analyzers, Vibration measuring instruments, Balancing machines, Shaft Alignment systems.



P.O. Box: 937 LAHORE - PAKISTAN Telelax: ()42) 7581771,7587422 Phone: (042) 7584390, 7587441 Telex: 47537 TCL PK
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Author:Qureshi, Ejaz Rashid
Publication:Economic Review
Date:Apr 1, 1993
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