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Teamsters Condemn Recent Shooting.

WASHINGTON, Dec. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- The Teamsters Union received news that William Wonder, an Overnite driver from Indiana, was shot and seriously wounded outside of Memphis, TN, this morning.

"We extend our heartfelt concern to the injured driver and to his family and pray for his speedy recovery," said James P. Hoffa, President of the Teamsters Union.

"There is no evidence that this act is connected to the unfair labor strike at Overnite, as the company alleges," continued Hoffa. "The Teamsters condemn violence in any form.

"The fact of the matter is, Overnite bears a heavy responsibility here: Overnite started this strike by committing massive unfair labor practices against its workers and Overnite can end this strike at a moment's notice with a binding agreement to stop its lawless behavior."

The Teamsters will provide any support it can for authorities to apprehend and convict the perpetrator(s) of this act.

The Teamster unfair labor practice strike against Overnite, now in its sixth week, has been extraordinarily successful and is having a major impact on Overnite's freight operations around the country.

The ULP strike came on the heels of a national unfair labor practice charge filed at the National Labor Relations Board based on a former Overnite Operations Manager's sworn affidavit which exposed a companywide, systematic pattern of breaking federal laws designed to protect America's workers.

While this is has been the most peaceful freight strike in history, Overnite Transportation has exhibited a propensity for inciting violence: Overnite employees carrying guns, knives pulled on union supporters, Overnite security running ambulatory pickets off the road, Overnite drivers speeding out of gates at dangerous rates of speed, and Overnite workers attacking strikers and inciting fist-fights. Just last week, the Teamsters' Local in Memphis was shot-up with 26 bullet from a small caliber weapon.

The Teamsters Union again calls on Overnite to stop the violence, to stop the lawless behavior, and to begin adhering to the laws designed to protect America's working families.
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Publication:PR Newswire
Date:Dec 1, 1999
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