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Teach Your Computer to Dance.

Teach Your Computer to Dance

Don & Susan Silver

Adams-Hall Publishing

Box 491002, Los Angeles, CA 90049

0944708994 $24.95

TEACH YOUR COMPUTER TO DANCE: MAKE YOUR COMPUTER, MOBILE DEVICES AND THE INTERNET PERFORM FOR YOU isn't just for bare-bones beginners: it will teach many an avid computer user about everything from cultivating proper tone in an email and using lingo and abbreviations to activating an anti-spam device, organizing a computer, text messaging, and much more. Here under one cover are all the streamlining tips you've had to learn the hard way--plus many you may not know. From password crackers to privacy and security issues, no user should be without TEACH YOUR COMPUTER TO DANCE: it will prevent troubles and streamline results.
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Publication:California Bookwatch
Date:Sep 1, 2006
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