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Tasmanian beer enters U.S. market.

Tasmanian beer enters U.S. market

Boags Premium Lager and Boags Premium Light are the newest imported beers seeking their fortune in the U.S. market. Boags beer is produced by the Cascade Brewery Company, located in Tasmania, Australia's southern-most state. Founded in 1824, Cascade is the oldest brewery in Australia, and it remains one of the smallest, producing 435,000 hecto-liters a year. Cascade's products will be offered in the United States through Seattle-based Brandevor U.S.A., Inc. According to Cascade export manager Stuart Wing, the company hopes to open up niche markets in all 50 states.

Wing reports Cascade-produced beer has been awarded four gold and two silver medals in international competitions, as well as having twice been voted Australia's finest premium lager in independent tastings. According to Wing, it is the purity of the raw ingredients used in Cascade's products that set them apart. "We are the only brewery in Australia that does its own maltings," he reports, "and we use hop pellets instead of extract. The clouds that bring water to Tasmania travel over ocean unbroken by land for 6000 miles," he says, "and we have our own dam system to bring the water to the brewery fresh from the mountains. Tasmania," he concludes, "is possibly one of the world's purest environments in which to brew beer."

Wing reports the recipe for brewing Boags include lagering the beer for 42 days. "It's a practice that is rare in Australian brewing circles," he says, "but it gives Boags a fuller, European-style taste."

Boags Light is the first Australian light to reach the U.S. According to Wing, the recipe for Premium Light has been in use since 1927, and the beer contains 93 calories per 12 oz. bottle. Boags Premium contains 4.7% alcohol by volume, and Boags Light 3.7%. The animal represented on the Boags label is the Tasmanian Tiger, a rare marsupial that may be extinct (There have been no conclusive sightings since 1934.).
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Title Annotation:Boags Premium Lager and Light
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 16, 1990
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